Friday, June 6, 2014

A day in the life.....

 Dear People...
I published this post at the beginning of the week,
not realizing I had already scheduled a post automatically
for the same day....just different times...

I'm SORRY....bwaaaaa

if you saw it, commented on it and thought that was the end of it....
I'm SORRY....bwaaaa

but here it comes around again and I hope you still love me, knowing I am an IDIOT....!


made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision.
  It seems, lately, that EVERYthing I do is done randomly ....
I am forever doing things that I haven't CHOSEN to do...
haven't even really THOUGHT about doing...

.....could it be SUMMER....?? where the livin' is EASY.....


Whatever the case may be,
this is a LONG post with waaay too much in it,....
but.....OH, WELL...

This morning, without any planning on my part,
 I decided to straighten my pantry...
                                     or.....should I say PANTRIES
because we have more than one......

I love love love those tall skinny doors..

Pull-out metal shelves and they are AWESOME....

this pantry is very easy to keep nice and straight.

it sure  holds a lot of cans....

This is a larger pantry that I love to the moon and back..
(not a very good photo....this room is really dark)

I need some more cute baskets to line up side by side to hold "stuff".

I nearly always have

BECAUSE, when you can't get FRESH APRICOTS, using these wonderful bits of fruit,
you can have ...

 a wonderful bowl full of SWEET SUNSHINE....

 and nothing goes better with POPOVERS and chewy BACON
than a big bowl of sweetened apricots.


The only thing better is when you are lucky enuf to have a MR. that can make you a beautiful
tile table
to serve your treats on....
After I got the pantries to suit me,
I started on

I had NO intentions of doing that today....
until I saw my blogging buddy, GINA's

Doesn't this just take your breath away...
mine, too....

I don't have the pretty things and colors she is using here...

My mantel, back in the spring, is close in colors to Gina's...
this vintage mantel was in the master bedroom back then...

The walls are a lighter color and this worked very well for that room.

When I moved the mantel into  the living room, it seemed to call for a whole different look.

The walls in this area are a golden color...

we still intend to paint but.....

have more fun things to do thru the summer. :)

I brought out one of my favorite little black and white ROOSTERS..
Even in a new house, ya gotta have a touch of BLACK and WHITE...:)

I have a 3rd little oval wicker mirror but since the move,
I've  not been able to find it...

I will, tho.....

Tiny little nightlamp
resting on two little tiny leather books...

I spied this black and white Mackenzie*Childs pitcher the minute I walked thru the door
of our local GOODWILL,
a few years ago....

I couldn't believe it !!!

 Thanks so much for coming by..
have a wonderful weekend.

I've got most of my wifely chores done so I plan to
by that pretty pool right outside my doors...


  1. That post was not too long at all! My Hero loves apricots but I can take them or leave them unless they are FRESH. I think I had some bad jam one time so have not been able to eat it since but it sure looks good when YOU present it!.

    Your pantries are wonderful-I love those pull out pantry shelves. They are so handy. Glad you got that job done. AND- I saw Gina's mantle. Just loved it and you know I love yours, too.

    Have a great night, bj. xo Diana

  2. BJ, the mantel looks terrific. Love the wicker mirrors as a backdrop. That's a great idea. Don't you just love it when you score a terrific find at GW? I did just that today. Haven't stopped in GW in months, but did this afternoon because it right across the street from a grocery I went to. There waiting for me was a set of Italian chargers under $3 a piece. They will be perfect with several different sets of dishes. Couldn't just leave them, so I brought them home. Ha! I even found a place in the cupboard. ;-)

  3. Everything is looking beautiful at your new digs! I can't believe the good things we can find at GOODwill!!!

  4. Congrats on cleaning the pantry! I need to do that again too!

  5. Everything looks fresh and "spiffy".LOL When you get thru at your house, let me know and I will send you my key and addy so you can come get my abode in order. LOL
    I am past due for a overhaul.
    Hope you are having a great week.

  6. I love the whole post from beginning to end. I wish I could figure out a way to blog out my randomness these days the way you have. I also wish I could light on a notion for the mantel for just a pair of minutes. I keep changing my mind and hopping from one design inspiration to the next. Yours is beautiful and so is Gina's.

  7. Love your pantry. The mantle looks great. Your new home is shaping up just wonderful.. Enjoy that pool. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  8. Everything looks so nice and organized!!! We are finally building our house and my little house above the barn is crammed with stuff for the it is NOT organized!

  9. oh man, those organized girls best friend. i really like the pull out one, it would be hard to mess that up ;)

    your mantel looks very pretty. i love how we inspire one another with our blogs!!!

  10. Oh I got hung up on the popovers and almost forgot about the rest of the post. I kinda 'hate' you LOL. You have amazing storage space! I love using baskets and containers too. I am needing a few more. Thanks for sharing. Now I want to go make some popovers. How do you think they would go with tacos. LOL. Maybe an afternoon snack instead.
    BTW thanks for coming by and following me back. Have a great weekend.

  11. What I wouldn't give for a beautiful mantel like yours! Even if I had one, there is no place for one in our house, at least not right now. Maybe someday if we expand our living room after the kids leave home. I love the way you had it decorated in the bedroom, but it is also so pretty now in you living room. That rooster and McKenzie Child's teapot are perfect! Thank you again for following my blog. I'm following back:)

    Blessings, Deborah

  12. I Love it!!!! .. I have a Bible Study in our little carriage apartment now and plan on continuing it as long as the Lord wants me to. I have walked through every room (downstairs) and prayed - prayed in every threshold that all who pass through will be blessed coming and going. I even prayed in our garage!!

    Please please please give me the scripture you referred to in my blog!

    Don is doing well. We have an appointment this week - so will know more then. He was home one Tuesday evening (usually he has to work) and that is when I have the Bible study - we all gathered around him and prayed. He kept telling me how wonderful he felt after that!!

    hugs - Julie

  13. Love your neat pantry. My kiddo cleaned mine for Mother's Day-sort of. The mantle is lovely. xo, Olive

  14. Am I ever loving my recent meeting of you . . . zest, flavor and sass make you authentic and infectious.
    I like the looks of your pantries, (the first time i wrote that the iPad put, panties).
    Would love to know how to make your fresh apricot sauce . . . love, love Apricots . . .

  15. I love the gold background. It's so whimsical. xoxo

  16. Love your mantel bj and all of your other decor. The pool sounds so refreshing!

  17. Your mantle looks beautiful, bj, just like you!! I'm loving that cute MC pitcher---what a find.
    I'll bet you're enjoying your time by the pool. xo

  18. Love your pantry bj and the pull-out shelves. Some builders don't think to utilize those small places for can goods or spices. Amazing how much you can get in there. Your mantle looks great too. Hope you find you other frame.
    Hugs and have a great summer. Almost time to get in that pool.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  19. Oh I missed this one and I do love peeking in are blessed to have such great storage areas and so handy. And I am very intrigued by your summer mantel. Seems as if a lot of us are in a tweaking mood. I'm still in awe of your MC find for $1 plus change!


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