Wednesday, July 30, 2014

~ ~ FENCES ~ ~

I really do enjoy this link party that TEX holds for us every Thursday.
It's called GOOD FENCES
and it keeps one busy out looking for SPECIAL fences to make Tex smile.

This is the 8 foot high fence around our son's property...

 ...and the sky was getting darker by the second...

This is the view out our back door.

THIS section of fence is out by the pool. 

 The above photo was taken another day....
a day when we didn't have dark and rainy-looking clouds...

Lots of cute stuff on the fence...and lights, too.
sooo pretty at night.

and...this is the brick and wooden fence that separates
the house and pool from the driveway and garages.

I am already getting nervous about RUNNING OUT OF FENCES....
I mean, there's only SO many around here....
whatever will I do when I have no more fences to share.....??? bwaaaaaa

Will I have to resort to PICTURES of fences in, *gulp, MAGAZINES...??

a BACON fence....
even in my imagination, 

....just imagine....
if you got fenced in by THIS fence,
how delicious would it be to EAT YOUR WAY THRU...!!! 

See how much FUN this linky party is...
Come join us next week for more fences.....
and FUN.

Please excuse me now...I am going for a drive...
probably a loooong drive,
to see if I can find a 

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  1. oh, my gosh, i am busting out laughing! too dang funny!!!

    i do like your fence at home - 8 ft is GREAT! makes for some great neighbors. :) i like the geckos, too.

    thanks, bj. yes, you made me smile AND laugh!

  2. Love the pool fence. But that bacon fence would be my husband favorite. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Love all of the fun art on the pool fence!

  4. You are funny girl! We need a pic at dusk with those Christmas light on!

  5. That's one moody looking sky! Big laugh at the bacon fence-love it! As I always say, ya gotta love the pig:@)

  6. My dog votes for the bacon fence! It wouldn't last long in our back yard. I love your fence, though. The decorations are awesome!

  7. Thumbs up for a bacon my dreams! Love all the cool deco on the fence- and it's a good fence too! I bet it looks really neat all lit up at night.

  8. I love your fence art,very pretty. I'd love to see it at night with the lights all shining.


  9. I'll have a bacon fence for breakfast any day!!!! Sally

  10. Thanks for a fun and different fence presentation. I definitely go for the bacon one. I love crispy bacon.

  11. That may be my very favorite fence! I know that it's already yours! You live with a very nice privacy fence. Are you completely surrounded? Any views to the "outside"?

  12. Well, I don't know if my other comment went through.
    So, I just have to say, the bacon fence is hilarious!! :)

  13. that fence wouldn't last long before people would eat it

  14. I can not imagine a bacon fence lasting long, my dog would eat it all. I love the yard art on your son's fence.. Very cute! Have a happy day!

  15. Ooohhh . . . I liked that fence with the stone and wood mixed . . . very nice1
    And the magazine bacon fence . . . gave me my first smile of the day!
    Thanks for keeping it sassy and fun . . .

  16. I'm afraid that bacon fence wouldn't last too long around here!!!

    LOVE the idea of having lights strung across the top of the fence line. Pretty...*hint* you must take a photo of it at night.

    Wishing our skies looked as stormy. Today, again, it's a white hot sky. {sigh}

  17. You are always fun bj! Love your fences.

  18. You have beautiful fences around you bj!

  19. Great fence post . I really like the photo of the fence with all the stuff on it and the lights. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Well an 8 foot fence. Certainly the neighbours, unless they were giants, could not see in!! Now, you will have to start thinking 'out of the box' if you are running out of fences!!

  21. Nice fences. I like the art pieces on the fence and....wait...Bacon!! A Bacon fence! You win!! Thank you for visiting my Abe Lincoln fence.

  22. You are a hoot, bj! That bacon fence cracked me up. I hope you have a wonderful day. Here's my link for good fences this week.

  23. How fun! I love bacon, but really....a fence? Interesting and fun site. I'll be back from Bloglovin.

  24. BJ,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

    Joe would think he died and went to heaven having a fence made out of bacon!!! LOL!!


  25. your post remembered my old days. thank you so much for sharing such a lovely post.

  26. I love your son's decorated fence and the section with the stone! That bacon fence wouldn't last long if I saw it! Would make a great serving display around some scrambled eggs, I think! If I did that, my family would definitely say I went nuts, though! Now I am hungry......xo Karen

  27. You are one crazy lady LOL. love bacon fence and the one in your son's yard.

  28. Your fences are great. But the bacon fence! I want one!

  29. Just wonderin, did you bring home the bacon (fence that is?) lol! Wouldn't mind being fenced in there. Lots of fun critters hanging out on your sons fence bj. Thanks for sharing it with SYC as well.

  30. The bacon fence does not surprise me! Thanks for sharing all of your creativity with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  31. Oh my goodness! I am all about that fence made of bacon! I have to say I have never seen that ad before...that's is just perfect except that it wouldn't keep much in OR out....there would be a BIG HOLE in it where I ate part of it!! Greats fence pics!!

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