Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rain & a few PIE tips.......

We had the nicest rain (11/4...VOTING DAY) rained most of the night before and rained most of the voting day)
                                 ♥ ♥ ♥
I have just about torn the corners of my mouth with all the yawning I am doing.

I can never get a photo of RAIN DROPS on the pool water but I keep trying.

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”

One of my very favorite things on the whole planet is a homemade 
I've used Mr. Sweet's mother's recipe since 1981 and never looked for another.

HER mother*in*law gave the recipe to her when she was a young bride....
so the recipe is well over 200 yrs old.

Once, (shhh) I decided to add other ingredients to it like ....butter
but they actually took away from the unique taste of an olden recipe.
(if you want the recipe, I'll email it to ya)

 So many people seem to have a fear of making a
MERINGUE for their pies.

It really isn't one bit hard and there's no SECRET to making an awesome meringue. IS hard, however, to hold your mixer in one hand and try to take a picture of
those fast moving beaters with your other hand.

If there IS a secret to a luscious, pretty and generous meringue,
it's that XTRA EGG...

...if your recipe call for 3 eggs,
3 yolks for the filling and 3 egg whites for the meringue....

The extra yolk will make the filling a little more luscious and rich...

the extra white.....well.....THERE'S proof you get a very generous topping for your pie.

"Instead of doing cinnamon, nutmeg and all those baking spices, I have one spice that's for sweets and that's PUMPKIN PIE SPICE..."
                                                                                 Sandra Lee

I had two pieces before it ever got CLOSE to being cool.
No secret that it slices better....
makes prettier pieces of pie....once it is no longer even warm.
Once it goes in the fridge, gets cold, gets set, gets ready to have another slice with a cup of hot, strong, delicious coffee.
it's all I can do to LEAVE IT ALONE.

Mr. Sweet is as bad as I am...we meet at the fridge.
He was one of 5 children (stair-steps) and he said when his mother
made this pie, everyone got only one piece.
I said how come she didn't make 2 pies and he said they never had enuf money to buy sugar and etc. so his mom had to make everything stretch as far as it would go.

Sooo, even tho he now gets as many slices as he wants,
I always leave extra filling so he can "lick the pan".........
and I always think of that little boy that sure would have loved another piece of his mama's pie.
 ♥ ♥ ♥

That pie's been in the fridge all night and part of the day...

Time to brew up a good cup of BLACK TEA
go for the gold....


  1. we've had a nice steady rain since yesterday, too. hallelujah for soaking in!

  2. My favourite dessert is lemon meringue pie! You have a lovely blog and your header is delightful.

  3. Oh, you know I'd love to see this olden recipe BJ! Your pie looks great, I usually add an extra white, never used the extra yolk though, gonna keep that in mind:@)

  4. sure can cook girl. that was my all time favorite pie. I can not even remember the last time I had any. My MIL was the best cook ever and she made the best pies. She cooked for threshers when she was a teen ...then she married and cook for a bar her husband ran. When she was my MIL she taught me to cook some. I loved that lady to pieces. Some one will think of you that way too. :):) Bless your heart, xoxo,Susie

  5. I was always the one to make the meringue growing up. I would like your recipe. Your pie looks real good!

  6. Ohhhhh...over heah, Mrs. Sweet! I'd like the recipe, too. That looks so heavenly! I still use your extra milk tip for softer bicuits. Two hundred years? That seems a bit excessive. =D

  7. We are supposed to get some rain tonight. That pie looks so good making my mouth water. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  8. I dunno, bj. I must be getting weird or something...but when I read that part about Mr. SN I teared up thinking about that little boy and that mama that stretched every cent she had to make sure that they each got at least one piece.

    Did you know that coconut cream is my favorite pie....close second is Key Lime....I would LOVE that recipe if you would entrust it to me. I promise NOT to give it out! xo Diana

  9. Oh my gosh that pie looks good. My mom used to make pies like that. Yum

  10. BJ you're making me want pie!!! I love lemon meringue but Key Lime is my favorite. Something so refreshing to the taste buds with each. Your new header looks great.

  11. Oh boy I can really relate to the holding the mixer and camera part! LOL! bj Don't tell but I'm on a 1200 calorie a day limit right now and you are making me drool...

  12. Wow, that looks good! Makes me want to take a spoon and grab some - good thing I can't actually do that :)
    I'm so pleased that you found my meme! Hope you can join in some time, the more the merrier! Have a great day.

  13. It hasn't rained here in a while and we could use some. Coconut Cream pie is my favorite too! (Well anything coconut) Sure would love to have a piece!

  14. You had me at hello BJ! This looks amazing and it must be winning recipe if it's your chosen one! I would love it if you would share the recipe!!! Great and fun post!!!

  15. I really, really enjoy how you put a post together!
    And if we are talking about pie . . . I only have one or two, maybe three that make me take a sneak trip out to the kitchen in the middle of the night. One would be pumpkin, one coconut cream, and my number one . . .
    I will see if you can guess!
    My momma made the best pie ever . . .
    (I will think of you when I make meringue after this, sassy girl you!)

