Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Hurrah by the Pool.....

Let it be posted, here and now, that this is a long.....VERY long post today.
I had a lot of photos....good things to eat....words to say....
and I tried every way in the world to cut this down....and I did.'s still very long so I am saying, "I'm sorry"  right now....
 Hi, ya'll...
Here it is...the last of August and summertime is flying by so fast, it makes my head spin.

Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen blog is having an END OF SUMMER table party and I wanted to go....
sooo, here we go.
I'm not much one for setting a beautiful table...we are so much more relaxed here in our new pool house home. TODAY, we are going to have breakfast by the pool....
BREAKFAST, as some of you know, is my favorite meal of the whole day.
I can absolutely eat it 3/4 times a day.

I started off by baking BERRY MUFFINS which gave me a chance to use some of my cute cupcake liners....they are so fun to use.

Aren't they pretty?

" Friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold."
Oliver W. Holmes, Sr.

I love these that have the sayings on the bottom...some are Mary Englebrite...some are Debbie Mum, I think

I really love muffins for breakfast..something sweet is always good with my coffee...

however, Mr. Sweet would much rather have a poached egg with his muffin. :)
...follow me

Little bitty pieces of the most perfect toast...
little french bread loaf, sliced thin, spread with REAL butter and....

Breakfast without fruit is like a day without sunshine.

It's so good for us...and so good for our taste buds...and good for our souls, I think.:)
I love fruit.


Potato Patties...these will taste good with our poolside breakfast.
I try to make an extra amount of mashed potatoes to 
have some left to make the patties the next morning.
...add an egg...a little flour...a little cheese...any spices you like,
fry in the most healthy of oils....drain well...

 OK...while the coffee is brewing, it's time to

 It's so so beautiful out here that every single morning when I open our blinds, I
feel a huge grin about to spread all over my goofy face.
We are so blessed to have such a lovely home but more blessed to have such a wonderful and caring son and his family to want to share their good fortune with us.

Here we have the starting of a great outdoor breakfast.

GOD has watched over Mr. Sweet and I since before we were born,
and HIS blessings pour over us constantly.
So thankful.

It wouldn't be breakfast at Sweet Nothings without ORANGE ROLLS. 

OK...I think this should be plenty of food for now... 
time to SET THE TABLE.


are the color of the day....

Colorful paper plates...

"almost" lime green

The pool was full of fun-loving bodies
most every day of this S.H.O.R.T.

With school starting, the pool looks pretty empty this morning.
It's still hot enuf here to go swimming even in the mornings.
It's waaay too quite out there !! 
I like giggles and squeals and good music going.
In other words...
I love our girls out there !  :>)

There will be several more weeks of swimming before they have to wait for

....adding plastic flatware (look at that little lone RED one..hahhaa)
and solo cups makes for an adorable, carefree meal in such beautiful surroundings.
O, how I love the ease, relaxed summertime.
♥ ♥ ♥
I'm surely not ready to give it up.
I used Water Painting, in PhotoScape, to make this beautiful photo.

Thanks so much for coming by...
and thanks to KATHLEEN for hosting this
last-fling Summer party.

MARK TWAIN really had it goin' on !!



  1. I know what you mean about trying and trying to make a post shorter. That is how I feel often and definitely how I felt about my recent Sunday post. YOURS is most assuredly not too long. I enjoyed every picture and every word. I loved the part about getting up and opening the blinds and smiling. I would do the same.

    I loved the poolside table, particularly with the beach towel as a table cloth.

    And I reallllllly love that quote at the end from Mark Twain. Really love it big time.

  2. BJ, I love this post. You made a wonderful breakfast. If I lived next door, I would be hanging over the fence.LOL. I like a bit of sweet with breakfast coffee also. The Mark Twain quote would have fit what I told my husband last night. We were talking of the crashing waves in Cal. from the hurricane being so near. I said some surfers look for that rough water...then I remembered, I am old and will never learn to surf, or sky dive. Things I wanted to do growing up. I did snorkel in the Caribbean twice, flew a plane, took helicopters rides.....all exciting for me. We need to dive in and do the things we long to do. Blessings to you sweet lady, xoxo,Susie

  3. Living by that pool (especially when it's filled with grandkids having fun!) must seem like a party every day. That fabulous breakfast would keep me going all day, and since morning is my favorite part of the day I would so love to be sitting by that pool sharing that yummy feast with you!

  4. BJ,
    What a yummy and delightful post!! Love the pool!!

    Thanks so much for dropping by!!


  5. 'Morning BJ,
    I haven't been by for a while because we had all our family home this summer and I have been away from the computer a lot. Oh, how I love this time of year! I dread it coming to an end. Your breakfast looks amazing there by the pool and the beach towel is a great idea for the table. Fabulous post and I'm loving your pool!



  6. BJ.. you make suh pretty food photos. I can almost taste the yummy goodness from NC:)

    that pool looks so ool and refreshing... floating in water is a wonderful way to relax and help remove stress.
    enjoy every moment of it....
    big ole hugs

  7. BJ, you make every day things look so wonderful! Already had my cereal but now I think I'd like a muffin and some bacon. :)

    I bet you are really enjoying that pool and having the family right there with you.

  8. Made me grin! Oh, yes, you Texans have weeks and weeks of summer left. Enjoy it! May the girls all have a blessed and fun schoolyear!

