Friday, February 21, 2014

The Pinks and Blues of it All.... little vanity area is coming together nicely....

The tile is finished and Mr. Sweet did a super good job on it.

He is in the process of patching a couple of holes
 (the light fixture had to be moved)
and, when it dries, I will repaint the wall.)

The new tile matches the wall paint and it looks super cool.

I'm really happy with the little medicine chest with the two beveled mirrors....

I AM thinking it might....
just MIGHT.....
be hung a little low and we may raise it a bit.

 See the cute TINY silver clock...?....

It's a Brighton and I won it as a door prize drawing just before Christmas.

I was excited...!!!

It looks cute, sitting in the dressing area.

This mirror isn't hung as yet...
probably today.....

While looking for something just darling in turquoise for this "new" room,
I found this large, plump BIRD couple...
I just love them and they were sooo inexpensive....
$6 each at....
BIG LOTS...!!!

I've found more cute things at BIG LOTS and it's turned out to be a favorite store of mine.

I am liking pinks and blues in my new space....


I do hope your day is wonderful....



  1. It's very pretty. I like the edge on the travertine. If you raise the mirror, make sure you can still see your reflection! ♡

  2. So pretty and feminine BJ. I love what you're doing with your new nest.

  3. Yes God can put on the BEST displays of color--beautiful sky. What EXPENSIVE little birds--they are so precious in your new decorated space. I love the baskets, perfect bathroom.

  4. It looks lovely BJ. And agree with Butterfly, if you raise it be sure your reflection is at the midpoint of the mirror.

  5. To witness your excitement is so inspiring!
    Creating is a non-stop proccess and you seem to have mastered it so well with the handsome handyman on your side... Amazing how you manage to create the most feminine room but that-man-allowed too.
    Congratulations on the choice of colors, items and materials. So you and him.
    Thank you for sharing,

  6. Mr. Sweet did a super job! Don't make him raise that cabinet. It's fine. Don't you really think so? Ha!

  7. Your vanity area is coming together beautifully !

  8. I think your vanity mirror is very cute and I love those cubbies!!

  9. Your new bathroom pieces look so lovely and feminine. That pair of birds is darling. Have a good weekend.

  10. It is looking wonderful BJ. Those birds are tooooo cute!

  11. Mr.Sweet sure did do a good job. It looks great. I too love those birds.

  12. You are making your new home beautiful! Love the turquoise birds!

  13. It's all looking so beautiful! I love Big Lots too. You just never know what little gems you're going to find there. :)

  14. I think I need a Mr Sweet around here (my husband isn't quite as handy with tools as yours is!) Looks wonderful! I rec'd my Ram sign today, but my "not-so-handy husband" said we will wait til warmer weather to hang it - we still have quite a bit of snow here! Love it…will send a pic when we hang it!

  15. I love that you see the colors in your home and in the beautiful sky! Your bathroom looks terrific. I know you are having so much fun with your new cottage.

  16. It is looking very nice! I love the turquoise!

  17. I love the colors in your bathroom AND in the sky. Beautiful! Can I borrow Mr. Sweet for a little job? He is a much faster worker than my Handyman! lol! Shhh. Don't tell BG I said that.

  18. Love the changes:) Mr. Sweet did it again! CUTEST little chunky bird couple and LOVE the cabinet! BIG LOTS rocks, doesn't it? Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  19. Love your blue birds ... I need to make a trip to Big Lots. That bathroom is beautiful. Great job Mr. Sweets and bj.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  20. Your bathroom is simply beautiful! You really should have been an interior designer, and hey, it isn't too late! You have such a way with color and you're an expert bargain hunter.

    I love the mirror above the sink with the cubbies. How cute and functional that is!

    Happy Weekend!


  21. I love your blues and pinks, bj. Those birds are adorable. That medicine cabinet is really great with the little cubbies in it. You are right- God does THE BEST blues and pinks. xo Diana

  22. I love your pinks and blues! You're sure having fun decorating this new home of yours! Beautiful!


  23. God does give us the best blues and pinks. So beautiful!

    Girl, I love your vanity. The tile is gorgeous. Your cabinet is great, but I agree that I would probably hang it a bit higher, too.

    Big Lots is always on my "need to go to" list.

  24. That is so pretty and cheery, BJ! Makes me want to go clean and arrange and make something pretty around here. :-) And yes, God gives us such spectacular color and beauty.♥♥

  25. It looks beautiful! Yes, the cabinet could go up about 4-6 inches so that it doesn't visually crowd the faucets. But it still needs to be low enough so that you can see yourself in the mirrors and reach things in the cabinet.

  26. Love your pastels...So you!
    New blog address.....
    Hope you'll visit. Balisha

  27. BJ,
    Your new vanity area is oming along quite nicely, dear friend.
    I adore how you and "Mr. Sweet" are adding 'personal' touches to your new home!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  28. Your vanity room looks great. God does give us some beautiful pinks and blues and you are using the colors to make your new home just beautiful. Have a blessed evening. Madelline


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