Tuesday, November 25, 2014


BEFORE WE GET STARTED, I would like to say ......
BLACK & WHITE 'cause 

   NOW, I fully realize that SOME OF YOU won't like this desk organizer
one little bit....and I'm OK with that.

...about the only thing I love better than BLACK & WHITE in decorating
is GRAPHICS.....



...you name it.

LUV all SIGNS....

I NEED numbered PILLOWS...

where did YOU come from, Mr. Elliott..?????

Yes, ma'am....I do love me some graphics...
(OK.... and  SAM ELLIOTT)

So when I spied this awesome piece in THAT STORE,
why, it had NO CHOICE but to come home with me...
riding in the same car with

the lamp I kiss each morning when I turn it on...

and pat it's....butt each night when I turn it off.

(uhmmmm, I said butt)

...it came with it's very own clipboard and it, too, has quotes all over it.

♪♪...yes, it's me and I'm in love again.....♪

# 3 on the charts in 1956...

the year I graduated from high school....

and, boy, was I 
IN LUV with 
Mr. Domino...

I had every single one of his records...

(anyone out there that remembers

This beautiful ribbon was so expensive, I nearly had to take out a bank loan
and there's NO WAY, JOSE, that I'll tell you how much it costs.

Some things just need to go to your grave with you !!  ♥♥♥

My little boy and little girl picked out the beautiful  paperweight
with the rose and LOVE GROWS etched into the glass when they were
12 and 7 and it is another thing I love so much it will go to my grave, along
with the price of that roll of black and white CHRISTMAS RIBBON...

  How can I not keep a good attitude with all these awesome quotes around me every day..?

I love it and I'm pretty sure SOMEONE made it....
                 just for me.  



  1. thanks for interjecting the bit of sam. :)

  2. It's perfect for you...probably one of a kind! I love things that make me happy in my home! Sweet hugs!

  3. I love coming to your happy, fun posts, bj! You're the Queen of putting a smile on my face, and I'm loving all your black and white goodies. The ribbon is awesome!, as is the sweet treasure from your kids.

  4. I love positive sayings and influences BJ, your organizer is great! Happy Thanksgiving:@)

  5. I love all your black and white, so creatively displayed and all the thought provoking sayings.
    Yes, I do remember records. I'm from the Beatles era.

  6. 1956 was the best year ever to graduate from high school!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Sally

  7. Love that ribbon that cost you an arm and a leg. I'm sure I enjoyed many Fats Domino songs but I just can't put two and two together. I was born in the early 50's!

  8. I count on you for Black and White
    and total entertainment . . .
    You make it soooo much fun!

  9. I am not tired of the black and white! I still have records and albums, don't know why I keep them. Love the Lamp Shade.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  10. Beautiful and I never get tired of the black and white! I am a fan of graphics too:) Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS

  11. Love the desk organizer with all the sayings on it. Love the pillows too. In fact love every thing in this post. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. I love that you kiss your lamp...such a sweet gesture...hoping you have a very blessed Thanksgiving. Our Spearman Lynx will be playing in Lubbock this Friday! I was hoping to get to go but the kids will be in Dallas for Thanksgiving this year!

  13. I like it.
    It makes you Happy.
    Winner in both accounts and just because I stopped counting ;)
    Go, BJ!

  14. Oh, yes...I remember records.
    I think hubby still has some old records and we have a record player.
    I saw online some people still produce cassettes.
    Now records I miss. I don't miss those cassettes with the tape that would come loose and get tangled up.
    Or, better yet...what about 8-Tracks? Our kids don't know what they missed :)

  15. Oh, I love all of your black & white, bj...and I REALLY like Sam Elliot too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. So cute. I love the black and white. You can never go wrong with those colors and they match everything!

  17. I think your desk organizer and ribbon are wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend. I hope you have a wonderful day with those who are dear to your heart.

  18. The family photos reminds of Daisy's house. Her parents' have one stand where all but one of the photo spaces are used. Except they kept the "example photo" of the some random people still in the frame...

  19. Yes, I remember records and Fats Domino. Amen to Sam Elliott! Love that voice, that look, that man. Love to listen during the Dodge Ram commercials during LONGMIRE!!!

  20. what awesome, pretty, clever ideas!!! I like black and white!!!!

  21. I love yopuir black and white and love the organizer! Great little space you have there!!!


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