Saturday, December 28, 2013


I Love Fluff....

Yes ma'am...I do love a FLUFFY PANCAKE
and, I do believe THESE are about the most fluffy and delicious and LIGHT pancakes
I have ever tasted. 
I posted about these a year or so ago but we had these light and fluffy
pancakes this morning and I wanted to remind YOU of them...
I don't want you to miss out  on something THIS GOOD....
 THEY, as you can see, are a mile high,
not your wimpy, limp pancake you sometimes see...or make...
as in MY case...MAKE. 
 Now...being THICKER, one might tend to think they are HEAVY...TOUGH.......
They are so light and tender, they nearly float off your plate ! 
I hope you will try these...
maybe this Sunday morning ...??
They are a breeze to whip up...
and wouldn't they just knock your sox off if you had a big slab of SMOKED  HAM to serve with them!
MOST of the time, I like jam with my pancakes..
Mr. Sweet's eyes roll so far back in his head every time he sees me get the jam out of the fridge,
that I wonder if he will EVER see again. 
I think that he thinks there's a law somewhere that says you MUST use a good
maple syrup or something kin to maple syrup on PANCAKES.....! 

Pick up some REAL buttermilk next time you are at the grocery store.
I make my own a know, a cup of milk and a cap full of Vinegar or lemon juice...
but, as great as these taste...I just KNOW it's the thick, creamy REAL THING
that is a big part of why they are so good. (that and the soda added, maybe)

I followed her recipe to a tee..
when she says the batter is THICK but it's supposed to be..
and she said "you can add a little more buttermilk if you want them thinner",
I didn't add one drop more.
The ONLY thing I DID add was a cap full of Vanilla.
But then....I add Vanilla to just about EVERYthing.
You are gonna LUV 'em....
I just know it.

P.S.  While his mouth was full, Mr. Sweet was asking if we could have them again in the morning....



  1. Love a fluffy pancake. We have finally managed to make some gluten free ones.

  2. oh my gosh I'm drooling!!!

  3. Gosh, those pancakes look delicious! Mmmm

  4. I would love to try these. Do you have a link to the recipe? thank you

  5. These look so good! I just bought fresh buttermilk to make chicken and dumplings. I'll have to use some for pancakes! Sweet hugs!

  6. Oh wow sweet friend, your birthday is coming up too on Dic. 31st.? I bet you always had a double celeb with the New year fun! The pancakes are making my mouth drool, I haven't had them in a long time, I watch my weight, I'm a Little freaky that way, lol! Thank you for the wonderful wishes for mother and yes, she's cool. The pic was at her annual C'mas day luncheon she has for 20 of us and she gives her g-grand children presents to each one and they love her! Mother is in good health and has a very active social life with her school friends, although some have passed away. She's also much prettier and younger in person!

  7. Oh I had my hubby take me to CB this morning just for their blueberry pancakes. But yours look yummy. I usually don't eat pancakes.

  8. These look delightful!

    - The Tablescaper

  9. Mr Z. would love those. I don't eat pancakes anymore, but when I did, I liked jelly on mine too. They look really good. I might try them sometime just to please Mr.Z.
    Hope you have a happy birthday and a wonderful new year.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Oh those look so good, I love pancakes. I will try those for sure.

  11. BJ, I do remember you posting this and at the time, I didn't copy it. Foolish me! Thanks for reposting, I have it now and can't wait to make them!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)


  12. I was planning on pancakes for breakfast in the morning! Only mine come out of a box that I buy at that store that starts with a W. :) It's their fluffy Good Value pancakes. I'll try adding a bit of vanilla, but they are pretty good as they are and fluffy, too. Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!

  13. Now that's a hearty breakfast! I wouldn't mind a few pancakes this morning myself:@)

  14. They look Yummy.. I have to agree with your hubby though, maple or blueberry syrup for me:)

    Happy Upcoming Birthday. Mine was the 25th and my daughter baked a fresh granny smith apple cake.

  15. I believe you make me hungrier that anyone:) Those pancakes look SO yummy, I can taste them thru the computer screen! Enjoy your day dear BJ, sending BIG HUGS and wishes for a blessed and Happy New Year!

  16. Looks delicious - we often have pancakes for our Sunday supper. :)

  17. The pancakes look wonderful. I know they would be delicious with syrup or jam. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. Hi BJ
    It is so nice to meet you! My goodness 76! You look terrific! Have a very Happy Birthday. I must try those pancakes. I do love pancakes. Mr. Sweet is a lucky guy! Thank you for visiting me and all of your kind words!
    Take care,

  19. YUMM!! They look so delicious!

  20. There you go making me lick my lips again. Yum!

  21. Oh, you are making my mouth water! Those pancakes look so fantastic!!

  22. Thanks for the happy smiles today, bj. I think I'll make these soon now that you have my mouth watering!! xo

  23. I can just see poor Mr. Sweet's eyes rolling! LOL My DH feels the same way about having REAL maple syrup...nothing else.
    I have dehydrated buttermilk in my pantry at all times. I hope they will be just as fluffy using that, because I can't wait to go to the store before I made these.
    I don't see a link to the recipe though. Did I miss it???
    I'll have to go hunt down your prior post on them.

    You need some "Vanilla" like it as much as I love "Lemon" Hahahahaha!
    Love ya', crazy woman,

  24. I found it! I couldn't see that the words "Fluffy Pancakes" was a hot link. Duh??? I am a natural blonde, you see.

  25. Oh and I do have ham, maple syrup, and jam... Don't mind me...I'm tired.


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