Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I bought some delicious looking, boneless pork chops at the market the other day...
"Buy one pkg...get one free".....
Now, ya gotta love that !!

Our outdoor grill died when we moved and we just haven't replaced it yet..
BUMMER 'cause I sure like ANY meat cooked out on the grill.

Now, growing up, my mama always fried bone-in pork chops and they were
so delicious that I can just almost taste them today.

Of course, she made CREAM GRAVY and, I thought I'd surely died and gone to Heaven.
...'twas my favorite meal of the time !!

Mr. Sweet and I eat very little fried foods these days....
I decided to BAKE them, using the

 Be sure to let your oven reach the 450 degrees called for before you slide these luscious chops into the oven.

OK....since I am PARANOID
about making sure my meat is well cooked,
I baked the chops 15 minutes on one side
turned them and baked another 10 to 15 minutes.

While they baked, I  made a nice salad....

lettuce, tomatoes, onions, celery, bacon bits and cheese.... you use this seasoning on veggies ?
OH, MY..
it is wonderful...

this and a few squirts of LEMON JUICE
and you have a great tasting salad without all the calories of those dressings.

 I fully intended, right up to the last minute, to steam some veggies...

but, then....
right out of NOWHERE, 
came the vision of my
mama....standing at the kitchen stove, in her cute apron, stirring
a large skillet of 
CREAMED GRAVY to serve right along with her 
infamous fried pork chops...

and I had a fairly healthy dinner going...
BAKED chops...
Green salad without calorie-laden dressing...

I ask you, HOW LONG CAN A GIRL STAY G.O.O.D....???

Before I knew it, out came my  skillet....

...and I was in FULL "MAKING GRAVY"  MODE.

My favorite way to eat this mouth-watering treat is on
just like I did as a child.

...remember to brown your grease and flour to a golden brown before stirring the milk into the skillet....
always stir with a slotted spatula or spoon...
this one thing keeps your gravy from lumping.

A plate of "light bread", just like this one,
was always on our family dinner table.

Now, of course, most of us have cut our bread consumption waaay down and
we'd never put a plate of bread on the table now.

I also fully intended to take a photo of our plates, loaded down with such a good dinner....
I was just too hungry and had eaten half of my portion when 
Mr. Sweet said....."You aren't going to take a pic of our plates...???"

hahhhaaaa......not THIS time, Mr. Sweet...
Eat Up !!

xo bj
Full Plate Thursday
Foodie Friday
P.S.....the pork chops cooked this way are 5 STARS, for sure.
tangy and so moist.
Of course, it depends on the size and thickness of your chops as to how long to bake.
O, and don't add much salt to them....the dressing seasoning is salty, too...
but I did add lots of good black pepper....


  1. Ya gotta love the pig-right?!?! And with gravy-yum! Now you've gone and added another jar of seasoning I need to add to my drawer-I'll look for the Nature's Seasons:@)

  2. Love the other white meat! Are you saying that this was the first hot meal Mr.Sweet has enjoyed in a while? ; >

  3. Homemade cream gravy!! I love it. i have tried fixing pork chops that way and I loved them too!

  4. I can't cook a decent pork chop to save my soul, so I'll have to try this recipe. Oh, I love my white bread and gravy, too; but don't have it very often. You can tell we were raised in the same era. Can't wait to meet you this summer. Sally

  5. Yum, I think I have a package of dressing mix in the cupboard. It sounds like a great recipe.

  6. Looks and sounds like a yummy dinner. Thanks for sharing. Love lots of things seasoned with the dry ranch dressing mix but due to low salt diet, I can't indulge very often.

  7. love the idea of baking the chops. will have to try your recipe.

  8. My mother always made the best pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy - oh my it was so good. I will have to try your that are baked with hidden valley. thanks so much for this recipe.

  9. Ohhhhh, yummy!!!! I LOVE white gravy with sausage over biscuits for breakfast. My favorite, hands down. What do you use for grease when you make it for dinner like this? Bacon?

  10. Oh, bj, I know full well you are right! But, I still southern fry my pork chops..and I know I'm flirting with a bad end. I just don't do it very often. Not very often at all. Yours looked sooo good!
    Glad you like my little "rather crowded" guest room. I do thin it out a bit when guest are coming.
    Chocolate? Well, of course I would be sure there was a chocolate on your little pillow! LOL NO doubt about it!

  11. Seriously yummy! Have you ever tried some Hidden Valley in mashed potatoes? Mmmm.

  12. Always looking for a new way to bake pork chops so I'll be clicking to the Hidden Valley recipe link.

    I loved the part where you whipped out the skillet and made the gravy. Sometimes, a gal has to do what a gal just... HAS... to do!

  13. My mouth is watering. Wow what a great dinner I bet it was delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. "I bought some delicious looking, boneless pork chops at the market the other day...
    "Buy one pkg...get one free".....
    Now, ya gotta love that !!"

    that's the best thing about regular grocery stores. Even wally world can't beat those prices.

  15. Looks so yummy! I so remember having good old white bread with meals!!

  16. Sounds good BJ, especially the cream gravy. I love bread and gravy....yummy!

  17. I like ranch, but not pork. I wonder if the same thing could be done with chicken?

  18. Mmmm....looks and sounds delicious! When I was growing up, we always had gravy made from whatever meat we were eating and white bread...good ol' gravy bread, is what we called it!

  19. Yum yum BJ!
    It's only 6am here and I've just eaten my weetbix!
    This sounds like comfort food - one I could make over the weekend - thank you!
    I'm just about to leave for work - YEA it's Friday!
    Wishing you a happy hapy day!
    Shane x

  20. Your way is wonderful, but I was raised the way your folks did. However, I seldom cook meat, but like it. It is hard to cook for one.

  21. Looks yummy! I fry my pork chops and make gravy, too. Not too often, but every now and then doesn't hurt, does it? I love 'em!

  22. The way I've started doing my Ranch pork chops is this:
    Put your chops in the crock pot, add 2 cans cream of chicken soup over the top, then sprinkle the ranch dressing powder over that, and let it cook, 4 hours on high or 6 hours on low. Serve over rice. Easy, and absolutely delicious! We love it and there's usually enough for 2 meals which makes me happy. :) Enjoy!

  23. Oh how I would love to taste my Mom's fried pork chops again! Remember how good pork chops used to taste before the stores started trimming almost all of the fat off of the edges? You've got me so hungry for pork chops (fried or Nature Valley'd) that I can't hardly stand it. And that salad looks delicious, too. I'll be adding sliced Vidalia onions to my salad and trying the seasoning that you used. Looks like a great idea!

  24. I will have to try this recipe, bj. I'll bet the ranch dressing adds such a great flavor. Thanks for the inspiration and the joy in reading your posts! xo

  25. Hi B.J.,
    I am so happy that you have your computer and you can be with us again, I missed You! What a fantastic meal, it is like going home for me girl, right down to the light bread and gravy. Just a little part of heaven!! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you are having a great weekend and come back to see us real soon!
    Miz Helen

  26. Congratulations!
    Your recipe is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Have a great weekend and enjoy your new Red Plate!
    Miz Helen

  27. I will definitely have to try out the pork chops with Hidden Valley! They sound delicious and something different for dinner. The salad sounds delicious too. Congrats on the feature at Miz Helens party! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.


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