Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What a Cutie...

Hello ya'll...

Not too far from our house is the 

It was into early evening when I took these photos and, altho they aren't the best,
I still wanted to use them for GOOD FENCES THURSDAY.

Their fencing is  the good, solid, strong metal poles.

A really fancy "hitchin' post"

Since this beautiful little ranch is right beside the highway, I couldn't get back enuf to get a good photo.

I was shooting right into the sky, trying to get this wonderful weather vane.
Sure didn't do a very good job but.....

The thing I loved best of all about this ROCKING M FARMS....???


...was THIS little fella which I am naming  "HAW" for this post.

I have no idea why he looks a little GREEN...and he's a fat little bugger...

Isn't  HAW so adorable !!
 standing  really still and posed for me for a long time.

The only movement I saw was when that little bird on the fence rail flew down
and baby donkey turned his head to see what it was.

Then it was right back to staring at me.
Pretty sure this little darling thought I just MIGHT have an apple or some other food.

 *the photos were taken thru the car window which counts for a little that
 they are poor photos.

I think I just might go over and visit this little sweetie sometime.
And....when I do, I just might take along a nice, juicy apple.
I better ask the owner first, tho....wouldn't wanna mess with the donkey's diet.

I'm joining Tex at GOOD FENCES THURSDAY 
 Hope ya'll have a great week !



  1. BJ,
    Love the fences. . .
    remind me of the visits to the Family Farm in our early years of marriage.
    Don't you know my in~laws were thinking, "That dumb City Girl," with all my questions???
    Great memories!!!

  2. BJ, From the looks of that fellow , he's not on any strict diet. LOL He does look interested in seeing if you might be bringing him a treat. Love the weather vane. The hitching post is nice too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. What a cutie is right! My friend has a pair of donkeys, BJ. I'll send you a photo of Bang and Ruth dressed for a birthday party. '-)

  4. Bless his heart, he looks like he swallowed a watermelon! :)

  5. Those sky shots are great. I hope that's just baby fat. LOL!

  6. He looks like he needs a friend. Love the gates and sign.

  7. I wrote something here about becoming friends with Jackasses and had the good sense to erase it! :) I think those are pretty darned good photo's having taken them through a car window.
    I read your comment on my little Emily..and what you said about your little great granddaughter and doubting you would see her all grown up. Emily just turned 6 this past May and those same thoughts have crossed my mind. I wish you were closer so I could just sit and talk with you..because we have many of the same thoughts and are in the same time of our lives. How I wish Pat could have lived to see all that has happened since he went away. It will be 17 years in a few weeks now. It's hard to believe.. Anyway..hugs to you. Will you get snow?

  8. BJ you put a smile on my face, Haw is adorable. The weathervane is wonderful, I always enjoy looking at them.

  9. Lovin' the little tuft of hair on Haw:@)

  10. That is one fat little fella! Love the pic of the weathervane! Sending HUGS your way dear B.J.

  11. that Haw is one sweet donkey!!!

  12. Hi, BJ...the last photo didn't come across for me, but I sure love the pictures of the Donkey. Young animals have a certain charm.

  13. So adorable. You definitely need to bring Haw a juicy apple! : )

  14. Cute donkeys!

    I haven't thought about donkeys for years, but I was taking photos on a country road in August and three were loose out on the road. Since then, donkeys seem to be popping up everywhere.

    (I'm #32 on the Good Fences list this week, if you'd care to stop by.)

  15. Great post today. Loved the donkeys and you found a nice fence as well. You always make your features so much fun. Tex fixed my link. I am not all here some days.

  16. What a cute little donkey. He makes me think of that ride to Bethlehem so many years ago - on the night of our Savior's birth. And those are good fences. My Dad was a rancher - and he always said you could tell a lot about a guy by the condition of his fence. I'm going to guess the rancher there - is a pretty good guy!

  17. All the photos are great. That little donkey is so cute. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. the last shot wouldn't load for me, but yours did! such a cute little chubby thing. :) love the gate and weather vane!

  19. Cute donkey, but I LOVE the last picture of the 'real' woman with all the animals around her. I am your newest follower!

  20. Good solid fences and I love the fat donkey

  21. Hi bj ... cute post and cute donkey. Haw look like 'he' may be a 'she' and very pregnant. Just guessing.
    Hope you go back one day and find a little baby donkey running around ...
    Our Son has goats and guard donkeys for protectors. They just do not let anything harmful get to the goats.
    They have a real mean kick.
    Glad you are getting out and finding nice fences to share.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. What a charming ranch. I liked the "hitchin post" too and also that adorable donkey. I hope you go back and visit him.

  23. BJ, how cute. I love visiting my brother's ranch in Arizona. He has a couple of cute donkeys too..Happy Thanksgiving..Judy

  24. I'm not that great at animals but "he" looks like he's about to have a baby!

  25. He really is a sweetie. Love seeing these great fences and the hee haw!

  26. A fun post! Haw does look like he's had a few too many apples. Or maybe he's a she!!

  27. I would love that hitching post and the donkeys are adorable.

  28. Makes you wonder what animals think when humans put costumes/clothes on them. On a related note, I realized a good number of years ago that my dog actually likes wearing a collar. We don't keep it too tight so it has come off a few times, and it when it does she go right to you until you put it back on her.

    Though I also figure she realizes that no collar means no walks.

  29. I like the weather vane picture. I think it looks great. In love with the little donkey! I think he is hoping for a treat - which might explain the girth!

  30. great fences BJ. I'm thinking this cute little "fella" may be a little "gal" and have been with baby donkey.

  31. Not sure where he would have put an apple . . . one hefty donkey tum tum I would say!

  32. Such an adorable HAW. Probably would love an apple.

  33. Ha, ha, bj. I love Haw! Must've taken a fancy to you. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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