  9. What fun gathering at the pool and with such pretty table with some goodies to share together...wonderful, I love it!

  10. I had to put my sun glasses on to read your bright post. Love a pool party and yours was exceptional. The food looks so wonderful. What time do you get up to prepare all of this?

  11. Wow, wow, wow ... I was ready to eat your header it looks so yummy! Then you go and show the beautiful muffins and adorable cupcake/muffin liners. Your breakfast looks like perfection to me. I will try your potato patties recipe. I'm a big lover of potato pancakes with applesauce so your recipe looks very exciting to me. Lovely photographs, lovely pool. Happy Labor Day!

  12. delicious looking breakfast foods

  13. Wow what a great post. The food looks delicious. The pool looks so inviting made me want to dive right in. Every thing looks great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Simply beautiful-- everything-- the muffins, the towels, the colors, arrangements, photos of them all, and especially the sentiments!

  15. Love your breakfast ideas . . . copy cat me is going to use your leftover mashed potato idea!
    Love the Mary Englebrieht cupcake/muffin liners. She is one person I would love to meet!
    Enjoy that pool, keep that smile . . .

  16. Who says you don't set a pretty table??? These vignettes are GORGEOUS and mouthwatering! I love those cute little cupcake papers...never seen any like them. And about the beach towel...a friend's daughter was married several years back and the theme was "beachy"...we used beach towels all of all colors and prints to use as table runners on the round tables. It made for a very colorful, fun reception! Have a good one!

  17. I forget to warn you about spam coming from my email has been taken care of (I hope) but I seem to have been hacked sometime during the night. So sorry if you received anything evil from me :(

  18. Lots of fun at your place! Love the M.E. cupcake papers!

  19. Sounds like you're having a fun summer! Enjoy:@)

  20. That pool is a lovely back drop to your towel table and all that good looking food. Perfect for Kathleen's challenge!

  21. BJ, this is the perfect post for Kathleen's challenge. Pool side parties are summertime at its best. That beautiful pool makes me think you are living at a resort. '-)
    Love all the fun details………..

  22. Breakfast by the pool, how delightful. Ahh, the food looks so good and you can't beat the atmosphere. I also love your idea of using a beach towel as a cloth. It looks great with the flip flop cookie.

  23. Oh BJ, how yummy everything looks - I'll be right over for Breakfast. I also Love Love Love breakfast. The pool looks so inviting and the kids look like they are having tons of fun. Enjoy the pool as long as you can.
    Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  24. BJ, You can never have too many photos of delicious food and poolside views! I love the easy, casual living of summertime and your bandanas and towel tablecloth are perfect for that. You sugar mold/candleholder is perfect repurposed for utensils too! Mark Twain's quote is one of my favorites, Wishing you a Happy Labor Day :)

  25. Love your cheerful table, the mats go perfectly with the water. Enjoyed looking at it all. Thanks for taking the challenge!

  26. Now that's a perfect way to end the summer, bj! I wish I lived closer because I'd love to sit by the pool, share some food and more importantly, enjoy talking with you, my friend. We still have lots of summer left in our home state, so you'll be enjoying those poolside meals for a while yet. Woohoo!!!

  27. Wow, put me in that pool for the next two months! We haven't had a pool party at my friend's house all August since it has been rain, rain, rain. The one day she said, "Let's get together," I looked at the weather and said, "Barb, it is going to be a high of 74, way too cold for me!"
    Wow, what a breakfast, it would make me go into a food coma and I would be happy just sleeping at the pool all day!
    Have a wonderful LD weekend.

  28. BJ!!!!!! Love it all, and I will be right over to eat. Look at that flip flop cookie! Tooooo cute! And so are the grandgirls. As always, you make me smile.

    Love to you and yours, my friend!



  29. Such a fun post! I hardly know where to begin ~ everything from the yummy food options to those adorable cupcake liners and the idea of using a beach towel for a tablecloth is so creative. Thanks for a lovely visit and I hope you and your family have a fun filled Labor Day weekend.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  30. You are certainly enjoying the pool this summer! This is so festive for a outdoor breakfast and the food looks delicious. I love the hot pink and aqua colors used in this setting. Everyone in the pool is a wonderful way to live. Thanks for sharing!


  31. I enjoyed reading about your summer.
    It's hard to believe summer is almost over.

    Have a blessed evening.

  32. I can't swim but I'd come for the food if the party was as good as this one looks!

  33. Such a delightful post so full of all my favorite colors...and FOOD, too! I want to try making some potato cakes like you do yours, BJ. Very soon.
    Yes, you are truly blessed to be so near family & to have all that you need, from HIS Almighty hands.

  34. What a nice way to begin the day, breakfast at poolside! The orange rolls look delicious...
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jean.

  35. Really enjoyed your post, bj. You are very blessed and what is so beautiful is that you know and appreciate it! Looks like swimming may be in the cards, this weekend?

  36. bj, what a way to start the day! A gorgeous poolside table and favorites for breakfast. I love the little cupcake liners and how right you are, sweets and coffee. I would love one of those orange rolls please.
    Have a wonderful Labor Day. I just bet that pool will be full of giggles and a blast of what’s hot in the music world for the girls.............

  37. I'm in love with those lime-green hydrangeas, BJ!
    ... and what a great idea to use a pretty beach towel as a table cover! I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't adore beginning their day across your table.
    Thank you for sharing these great images with us!


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