Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Fence with a Past

(above photo from net)

Is there any of my blogging friends thats ever heard of
350,000  ACRES, making it the 2nd largest ranch in Texas.
The King Ranch leads the parade with over 370,000 acres.
WHOA....that's a LOT OF LAND.

Ranch Headquarters of the FOUR SIXES is in West Texas...GUTHRIE, TX.
not too far from our town of LUBBOCK.

The 6666 Ranch is one of the most famous and romantic ranches in the world.

History has it that the beautiful ranch was won in a poker game when
Mr. Burk Burnett, way back in the 1800's,  was holding the winning hand of ...... guessed it....

This, however, is a MYTH.

No one really knows for sure how this romantic story got it's start...
it makes for a GREAT one, tho.

Mr. Burnett actually bought a hundred head of cattle way back THEN,
all branded with the 6666 brand.

He later bought the rights to the famous brand....
he also started buying up LAND...
lots and lots and lots of LAND !!!

All of these pictures were taken by me while on our COLORADO trip....

This back entrance fence isn't nearly as pretty as the
MAIN ENTRANCE in Guthrie, Texas...
someday, I'll go by there and get a photo.

The ranch raises RACE HORSES as well as beautiful cattle.
If you want to read more about this historic ranch,


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Altho it wasn't on the famous
6666 Ranch,
Mr. Sweet and I were invited to an old fashioned CHUCK WAGON
MEAL on a smaller ranch near us.
Brisket, hot biscuits with butter and honey, blackberry cobbler, cooked right there
over the camp fire....
O was all sooo good.

That's MR. SWEET with the BLUE SCARF around his neck....peeling potatoes. :>)

GOOOOOD FENCES all around this magnificent ranch.


  1. Great story about the ranch, love those pictures.

  2. Enjoyed the story behind the ranch - thanks for sharing.

  3. Not true? Well I bet what is true is even more interesting. Thank goodness it has that fourth 6! Otherwise, I'd be hightailing it outta here. Good thing the ranch doesn't have border property or does it?

  4. i haven't heard of this place before now. HUGE, yes! i knew about king ranch.

    and you just HAD to throw in the good food - and cobbler, no less! :)

  5. Heard the name, but wasn't sure of the exact location. My #2s big sis in her sorority's boyfriend is from Lubbock. Beautiful land to be had in Texas!!

  6. What a neat place. I loved seeing the map...put things in perspective of sorts for me of your LARGE state!!!

    Glad you had a wonderful time, BJ!

    Jane xx

  7. That's an amazing amount of land to own! What fun to be invited to that chuck wagon meal. Mr. Sweet doesn't look like he's dressed to peel potatoes! Lookin real sharp.

  8. Very interesting and super photos for Good Fences. That blackberry cobbler looks wonderful!

  9. Hi, beautiful blog, just followed, loved your post too :)

  10. What and interesting and big place. Sounds like you guys are having a good time. The biscuits and blackberry cobbler looks so good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. 350,000 acres? Wow, that's almost as big as England. That's a whole lot of maintenace needed for a whole lotta fences and sevral gallons of red paint. Nice looking food on that chuck wagon too.

  12. ok, i want a biscuit now. yum!! those look delicious! oh, fences - get on track here, Beth ... no, i want a biscuit. BJ, you work my taste buds. ha. ha!! ( :

  13. This is a fun post, bj. I never really knew what a chuck wagon was. Beautiful ranch.

  14. forget the fence...look at those biscuits!! now I'll hafta go and bake me some....

  15. Enjoyed those strong fences and yummy looking food too!

  16. I love the story about the ranch! It sounds huge! And wow, the food looks yummy.. Great post and photos..

  17. Great story . . . Great fences!

  18. BJ I am headed your way in a matter of hours. Bringing 22 ladies to attend the Beth Moore conference. Now about the 6666 Ranch. I lived in the small town of Paducah for a few years and still have family who live there. Went to many ballgames there. Also have a cousin who's ranch is near there. It is amazing place and that family has done great things for that area. Almost was in a movie that was filmed there many years ago. Even had a cousin that taught at the school in Guthrie. It is a small world. Wish I had the time I would love to meet up with you. Your photo's and post are great.

    Cathy (West Texas Bound) <;)

  19. Great Texas fences! xo Jenny

  20. Oh, my! It all looks so fun! I cannot even fathom that many acres! Love the chuck wagon picture! Glad you are having fun. Hugs! Thank you sor that adorable card. Mom loved it! So kind of you.

  21. Oh..I love this post! What a fun story! Their brand is very cool...looks like part of a horseshoe! And no, I can't even imagine that many acres

    Love the chuck wagon feed! Mr Sweets looked right at home peeling those

    Blessings to your day,

  22. greast story and wonderful photos to go with it.

  23. never heard of it BJ but I;m gonna check it out. Thanks for the interesting post.


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