Sunday, November 17, 2013

LITTLE things mean a lot......

 Hello, everyone...
I do hope I am not boring the living stuffings out of you with posts about our new place.

I am well aware it is not interesting to everyone but it is just about ALL that's on my mind right now. :>)
It takes a lot of BIG things to turn your house into a comfortable home... but tons of LITTLE things make it comfy and cozy and.....well.....PRETTY. And....we ALL love PRETTY. :) 

Adding a $12.00 plantation blind to the front door,
which faces East, has a glass insert and gets LOTS of sunshine,
sure has made things more comfortable 
and since there's a large double window on that same wall with the blinds,
it makes for a cohesive look.

I love it !
Another change....
I am sure I will 
re-arrange ....
stomp my feet....
until I get every room to LOOK like 
it LOOKS  in my mind.

I had the black and white chairs in the bedroom....

but have now moved them to.....

the living room.

I love the extra seating plus......I just like the look of them in the living area.
(who knows, at this point, where they will show up next.....:)

That's the beauty of using the same colors in each room....
you can mix and match and move them
all you want. :)

I especially love using black and white as my base color because
there's not a color under the sun that doesn't look GREAT with it.

YES...that's a new canvas art piece that I sure do love.
I adore a little whimsey in my rooms...
do you...??

Wondering what I put in place of these chairs in the master bedroom....?

I bought this antique wicker love seat when our boy was 5 years old and he will be 
50 in February....

I've had it a long, long time...

I love this thing...
and it is NOT comfortable to sit on for long.

Guess I can say it's 
just for looks...

these pieces are another
feature of this new
master bedroom.

This is a huge room and I am filling it to the brim with
MEMORIES and I adore living with memories.

I bought this little wicker table at the same time...

I've always LOVED wicker...
especially WHITE wicker.

This set looks  pretty good in the bedroom....

light and airy and doesn't 
appear to take up a lot of room.

I added the black and white pillows and the turquoise throw
to try for a more wintry look but...

how can you think WINTER when you see WHITE WICKER...??

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  1. It already looks beautiful and cozy BJ. Having your familiar things around you is so important when you move.

  2. Love your black and white chairs, BJ! They look great in your living room. The wicker piece is very pretty. I'm sure it is comfortable enough for you to sit down and put your shoes on. I like to have at least one chair in a bedroom for that reason {and to throw my robe on at night!}.

  3. I LOVE it all! and you can "bore" me with your home pics all you want!!

  4. I love all that you are doing! Beautiful!

  5. BJ you have nothing to fear, your blogging friends love hearing from you regardless. Whether your house is new or old, there are some treasures you just cannot part with. I need to start doing just that tho. My kids will not want half what I got. I love seeing what you have done to get organized and settled in the new home.

  6. i love the seating & red umbrella paintings ... so fun!! ( :
    looks like some one needs a good book & a cup of tea to drink on a cold day. get all warm & cozy.

  7. I think we all like to see how people decorate, it inspires us to new ideas. Your home looks so warm and inviting and looking forward to seeing more.

  8. Isn't it fun to decorate! I love changing up things. Good work!

  9. Beautiful BJ. Love your black and white chairs!

  10. Love seeing how you are decorating your new home. Keep the pictures coming. I for one enjoy seeing what you have done. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  11. It's always fun to see how others are decorating their homes. Keep those pictures coming! Love what you've done thus far. I love the wicker! That reminds me that I need to find someone to fix a wicker chair that my grandmother had. It is very old, but I love it and would like to use it again. (I just glanced up at the comment above and saw she said almost the exact same thing I did about keeping the pix coming!)

  12. Comfy indeed! I love these snapshots of your living room. Wow! It makes me want to crash in, perhaps I'll be offered a cup of tea and cookies ;-) I think I'll be so relaxed in your place! I love all the details, specially on those photos you took of the wicker love set and the wicker table.

  13. I LOVE those black and white chairs wherever you put them. Don't you just love moving things around? I surely do. It's the little things to which we give attention that contribute to the coziness of our homes. Yours is coming along just fine.

  14. Are you kidding? I'm not one bit bored. I love seeing how you are pulling your new home together! It's magazine worthy, BJ!

  15. BJ, it fun seeing your new place. Keep the photos coming! I love the wicker pieces. When we first married, our living room furniture was all white wicker that I'd picked up here and there. It was what we could afford, but not very comfortable. We've moved those wicker pieces around through our 38 years of marriage, and they still serve us well. I finally let go of two chairs and rocking chair when we purchased some new wicker furniture for our sun room. Makes me sad to think of parting with them. Ha!
    Your new home is cozy. Makes me smile!

