Sunday, June 29, 2014

Marshmallow Sky

We were blessed with the most magnificent 
White, Fluffy, Marshmallow clouds yesterday.

 As I walked around my daughter's house, taking photos,
I thought how much fun my cousins and I used to have, on a blanket on the grass,
watching the clouds..."OOO, looks just like a doggie"...
"Look, Skeet...there's a clown face....see his nose.?"

Of course, before we could look at it REAL good, it had already changed and the clown now looked like a baby sheep.

  Fluffy white, marshmallow clouds have always held a little magic for me..
Is it because I spent so much time as a young girl, looking at them..??
I wonder...

I sure hope ya'll have a MARSHMALLOW

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  1. What fantastic photos! Like you, I have always looked at the clouds and found shapes of something in them. Sometimes, others will see what I see, but more often than not, they're like "Say what? I don't see that at all."

    Such fun!

  2. I love it when we get the puffy clouds against a crystal blue sky too! Fun pics:@)

  3. Beautiful clouds, beautiful sky! I love your photos, BJ. What fun!

  4. If only the clouds really were marshmallows.

  5. Love those kinds of clouds. I see a poodle, but then I always do.

  6. Whenever I see a marshmallow, it reminds me of the Heart concert that I attended many years ago. We had lawn seats at Saratoga, and tossed marshmallows around for an hour before the concert :-)

  7. Beautiful photos and I was just thinking the same thing today as we had those big fluffy clouds in our sky here. I remember laying in the cool summer grass and looking up and seeing all the animal figures in the clouds. Good Times and Memories. Have a great week and a wonderful 4th.

  8. 'Suppose, like snowflakes, no two cloud formations are the same?
    ... and to think, we get this panorama free-for-nothing! (Thank you, God!)
    Great images, BJ!

  9. those clouds are just amazing!! i would say the last 2 years... i have been totally ga ga over clouds. take tons of pics of them. so dreamy.

    i love your bloggy background. to cheerful. ( :

  10. I remember many a time with my sisters looking at the clouds and dreaming. Thanks for the memories.

  11. The clouds and your photos are so pretty, BJ!

    Have y'all gotten any rain lately? We've had just a little but we will take it. :)

  12. Your marshmallow clouds are so sweet -- ha ha. All we've got in Melbourne today (and infact all last week..) are rain clouds. So you enjoy!
    Wren x

  13. I have always been a lover of clouds too. Did the same as you did as a child. I still take pictures of clouds. Yours were spectacular. Great photography, bj!
    Have you taken pictures of the interior of you new home since you've been settled and I missed it??!! I was waiting to see how it all looked..I lost you a couple of I may have missed it. I MUST go check. I simply MUST!
    (I'm such a drama queen!!) heh heh!

  14. My siblings and I did the very same thing!! I am hosting a MiMi Camp next week for my older grands and we will be doing some cloud watching for sure!!

  15. Love the clouds, especially the top shot with all the different layers. I used to love cloud watching as a kid as well.


  16. Love the marshmallow clouds (and the real thing too!)! Please join in our link up this week ;)

  17. An another "best" of marshmallow skies is the gorgeous BLUE looking back at me too . . .
    Happy Hammock, marshmallow days of summer bj . . .

  18. Do you think kids ever lay on their backs and watch the clouds go by anymore? I hope so but I doubt it. I remember doing the same thing, cloud watching, bike riding, reading in the shade, playing house and doctor with found objects rather than store bought kits, catching fireflies at night in my nightgown:>) I hope todays kids have the chance to still enjoy those lazy, fun summer dreams.

  19. Hi BJ,

    Oh yes, children STILL lie on their backs and dream. Why, only yesterday, I saw a . . . Oh, right. It wasn't yesterday. (sigh)

    You've managed once again to remind me of good times. Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  20. I am also a cloud watcher and used to do the same things when I was a girl...ah, sweet childhood memories! I told Vee that I was so jealous after reading her post over the weekend. Gosh darn it...I'm gonna get me a blanket out and find me a spot (away from all of the trees blocking my view) to do it too! Thanks for more inspiration...great post and happy July 4th!

  21. Summer time is the perfect time for cloud watching, and what great memories I have of that too. Thanks for the reminder! Love your NEW place and the oh so patriotic background...and those shades are too cute. Happy Blue Monday and 4th of July.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  22. Big ole fluffy clouds make the best figures. Seems like I always find lots of angels. The marshmellows look yummy.

  23. We used to do the very same thing as children, BJ! I was always a dreamer and I loved to lay on a blanket on the grass and stare at the sky and clouds. When the sun burst through a cloud I thought it was an angel!!

    Jane xx

  24. Love your pictures of the clouds bj. Yes, as so many others ... cloud watching was a favorite thing to do. We could see/imagine all things in those clouds. Thanks for stirring up the memories of childhood.
    Happy Fourth.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  25. Great post! I love the marshmellow idea! I've been wanting to take pics of clouds. Maybe over the long weekend. Perfect for a Blue Monday! Thanks for coming by! Have a wonderful week.

  26. Lovely photos! I could watch clouds like that all day long!

  27. BJ,

    Your marshmallow sky is sweet foods for the gods, as they would probably say on Mount Olympus! Like you, I would lose myself in their fluffiness, floating away with them to imaginary worlds and adventures! Spectacular shots!!



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