Friday, June 27, 2014

America, America......

Along about this time of every year, I start getting really patriotic...
I want to see lots and lots of Red White and Blue...
I want to listen to songs about America...our flag...

While I have no decorations of RED WHITE and BLUE outside our new home,
I AM thinking about it.

My sweet DEEDS spent the night with us and we had
orange cinny rolls for breakfast.

I know that isn't a healthy breakfast (Yes, LYNN, I know you think anything with ORANGES is healthy....sweet or )

Here they are all baked up in the cast iron skillet that makes the bottom of the lusciousness a little crispy .....

These are BRAND X...a little less expensive than the high-end of canned cinnamon rolls
the orange frosting didn't have the sharp, clear ORANGE flavor of "those others"....

Next time, I won't skimp .....
HOWEVER, they were still very tasty and Deeds ate 2.

I unpacked my little inside American flag...

I swear our flag is the prettiest on this planet.
"High-Five, Betsy Ross "

That one on the very top is YOURS....
go ahead....take a bite.

The stores are full of the BEST paper plates and napkins
and they all look cute with those
you know the ones...that singer....uh....TOBY KEITH sings about.

Yes, we are so proud of our beautiful AMERICA....

My favorite song in the whole wide world is 
AMERICA by Mr. Ray Charles.

I wish we could still have music on our blogs...
and I wish we could still have Mr. Ray Charles.

Like you, I love EVERYthing patriotic  about our AMERICA.....

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  1. OH YUM! Here in Canada we celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. I'm amazed that both our countries celebrate out nations so close together in time! ;)

  2. I think our flag is the most beautiful too, and I always love red, white and blue in decorating. Everything looks so apple pie and homey this time of year with the pretty buntings on the porches and flags waving. It's like stepping back in time to small hometowns and parades:>) Those orange rolls are one of my favorites, oh so good!

  3. those treats - yum!! i can't believe how time is flying by ... July 4th is so close. where is time going? have a great weekend. ( :

  4. I too am very patriotic my home outside and inside is all decorated with patriotic items starting on Memorial Day and lasting till the 4th of July. The orange rolls look so good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. i think our flag is the prettiest too! my oldest sons birthday is the 4th of july!

  6. My flags are proudly waving in my yard and in my house. I love to decorate for the 4th and this year the decorations went up early because of the U.S.A. playing in World Cup. Lots of USA chanting around here during the games! I'm going to have to go and buy a premium can of cinnamon rolls now just because...

  7. I do love our flag and also think it's the prettiest one of all. A volunteer group put small flags on the veterans' grave sites. You can view that pic on my blog. Thanks for visiting me.
    Question: is the chocolate virtual? heh, heh!

  8. I'm like you..I love our flag, it always makes me so PROUD when I see it flying high, or off a house or like you the little ones stuck here and there!!

    You make food look so delicious! Because of you we have made some of those yummy rolls, both kinds and I don't mind the store brands as they are less expensive!

    Happy day!!


  9. Very pretty post bj ... I love all your red/white/and blue and the way you feel about our Flag and our Country. I love how you feel about cinnamon rolls with orange icing, because I think they are great too. I need to get some and also get busy with some re/white/blue decorations.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Beautiful post and you got my mouth watering now for those goodies!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  11. Now you've made me hungry! We often by the "x" brand of those rolls too.
    Your post was so well presented.

  12. I love cinnamon rolls. These looks so yummy. Thanks for coming by to see my fences.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Brand X is simply not as good...we keep finding that out here! Oh I had to go listen to Ray Charles sing and then I sent it to you, too. I also miss music.

  14. God bless America . . .
    Stand beside her . . .
    And guide her . . .
    I like hearing OUR songs about America too . . .
    And my flag is flying . . .

  15. I best bake some cinnamon rolls!

  16. How funny, Ma and I just had orange cinnamon rolls last weekend! (Um, ate a few more than 2 though...) Do you remember when they used to have the little specs of orange zest in the icing? That was the best! Lovin' your red, white and blue BJ, enjoy this festive week:@)

  17. Me too! Have the red, white, and blue out and about here. Love the patriotic holidays of summer.
    Bet you have big plans for a 4th of July pool party right outside your door. '-)

  18. I am so very proud to be an American!

  19. Very nice Patriotic Post! I am hungry now for something sweet!

  20. Hard to believe 4th of July is only a week away - time passing to fast.
    Yum! I am another one that likes orange and lemon and lime. :)
    I did not know music was no longer allowed on the blogs - I just thought peopled stopped on their own as there was so many negative comments made for a while.Guess I missed the notice.

  21. Hi bj, Love your red, white and blue and those cinnamon rolls look way to yummy. Your pics are so inspiring and I am planning to pull out the flags and decor this weekend.
    So nice to see you and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. How are things is Lubbock?? We have not had a triple digit day yet and the first in 7 years for June. Lots of storms and high winds. Welcome to storm season in Texas, right?
    Have a blessed weekend my friend.

  22. I got a little usa lantern hanging on my porch

  23. I'm slow to getting in the 4th decorating this year. Maybe by Friday I'll have something out.
    You have inspired me.

  24. Yum!! I can't believe that july 4th is just a week away! I love seeing all of the patriotic stuff too! I think I will take my girls to DC this week to hang out with some monuments. : ) Those rolls look scrumptious!

  25. bj,
    You have me wanting some cinnamon rolls. We have the flag in the front yard and for the 4th I'll put small flags on everything. Hope you have a good week end.

  26. Everything you stick in the oven comes out delicious looking. You are right. Skimping on something you KNOW is the best, is probably not the greatest idea. Healthy? You say these delicious, scrumptious little gems are... NOT healthy? I'm plump and happy and feeling fine. There MUST be some mistake!! :)

  27. Oh my those cinnie rolls looks so good. I am drooling over here. I bet your house smelled so good while those were baking up too. Yum! Have a great 4th.


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