  16. Hi BJness! Oh, I'm so enjoying seeing what you're doing in your new home. It's just gorgeous and I'm so happy for you and Mr. Sweets! You sure do make pretty in every spot!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Looks beautiful bj ... love that wicker in your bedroom. Take care of that table, as it has some value. Sending you a link to see what I mean. Am so happy to see your progress in getting settled.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  18. I LOVE getting little glimpses of beautiful homes, and yours is truly lovely. I would soo love to go on a tour of the whole thing! Soo share away, you have certainly got my interest!

  19. Oh- I will never tire of seeing your new house, bj. I love watching things change and evolve. Plus, then I don't feel so crazy myself switching things all over the place- lol Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  20. BJ, your home is looking lovely and very welcoming. Love all of your favorite pieces. We do get attached, don't we.
    We are slowly settling into our new home too and little by little it's starting to feel more like "our" home. It does take awhile and yes, I love hearing about yours.


  21. I really adore the canvas art piece!! I add whimsy to every room to make it interesting. It's all looking great, BUT where will you fit in all the Christmas decorations?

  22. I love it, BJ! It is fun to watch you fluff! xo. Sheila

  23. It looks great. I don't know how you can throw a throw onto something and make it look like such a piece of art and when I throw a throw over a chair or something it just looks like someone went to bed and left a mess. I can't even seem to do pillows. They just make things look disorderly here.

  24. Hey BJ,

    Who says we have to have winter in our homes? Living in Texas or Florida allows us to do whatever we want! (Talk about spoiled . . .)

    That blue throw is just right on your pretty white wicker. Until we moved, I had a white-with-soft-blue print sectional sofa that was so uncomfortable. I had it for decades and loved it. Believe it or not, it was a difficult decision to donate it and buy a new couch. Funny, sometimes, I still miss it!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  25. You have a lovely home, furnishings and decor... my place is alot more rustic and eclectic...

  26. BJ, your home looks so cozy and I love those chairs! The wicker with the black toile pillows is darling. Yes, I like wicker too. The artwork is so whimsical and romantic! I like a punch of red too. Thanks for sharing with us. It's been a fun visit.


  27. With you on getting a room to look like it looks in your mind. Nice photos of your lovely home. I'm amazed at the antique wicker love seat!


  28. Hi bj, I can think of wicker and winter because I mostly grew up in Florida when winter was not winter at all. Christmas in Florida was a Christmas tree in our Florida room. It was what I knew best. And it was 'warm' and often 'hot' for Christmas.

    I love your chairs in the living room and the wicker in your bedroom. Everything you do is elegant and very warm and pretty. It says welcome to our home and you are the best when it comes to decorating in a warm and loving way.
    I mean it.

    Our Cheri' is 15 lbs and that is bigger than a toy poodle for sure. She is a perfect little lap dog at that weight and our lap is where she loves to be. Sometimes she tries to push my laptop on the floor. HA!

    Happy decorating and furniture arranging. I love every photo and project you share.
    Love and hugs my sister friend.

  29. I am loving watching your home come together BJ. Keep the posts coming!

  30. Oh is all looking soooo nice! I just love how it is all coming together.
    And Honey, when you're lucky enough to live in TX, you don't HAVE to *think winter* ever. I sure didn't when I lived in FL.
    Your new whimsical posters are just PERFECT!!
    and I wanted to say how much I love your new blog's wallpaper, too. VERY pretty!!

  31. Your house looks lovely and pretty and all done already. My taste all over.Thank you for sharing

  32. It's all looking so good, bj! Thanks for showing us glimpses of your darling new place. I love the whimsical pictures. It's always good to go with things that we just love! xo

  33. I never tire of seeing what you are doing to the new place! I love those black and white chairs no matter where you put them, and the wicker can certainly be wintery with the right accessories! The curlicues on the table are so pretty and the loveseat is lovely and a very unique piece. I noticed that picture right away, beautiful:>)

  34. I love your wicker furniture. It is so pretty! Have a great week.

  35. I love wicker and rattan. Everything looks so pretty in your new have just the right touch for making things lovely AND comfortable! Sweet hugs!

  36. Hi BJ
    I love watching your new home evolve. It is looking so beautiful yet cosy too. I have always loved wicker and yours look so good with the black and white cushions. My wicker desk and chair must have been made around the same time as your table because they have the same design elements, the legs and the scrolls. I think is so so wonderful that your children have provided a home for you. They must love you a lot and of course why wouldn't they. You are so filled with love yourself.
    Hugs, Rhondi


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