  16. Oh my, bj, now I'm craving this coconut pie, especially after being at the hospital yesterday for the birth of my newest granddaughter! I'm going back again today to kiss her sweet cheeks. Of course, I'd love to see the olden recipe for this wonderful pie! xo

  17. Oh,my Lord! This is one of my favorite pies! Yours looks so delish and that meringue is gorgeous and of course you made the crust too! :) Almost brought tears to my eyes reading about the one slice of pie. I know Mr. Sweets is thrilled you spoil him so! I scrolled down to see your grands and they look fabulous! The makeup on the grown up ones is fantastic! And the little ones are adorable. I'm so enjoying getting to be close to mine now! Take care and thanks always for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. I want that pie recipe, too! Looks absolutely delish. Thanks for posting.

  19. Oh, your maringue looks fantastic!!! Mouthwatering!!! Thank you for the extra egg advice I'll keep it in mind for sure!
    Have a happy happy time and all my best from Austria

  20. Lovely pie, and what a great's my favorite dessert and your meringue looks perfect!

  21. BJ, you've got me drooling at the computer screen!! You're going to get 1000+ requests for your MIL's pie recipe, for sure. Please add me to the list? I will email you in a second, so you'll have my addy.
    I just love your blogging & have been AWOL with an ailing husband, but you bring a smile to my face every time I see a post from you in my inbox. Thanks for sharing your world & your wonderfully kind & thoughtful nature.


  22. I would love to have your recipe! It looks sooooo good!

  23. Oh, BJ, yes please, I would love that recipe..I think you have my e-mail, if not let me know.. I do like meringue but as all piggys know, I would prefer whipped cream. Would that be too sweet, do you think. It looks wonderful, hot or cold, and my hubby would be in heaven..Happy Thursday..Judy

  24. Oh! This brings back memories of moms lemon meringue pie. I had forgotten it has been so many years. Your meringue looks just as luscious as hers and the crust looks mouthwatering..

  25. I am just going to have to stop reading your cooking days. You are driving me crazy. A coconut meringue pie is one of my son's very favorites. Not many use a meringue anymore.

  26. looks delicious did make two pies didn't you? I for you guys and the other one you sent to us...right?? Lol

  27. I so wish I had a piece of this pie right now! Looks and sounds delish. I don't do meringues ~ whipped cream is it. Whatever I've tried with making meringues, they always weep and I hate that.

    The rain and cooler temps have been so enjoyable! We have sunshine today and that's always good.


  28. WOW!!!!! wished you weren't on the other end of Texas from me, You would be hearing your door bell ringing, as I would be on your door step. My Grandmother was the pie maker and her coconut pie was her specialty. Do you have a secret recipe for that wonderful pie crust!!!!!
    Please send me a copy I would love to try this.
    I also saw in one of your post that you were from Plainview. When we lived in Paducah Dr. Dorothy Long was my kids doctor. Yes we traveled a long way but wanted the best. She was one great lady!
    I so enjoy your blog you are a daily read for me.........Thanks for bringing a smile to face.

  29. That pie looks amazing! I made my first coconut cream pie a few weeks ago, I would Love your recipe!

  30. Oh my goodness that pie looks good. My husband would be over the moon if I made that for him. Maybe I will while I'm dropping a couple of hints about what I want for Have a great weekend... :)

  31. It looks awesome! That is one of my favorite flavor of pies.

  32. We had the all day rain here also - started night before last and ended last night.
    The pie looks yummy. I have not made a meringue pie of any kind in years.
    Enjoy your evening.

  33. Same here, we get your rain just a little later. I think it is great how you are using a family recipe that goes so far back. I’ll never tell that you added a few drops of flavoring or butter. I sure would like a piece of that pie! Thanks for sharing...........

  34. Oh pies are great idea for a rainy day at home. When it's rainy, I usually start checking what I can do in the kitchen. Raindrops, it's been my libg time hope to be able to catch a nice shot too. Not successful to the moment.

  35. I'm almost speechless, BJ. I LLLOOOOVVVEEE Coconut Cream Pie with a passion. I always order it when it's available at restaurants, as I'm afraid to make a pie myself. Not necessarily afraid of the process, just that I would be the only one to eat it. I've got crazy coconut haters in my house. ;-) Yours looks divine. I may have to pop in sometime when I'm in west Texas to have a piece ;-) Have a great weekend!

  36. Oh my goodness, I think I'm having a sugar rush just looking at the pictures!

  37. bj,

    You have got me wanting a piece of that pie.
    I would love it if you could e-mail me the recipe. Thanks!

  38. We've had our share of rain this month and it looks like in a couple of weeks the (snow) is to arrive. :o(
    Oh my that pie looks yummy!

  39. Oh my goodness BJ,
    Your Coconut Cream Pie looks like a little bit of heaven!! I am so glad that you are able to make the party again. Hope you are staying warm and cozy on this cold day and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  40. BJ, I love this pie and its sweet story. When I make it and find myself going for a second piece, I'll think of your husband and be glad that he can now do the same!


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