Friday, September 12, 2014

♥ Nesting & Fluffing ♥

Some days, I don't really want to do one blessed thing...
When I NEED to wash clothes, 
I do it but....I don't really WANT to do it.

Not IF, but WHEN we get hungry, I fix a meal but I don't really WANT to.

But when it comes to NESTING & FLUFFING  my house.....
 putting the
getting out the LIPSTICK,
big golden EARRINGS  for my rooms,

While everyone on the planet is decorating for fall...
with autumn colors of orange, golds, browns...

I played  with my mantel today and decided on using 
a lot of my WHITE IRONSTONE for awhile longer.

HOWEVER...when the time comes, I can add 
white sunflowers and maybe a pretty little pumpkin or two.

...hahaaa, I wish I could tell you how I love these cute little white and pink pigs that my girl bought for me........
they give my whole room such a lift.
They do remind me of SUMMERTIME, however.....
there will MAY be something different to take their place thru fall...
THEN..we'll be decorating for CHRISTMAS....

 This is the left side of the mantel....
the little pitcher on the front right, the curvy cutiepie one, was
one of the last gifts my mama gave me. ♥ ♥ ♥

Right side ...
the little MOO COW CREAMER
was a gift from such a sweet friend.

Do you like using things that have special meanings, too.?

I've already changed out some things on this mantel...
looking a little more like, *gulp, fall now...
posting to follow in a few days...

OOO... and this the little stool that I love to pieces...
It sits beside the fireplace and today, I put a couple of good books on it.
...handy when I want to glance thru them.

 One is a vintage book I bought 10 years ago...

the other is a favorite book of 
that my sweet girl gave me at least 10 years ago.
usually when I start my nesting, 
I spend as much time in memories as I do the actual work.
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xoxo, bj


  1. Oh what a sweet picture on your mantle!! Your post is too cute!!

  2. When I go to my blogger dashboard and see happiness busting "out"! I'm all over it, and when I see you (bj) I can't wait to get over here and see what you have been doing,,,,wheeeeee I do love these piggies also. Your collection of happy memories always cheery.

  3. You know, bj, those memories are the BEST part of any decorating scheme. I always have something out that reminds me of someone i love.... It is what makes it special and unique.
    Can't wait to see the update and I LOVE those cute little pigs!!!! xo Diana

  4. I love the pig painting! This girl was always a sucker for Charlotte's Web. LOL Love the use of the ironstone as well.

  5. Precisely what nesting does to me . . .
    Caught right up into memories!
    I like the little pink/white piggies . . .
    I think they would look cute with Santa hats,
    not sure how to superimpose a hat onto the picture though!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love the piggies!! Your mantel looks great. :)

  7. Barnes and Noble does a cool thing with vintage books by giving them really new luxurious covers and pages. Though most older books (Like Around the world in 80 days) have been so old that most e-book versions of them are free.

  8. Cute. I would like to take a peek into that babies, book, too. It might give me some ideas. I shoot a lot of babies! :-)

  9. WITH A CAMERA.... I just glanced up and that didn't look nice. LOL

  10. Your mantel looks great. Love the white ironstone pieces. You should have been an interior decorator. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. I don't call it nesting - I call it playing house and I never gave up my love of playing house from my childhood.

    The little stool is precious and I love all your white ironstone.

    I have no fall decor and probably will not. It is SUMMER here and I am savoring it. I will probably go into Halloween decor in early October.

  12. Your home always looks so cute! I'm ready for a tiny bit of Fall!!

  13. Very sweet mantle and yes adding Fall touches will look nice with the composition you already have going. I have the same cow creamer and I too adore mine. The stool is creative you have a sweet husband for making it for you. We're changing out our artwork in the Living room to reflect the upcoming seasons. Black and White photography huge photos printed on canvas. I find your pigs adorable and they make me smile. Have a fun weekend fluffing the nest.

  14. I love decorating for Fall and changing things up! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  15. Your mantle is beautifully decorated. Fun, fun! And that cute little stool is precious. Mr. Sweet did a great job on it!

  16. Your mantel looks really nice. I am hoping to get my "fall decor" out this week. I love autumn.

  17. Well...if I only had a mantel I could decorate it with maybe something fallish. I don't have a mantel so does that mean I'm off the hook. :)
    I love your piggy mantel with the white pitchers, jugs...
    Great little stool!

  18. Why do I have a sudden craving for bacon??? Everything looks great BJ, I'm slowly getting out the fall decor too-enjoy:@)

  19. I do the same thing (about the memories and where my nesting schtuff comes from. ) I'm slowly getting out the fall decor here, but like you, I found myself fiddling and nesting with stuff that wasn't fall at all. That's mainly because I am just this month finishing (well, sort of) my living room project, and I am playing with it sort of without regard to season. I would want to leave the ironstone out all year because I am just a big groupie of the stuff.

    Looking forward to your updated fall changes. I'm in need of mantel inspiration. Nothing is ringing my bell.

  20. I love the way your mantel looks and can't wait to see your changes you make! Have a good weekend.

  21. I love your mantle, especially the PIGS they are darling and I just love that picture. I also love things that are special, given to me by a friend. Memories are wonderful.
    I have a lot of days when I just don't want to do anything too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  22. I love the white ironstone, BJ (... especially the piglet!)
    Funny you should ask about 'things' having special meanings. I don't have scads of them, but everyone of my coffee mugs has a backstory -- one, almost dates back to the early 80's. It's an inexpensive trip down memory lane!

  23. I love your piggie painting! It's so cute. I also enjoy decorating with things that have meaning for me and lots of vintage things too, including ironstone. Your little stool is really cute. I'm all decorated for fall now. I love the colours of the season but not necessarily the cooler weather that comes with it. Have a wonderful weekend. Pam

  24. BJ,
    The pig print is too stinkin' cute on your mantle, dear friend!!!
    I blended the white and creamy ivory in with the Traditional hues of Autumn this year. . .and I love it!!!
    But, to each his own. . .and that's what makes blogging such an enjoyable thing to do!!!
    I'll be back to see that "change" in the mantle!!!

  25. Happy pink Saturday! What a happy uplifting vignette.

  26. I don't think the pig portrait looks too summery at all, it's adorable! Now that all the kids are out of the house :( I am looking around and seeing some changed I want to make. Fall nesting is whispering in my ear:>)


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