Sunday, May 11, 2014

A beautiful new TEAPOT full of sexy curves.....

 I won this lovely teapot from my friend over at
and it happened right in the middle of losing my olden computer and trying to decide on a new one.

I am sorry to be so long in posting about the awesome win....

enclosed with the teapot....
a package of raspberry and white chocolate scones and a package of chocolate cherries.

000, HONEY !!

I ate the cherries before I even REMEMBERED that I had a camera....My goodness but they were so delicious.

The scones....
all I can say is
BOY HOWDY, they are good !!

Such a delicate and ornate handle.....

I just love everything about this pretty thing.

One morning, I had tea with my pancakes and strawberries, 
and used the tiny little black and white cups...

This is what's so great about goes with everything......

 ...and looks smashing with PEARLS..

This teapot looks amazing with my blue and whites...

I'M  SO  IN  LOVE !!!

Thank you so very much, Lorraine.
Again, I'm sorry to be so long getting this beautiful giveaway posted.

xoxo, bj

Happiest Mother's Day to
my beautiful daughter, Stacy...
sweet DIL, Kathy...
Grandgirl, Jessica....
to my mama in Heaven.... 
and to all mothers everywhere....xoxo


  1. it really is a beauty. i like the squared shape. :)

  2. Love its unique shape and that it is white and that you'll be able to use it with so many things. You made me laugh with that crack about forgetting you had a camera. LOL!

  3. A lovely teapot to win! Happy Mother's Day. BJ!

  4. Your every post is so full of EYE CANDY!!! I love it!!!

  5. Your teapot is gorgeous and yes, very curvy too! I too was lucky to win an English teacup and tray liven, both vintage! Hope you had a lovely Mom's Day!

  6. Lovely teapot ... lucky you to win such a nice item and the good eats too.
    White will be so pretty with just any of your dishes.
    Hope your Mother's day was filled with lots of love and happiness.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. nice teapot, have you gotten your new computer yet?

  8. Hi, I hope you had a nice Mother's Day and I love your new tea pot!

  9. Congratulations, BJ. You will enjoy this beauty. Hope you had a special Mother's Day!

  10. This is a beautiful teapots, bj! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  11. WOWZA that is a gorgeous teapot! Enjoy it for years to come:) Have a blessed week dear B.J.! HUGS!

  12. Oh, Dear BJ, you make everything look pretty! Love the tea pot on the charger, with the black and white cups, with the pearls and especially with the blue set! You are such an inspiration!

  13. Hello BJ,

    I'm so glad to learn you have some blue and white! And you won some goodies! Thanks for sharing today.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  14. The tea pot is exquisite and white will go with everything. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day I know I did. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Oh, I love the look of this pretty white teapot! Mm'm. Scones and cherries look yummy! Glad you are back!

  16. That is a lovely tea pot! What a nice gift. I'm glad to see you are enjoying it , too!

  17. The teapot is so pretty, and I love the shape! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. xoxo

  18. Congratulations, BJ...this was an awesome prize you won! That teapot is gorgeous and the scones and tea look wonderful. Your photos of all of these goodies are amazing also!

  19. You are one lucky lady. You win neat things, you share great cooking and keep us entertained with your posts. Glad you are doing better with your computer. I am having a time. Seems nothing works right when it comes to the blog. Everything very slow if I can get it. Thanks for being my great blogging friend.

  20. Congrats on your pretty win! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  21. Wow! That is a gorgeous teapot! I love all the curvy bits and the white, lucky you! And to get those scones and chocolate cherries with it? I'd have eaten them before I remembered my camera too :>)

  22. Good morning, sweet friend! That tea pot is adorable. Have you posted new photo's of your home after you were all settled? It's already getting real heat in Southern California...I am watch the thermometer on the back patio as it reaches over 90. I can handle that. :) I hope all is well with you..

  23. P.S. ....AND I hope your Mother's Day was amazing..but I KNOW it was! :)

  24. The teapot is gorgeous bj! I tell you I buy those cherries when ever I find them at T.J. Maxx. Oh my are they delicious! The scones look so yummy too, as do your photos!

  25. Lucky you! what a sweet teapot - enjoy!

  26. What a beautiful teapot and what a great win. Congratulations.

  27. Well this teapot lover thinks it is perfectly wonderful too! I love how you had the little pearls around it. Only you...

  28. I loved that teapot the moment I saw it on her blog. Since I didn't win it I'm glad you were the 'lucky' girl! It's a beauty and I can only imagine how wonderful those scones were! Congratulations on your win, my friend.


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