Thursday, January 23, 2014


One of my very favorite special days has GOT

How fun is that !!

One of my favorite pies ....

you probably already know that about me...
I make one and POST ABOUT IT every month or so.....

....if I could be young again,
and had the moola,

I would want to own a LITTLE PIE COMPANY.

How fun it would be making pies all day long and people just loving them.

 These photos were taken last year, in the olden house.

but THIS pie on the left was made last week....

I make CHERRY PIE more often than any other pie.

...and if I can have MEXICAN PRALINE
COFFEE Ice Cream to go with my piece of pie,
I am a happy camper.

We LOVE little HAND PIES...
especially when they have CHERRIES inside.

are you as hungry for PIE as I am.....??? 



  1. I really need to keep up on things... I almost missed National Pie Day! Thanks for the yummy reminder:@)

  2. Happy Pie Day! I am another great lover of pie. I'm not the best pie maker. My mother is, though. She can whip out a pie without blinking an eye. (I'm a poet.) My favorite pie is plain old pumpkin I guess, but I'll try just about any CREAMY pie you offer.

    The only one I can think of that I do not like is lemon. Not a fan...

  3. They look delicious! But - you forgot to tell us how you made it?

  4. YUM! I want some pie:) Have a blessed day sweet BJ, HUGS!

  5. Happy pie day to you. Enjoy your pie and eat a slice for me. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. I just KNEW you'd be making a cherry pie.
    I wish I were your neighbour. I'd know when you made pie and right on over.

  7. Oh no! I'm out of sugar! No car today! Oh no!

  8. You are a bad influence! Perhaps I shall have to make a chocolate pie because all the boys in this house seem to like it best.

  9. I love, love, love cherry pie and haven't had one in years. If I started eating pie again, I would be as big as a blimp.

  10. I would not turn down any pie, but good homemade, fried pies are my favorite. My mother used to make the best ever. Enjoy one for me.

  11. So happy to learn that today is National Pie Day....who knew? I don't bake pies as much as other baked goods but I always LOVE eating them! Vsiting from Share Your Cup Thursday

  12. We had pie for breakfast in honor of national pie day. My hubby would have pie for breakfast every morning if he could! Rhondi xo

  13. Seriously.....I would weigh 500 pounds! Of course you know my pie would be homemade apple! But I am sure my husband would flip over your cherry pie!

  14. Happy National Pie Day, BJ, Cherry pie ranks at the top of my list along, with pecan, pumpkin, chocolate, lemon, i guess you can tell I love Pie, actually I like it better than cake for my birthday!
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Yes...thanks for the reminder! Now I have pie on the brain...

  16. good morning bj ... hot cherry pie would be good on this cold, maybe sleet and snow kind of day, but I think I will make potato soup and cornbread and eat the left-over pumpkin pie.
    Warm hugs,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. I love cherry pie! It was my Dad's favorite and has become mine also!

  18. Oh I didn't know about National Pie Day! I haven't had mine today, a piece of yours would be great,thanks, Bj.

  19. Happy Pie Day! If I ate all the pie and ice cream I wanted, I'd be as broad as a barn as the old saying goes! :) I do have a couple of those little pies from Banquet in the freezer, I just might have to have one of those. Pie is better than cake, imo.

  20. I love pie. With friends we each order a slice of pie all different and we share! Yum yum!

  21. Your sweet little hand pies sound like a wonderful way to celebrate National Pie Day!!!! xo Diana

  22. How could this not be on my calendar!? I missed it! Well, I'll just have to have pie another day, but it would have been a great excuse to make one:>)

  23. My mother used to make fried pies, and they were so good. She made both apple and peach. I loved mine with a slice of sharp cheddar. But, like you, my husband is definitely a cherry pie guy.

  24. Hi BJ,
    Remember that song, "Can she bake a Cherry Pie, Billie Boy, Billie Boy", wow you sure can! We do love our pie this looks awesome! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a great weekend!
    Miz Helen

  25. What? I missed knowing it was National Pie Day. Darn, I would have baked a pie. Pie is one of my favorite desserts! Can you believe that I have never made a cherry pie? Crazy, I know. I usually always make pecan or coconut cream. I do like cherry pie and yours looks delish. Your little home town pie business would surely have been a big hit had you been able to open one! YUM! I am now wanting cherry pie! lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.
    p.s. I made your stuffed Poblano peppers last night and we loved them!

  26. This is marvelous! I am honored that you shared at Home and Garden Thursday!


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