Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another bj breakfast....:>)

Hello to everyone,

I am sitting here, in my new dining room,

 watching FOX NEWS and the Obamacare Website Contractors
testifying before House Committee.
It amazes me that some of the top website designers are having this much trouble with a website.

But, then again, it amazes me that a seemingly not-an-idiot, olden woman can do something stupid and lose her blog control.......*HEAVY SIGH....

moving right along....  

“You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It wont happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my life.” Joel Osteen 

Just in case I've forgotten to mention it...
I DO love this great kitchen...
with it's double oven, gas range...
5 burners on top.....
an awesome, really powerful microwave...

...just a plain, ole
country breakfast this morning...

it really tasted good....


nothing GREAT....

nothing SPECIAL

a little glass of orange juice...

a few really sweet grapes....

absolutely NOTHING SPECIAL....

are you looking for something SPECIAL around this breakfast at SWEET NOTHINGS...??? 'bout THIS....


(is it just me or do those telephone poles look
just like CROSSES....???

 It  took my breath away and I thanked GOD for such a magnificent morning gift.

I thought, "THIS is my Godly gift of the day".....

but then....

when my eyes traveled to the swimming pool,
THIS is what I saw....

The reflections in the water of the pinkness of the sunrise was unbelievable...

It was so beautiful, it made me fact, just LOOKING at these photos brings tears.

(these lovely sunrise photos are right out of my camera...)

I've always lived in the city....never  in the country where I could see such beauty....

OOO.....I've seen pretty sunrises and sunsets all my life...
this one, tho, seemed extra special to me this morning.

GOD has a way of knowing when you need a little EXTRA SOMETHING
to make you sooo glad just to be alive.

I hope YOU have a beautiful sunrise morning very, very soon.


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  1. You gotta think that your old blog is floating around somewhere. It makes me mad you can't find it. I just got done paying for my Google storage....I have to be sure to pay it on the day it is owed, because I am grandfathered in....Now, it is soooo expensive!

  2. '...when I consider the heavens, the work of his hand...what is man that thou art mindful of him or the son of man that thou visitest him'!!!
    So gorgeous. My morning shot is sparkly with snow here in Ontario, Canada... Thank-you for inspiring us to 'keep on' in spite of life's hurdles.

  3. so very true. you get a lift when you need it the most... :)

  4. Very nice kitchen. OMG your view!!! It is breath taking and yes the poles look like crosses.
    The pool and reflection well hey, what ah great day in the morn'in.

  5. Hi BJ,
    I am so sorry you can't find your blog, that is just awful. I am so glad you started a new one, I am your newest old follower. Have a good week!
    Miz Helen

  6. That is really a special morning just especially for you to lift your spirits. The reflection on the water is beautiful and the poles do look like crosses. I saw the sun reflection on the river when we were leaving the restaurant the other day and it was just beautiful. Wish I had my camera ... should have used the phone camera.

    Love your kitchen and your breakfast looks so good. I love gravy on bread like that. Yummy.
    Love you.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  7. Love the new place and I love the photos, I do love the reflection in the pool, it looks so pretty, what are you doing up so early, you need to get back in that nice warm bed...still can't understand where the blog went...I can see it when I put in sweet it is out there, you just have to have the magic key to get into of your followers knows how to do this....they just need to step up and let you gotta know one of those 1700 followers is the smartest blogger savy person ever, now where are they..I always had such luck with Susan @betweennapsontheporch....she always seemed to know the answer...good luck sweetie, I will open your blog one day and there it will be...take the new digs...

  8. Oh BJ, your kitchen is fab and I know you are loving it. The sunrise was beautiful and the reflection on the water was spectacular. Have a wonderful weekend in your new home.

  9. BJ,

    What a 'hearty' breakfast and heartfelt post! Your sunrise images are simply breathtaking! I can completely relate to your emotional reaction, as I have been lucky to have seen similar early morning scenes in the hilly, Cretan countryside, with views to the Aegean Sea, in the distance. Nothing short of little miracles, every single day. Thanks for sharing your breakfast with us, it will definitely keep us going for the whole day!


  10. Hello dear BJ
    I just heard from Vee of A Haven for Vee that you are back - what happened to your blog?

    I'm following again and glad you are sorting things out.
    Have a happy weekend
    Shane i n NZ

  11. Looks like a great way to start the day BJ, both the breakfast and sunrise! Enjoy:@)

  12. Hi BJ! I'm a new follower...I love what I have seen from you so far and hope that you are able to find that original blog out there floating around! Your dining room is so beautiful and warm! And your breakfast looked so yummy! Like you, nothing speaks to me like a beautiful sunrise or sunset...I am so in awe of the beauty the Father bestows on His children! Sometimes it takes my breath away and brings you said. I love your heart and am looking forward to keeping up with you!

