Monday, March 24, 2014

A Woman's Work is never Done....

but, ain't it fun when you're decorating, nesting and fluffing to beat the band...!!!
Hi, everyone.... Hope u had a good weekend. We surely did.

I've been fluffing and nesting and laying eggs making my closet room sooo pretty.

I shared with you the vanity Mr. Sweet built for me in there.

He also built the stacking washer/dryer closet...

Since this room was painted a dark color....
and no window to be found,
it was sooo dark in there.
I smiled, twisted around a bit, and promised him a delicious cake,
if Mr. Sweet would add a window....
and he said OF COURSE....
was it the smile and twisting or the promise of a CAKE that did the trick,
I'll never know for sure.
(However, at our olden age, I'm pretty sure he was thinkin' of a
his very

 Regardless as to WHY....
our new window is IN....

I brought my vintage black shutters from the olden house and Mr. Sweet installed 2 of them on either side of the large opening, into the closet room....

and I am IN LUV. !

I propped up the other two shutters beside the new window..

yes, they are TALL shutters...

and I wanted them beside this window sooo bad...

but can not bring myself to cut them off....
just can't do it...what if, later, I decided I wanted to make a screen with these vintage shutters.....nope.....not gonna cut them.

So, here they are...

long, tall Sally Shutters...

average length window...

THIS is what I
It's called a LUCKY 7 table...

Wouldn't it look AMAZING in this space beneath the new window...!!!!

But....wait a minute....'s a little table.....a BASKET TABLE,
that I already have....

 I can add this 7 to the little basket and....

 have my own little LUCKY 7 TABLE.....

O, I do love it when I can shop the house and not spend one single red penny
to create a new look that I just looove......:)

You can bet that I am going to be looking for a nice little table and have
make it look just like the LUCKY 7 table I am dreaming of.

In the meantime, I am lovin' how the little BASKET table looks in my spruced-up space.

and I love having extra drawer space...

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE this pretty and fun SUMMER HOUSE..? 


Dreams come true ALL THE TIME.....:>)

After I am, living in a DREAM COME TRUE house....


  1. So cute on the window and shutters. Your spouse did a great job on the laundry closet! ♡

  2. fluffing, nesting, decorating? what's that!? :)

  3. Your joy exudes through this wonderful post. Oh, lady, I couldn't be happier for you both. Seriously lovin that new window - so much natural light now, whoo hoo! The "Sally Shutters" look great as is framing it so nicely. And to be honest? Not to impede your dream table, but I think your basket table looks better. It really does, bj!


  4. I like those long shutters on either side of your new window just as they are! Very striking with a black table or basket shelves under the window.
    Mary Alice

  5. So cute. I love to use shutters too.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  6. Everything looks great! One puzzle piece at a time you're turning the house into your home:@)

  7. Lookin' good! Aren't we glad a woman's work is never done? I never want to stop nesting. :)

  8. You are house whispering again! What a great addition the window is and I can not believe how adding a cute little 7 tag to your table makes it so stinkin' cute that it is better than the inspiration piece.

  9. Oh yes, that is what I need to do! Shop the house! And I love the table under the window. It's perfect. Also, is anything cuter than those darling blue birds in the first photo??? So cute!

  10. You have done a lot in your new house. It must be pretty big. I bet if you find a table I would know who would paint it like the number 7 one. Happy Spring.

  11. Mr. Sweets always does a lovely job.

    God bless.

  12. BJ,
    You are SO clever!!! That 7 is so darling! And the shutters are wonderful treasures.
    Oh, and Mr. Sweet is so talented. I think the twist did the trick.

  13. So happy for you and your wonderful little home! Love the tables!!
    hugs, Linda

  14. You have it all looking wonderful BJ!

  15. I love to see ladies work their magic especially in decorating you did a great job with your lucky 7, no matter what you do if it is cooking, baking, or decorating your heart always shines through on your blog. Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration.

  16. Sometimes memories and dreams are all we have. However, you are doing an excellent job making some of yours come true. Than goodness for your honey do, Mr.Sweet.

  17. Love you your style. If I ever played the lottery and won, I would get you your dream table.....well, just after I get my dream house!!

  18. I love your 50th anniversary photo! Cute little bird vignette too.
    Have a great week BJ!

  19. Hi Bj, your table looks so pretty and perfect! I hope all is well with you and so glad you are happy. Take care.

  20. BJ,
    I LOVE your shutters and NO...Please, don't cut them off!!!
    Your basket table fills the space quite nicely, dear friend!!!
    Nice job, "Mr. Sweet". . .Atta' Boy!!!
    That must have been some delicious cake. . .didn't see one crumb left!!!

  21. I have to say, that husband of yours sounds like a reeeeeaaaal sweetheart.

  22. Hi BJness! Oh, I love the new look and Mr. Sweets is one handy man to have around. The German Chocolate Cake gave him much needed nourishment I'm sure. :) I think your little basket table is adorable!
    Be a sweetie,

  23. Very Nice! You are fortunate Mr. Sweets enjoys improving and adding onto your already pretty home. I like the table with baskets under the window!
    Have a great week.

  24. You are a lucky girl. I am pretty sure you will find a lucky little table just like that before long. I love how Mr.Sweet is so handy. I wish he would give MyHero a few lessons in "handy man things". Your little basket table looks wonderful there between your fabulous shutters! xo Diana

  25. I am so happy to see that you are enjoying decorating your new Summer Home. Everything looks so great. How wonderful to have a husband that can do so many things. You are one lucky lady.

  26. Love your little lucky 7 and YES, Mr. Sweet can make anything you dream of:) Enjoy your day dear B.J.! BIG HUGS!

  27. Looking good bj. It is nice to have a husband who can do everything and anything. Your new home is wonderful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  28. So happy you are having so much fun 'nesting' in your beautiful new home. Love the shutters and your Lucky 7 basket table looks great there. Thanks for sharing you home with us.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  29. Everything is looking so good, BJ! Now is the new window in the room that originally housed the pool table? Sorry, I'm just trying to get my barings. FYI, I thought I was already following your new blog, but I wasn't so now I am!

  30. I like the basket #7 table better than the original!I like it so much...I am going to copy it today for my own window area.....thanks for always having such a positive attitude....we are about as happy as we make our mind up to be! Heard that quote years ago and realized it fits me perfectly!

  31. I love your basket table, even better than your dream table! You guys are making lots of progress and it is looking great!


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