    Blessings, new friend!

  13. Love the view and the reflections on the pool. Happy Breakfast! xo

  14. What a beautiful sunrise! Thank you for sharing that with us! Perhaps your pictures were my gift this morning!

  15. I love that quote and the photos are a perfect way to start the day.

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  17. Quintessential BJ! Love it! What a beautiful outpouring of support you've experienced...gotta love the folks in Blogdom. Hope that everyone finds you soon, Sweetie! I do love that feeling of being wrapped up in a God hug. Your sunrise is just such a moment.

  18. Beautiful sunrise and pool reflection looks amazing! feels like I had breakfast right along with you.!
    Oh and don't get me started with Obama LOL ...

  19. Love you Kitchen. The sunrise pictures are just beautiful. Have a blessed day and welcome back. Madeline

  20. Happy, happy, happy that I am reading your Sweet Nothings posts again...sure missed them! Your beautiful sunrise is just breathtaking...God is so good! Love your new kitchen BJ! Have a super weekend! Suzy from PA

  21. Hi BJ, I followed you. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I know this has been incredibly distressing for you. Hang in there. We all enjoy your enthusiasm so much. xo, olive

  22. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new kitchen! The sunrise is so spectacular and the reflection in the pool is so pretty. I know you're enjoying your new surroundings and your breakfast looks so tasty. xo

  23. What a swimming pool picture that is! And your thoughts that go with it are beautiful indeed. I think you're doing great to have the determined attitude you have to start blogging from here on and not worrying, too much, about the old. You sound very happy to be just where you are too.

  24. Hi, what a beautiful way to start you day looking at the sunrise like that! You kitchen and yard with the big pool look so nice. Wishing a lot of happiness in your new home!
    Julie at

  25. BJ,
    Your post thisevening is MY beautiful sunset!!!
    I agree, that God knows exactly when you need something special!
    One of my Circle Sisters husband died yesterday from cancer. . .
    they only knew her husband had cancer for less than 60 days.
    My friend states that he passed quietly and they were able to say their goodbyes.
    Comforting, yet my heart is breaking for her. . .
    and then this magnificent sunset with crosses and a facial image (to me) in the water.
    God bless you, dear friend. . .as you continually bless my life!!!
    P.S. Never GIVE ~ UP!!!

  26. Beautiful photos and yes..God does show us his works just when we need it! That reflection in the pool was unbelievably aGod thing! Thank you for sharing this with us!


  27. Love that sunrise, took my breath away!

    And oh, you have an adorable kitchen!

  28. BJ, you can imagine how relieved and happy I am to find you here. I kept going to your blog, and no changes. My e-mail are being returned. I was feeling anxious.

    Yet, here you are. More beautiful than ever. Thank God.

    Wish I could help with your blog. I don't know a thing about blogger. I do know it must make you feel sick.

  29. Hi BJ!

    So sorry to hear about your blogger cafaflle! Who knew? I still can't master blogger... sad but true. It's so nice to see you again sweetie. Your new kitchen looks amazing! Hope you'll be sharing more of your new home with us.

    Blessings, Edie Marie (Sherry)

  30. Wonderful post BJ ~ beautiful home, decor and gorgeous sky shots and reflection on the blue ~ Life is amazing through the lens ~ thanks, carol, xx

  31. What a beautiful sunrise to accompany your sunny breakfast! And I shake my head in wonderment over the whole Obamacare website fiasco. It's only the tip of the iceberg...

  32. I am glad to see you out today. That rug you debated on looks so nice in your new kitchen. I was of the opinion that we never lost our post. They were stored in blog land. With all your smart friends, someone can tell you what to do. Computers are nice but also frustrating. Your blog is probably being held by the blogging people enjoying all your cooking. Hang in my friend. When you have a moment, send me your new address.

  33. I'm so glad that God gave you one of His special hugs today! Here's one from me too. :)

  34. How gorgeous! That's so great that you captured that beauty on film!

  35. You had me at the toast and gravy! ;)

  36. Your sunset pictures are amazing. I love the carpet in your new dining room.

  37. Nice new kitchen
    Have a happy and blessed week...

  38. Love your skyscapes...congrats on the remodel♫ My Top Shot:

  39. So sorry about your blog misfortune, BJ. Your photos are just breathtaking! Enjoy your new home!


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