Wednesday, January 16, 2019

AFTER the Christmas glow...

 Since I didn't feel up to posting Christmas photos,
I would like to share a few now....

Red is one of my favorite colors and I use a LOT of it during THE season...

 I keep a hot drink bar all winter
but I do put my Christmas mugs away until next Christmas.

I seem to bake a lot more in the winter...
I love frozen pies in the hot summertime,
as in KEY LIME

These little cuties are brought our every single Christmas
since I bought them in about 2005.

 A Christmas favorite besides LOTS OF RED, Santas and greenery
are the stockings....

I always love my house with all the
Christmas lights...
Christmas scented candles...
pretty wrapped gifts...
heavenly scents coming from my oven...
As with so many of you like me,
my house looks a little flat..
the lack of all that color seems to make things lifeless.

I do NOT miss this snow during December, tho. πŸ˜†
now back to how I am working in THE SUMMER HOUSE to
counteract the lack of GLOW in the house after all the holidays.

I started in the dining room as this is my favorite room in the whole house
♥ ♥ ♥ 
I moved in one of the 3 benches Mr. Sweet made for me many years ago.
We used one on each side of our long dining table when our large family got together...
I still do....

 I did a little stylin' on it....

 Seems books and plants makes everything look good....

 and cool pillows are my downfall...
I LOVE pillows....
is there such a thing as

I've had this black and white sign since last year
but just moved it to a windowsill across the room.

 Any time I want a little bit of greenery on those windowsills,
I start another ivy in water...
it looks good growing
and once the roots get plentiful,
I pot it in an awesome container.

...a new throw in an old basket.

 Deeds, (now 17) painted this lovely scene for me for my birthday...
isn't it just so pretty !!!! 
I am so proud of it...
but mostly, I am proud of HER πŸ’˜ 

I chose this pretty frame for it..
the tiny scollops on the sides related somewhat to her waves on the shore.

I wanted to show off the painting in this room... 

and decided hanging here, between
2 pretty windows,
was the perfect place.

 I changed up some of this wall hanging..
added this tiny clock on a ribbon and the little wooden angel.

and last (finally) but not least,
a very favorite project just recently done...

 because I don't have a window above my sink,

I added this window mirror and 

 I wish I'd done it sooner...
Mr. Sweet would have just loved it....
I can hear his sweet voice say
"You are so smart to come up with this idea, honey"....
and I know this idea has been around forever....πŸ‘‹ 
He was always supportive of anything I wanted to do...
and ALways gave me more credit than I deserved...
he was just sweet that way.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– I miss that part of my heart.

Much love to you,


  1. I sure enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures BJ. You capture such beauty with your camera. I either have too much light or not enough light it seems. Plus I am lazy and use my old cell phone most of the time instead of my good camera. Shame on me I know. Love, love, love, your kitchen. Hugs and blessings, Cindy P.S. Thanks for stopping by to see me. You really made my day.

  2. What fun to see all your photos...not an overload at all for me. You have done a nice job of 'dolling up' after the letdown of losing the Christmas lights. I think that is what I miss more than anything after Christmas...the lights rather than the decorations.

    That bench looks great. We are in a rental and I have gone all over the place looking for a mirrored "window" just like yours to put behind my sink. Not having a window there drives me a bit crazy. Guess I will have to haunt some thrift shops, etc. to find one. I was sure that Kirklands would have one but they didn't.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week, bj. I got my post up on table results and had to laugh at the gals that sat at#4 because they KNEW you were going to be sitting there. hahahha. xo Diana

  3. I was NOT overloaded by all of these joyous photos of Christmas past and your lovely home. Changing things up in our decor can be such a mood elevator.

    Have a wonderful 2019 dear BJ ~ FlowerLady

  4. Love the throw basket and the kitchen looks wonderful to bake in. Well done, you. You have the cutest home.

  5. Hi bj. I had a lovely time reading your blog post today and going through all the pictures. I just love all your Christmas decor.

  6. That window mirror is a great addition for sure! You have a great style, bj! Glad you finally felt like sharing some Christmas photos!

  7. I just bet that one day you'll be standing at that sink and look into your mirror and you'll see that smile of his smiling at you! Funny how the heart can make such things happen. . . xxxx J.

  8. Adorable vignettes...I love them so much,so cozy and pretty!The window mirror is a great and inspiring idea!Hugs,dear bj!

  9. BJ, it is so good to hear from you. I always admire your sense of style in these home photos.

  10. Hi BJ! Everything looked so pretty and festive for Christmas. I love your beautiful mirror over your sink too. I'm saying a prayer for you My heart goes out to you and I'm so glad you have your family right there by you. Did you know we've moved back to Texas? Couldn't take the New York winters. I do miss my grandbabies but with the money we'll save on taxes we'll just fly to see them! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Oh I love that mirror! Such a great way to still get a view. You have such a beautiful home. And your photos are just amazing, the color and angles you are very talented BJ!

  12. You have a lovely home, Bj, I love all of it.

  13. Enjoyed this post so much. Glad you are feeling better, and back to posting. Happy New Year! Sally

  14. I love all your decorating ideas. The painting your granddaughter did for you is just beautiful. Your new black and white throw is adorable. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  15. I love your festive home and that mirror behind the sink is brilliant. And as for Mr. Sweet -- well, I think he knows it is there... perhaps he even gave you a little nudge. Either way, it is beautiful.

  16. We really are sisters! I am working on a post this! You beat me to it. I'll be back when I can spend time really looking at your pics!
    And, I am following you on Instagram. Maybe you'll inspire me to use it more!

  17. Deeds did an awesome job with that painting!! She is a very good artist.

    God bless.

  18. I was happy to see all of your Christmas photos. I’m always glad to see the holidays end it, but a few weeks into January and I’m starting to think of Christmas all over again. I’ve already designed my Christmas card for Christmas 2019! I really enjoyed seeing all of these pictures. Everything looks so pretty and festive.

  19. Oh B.J. My mantel still has a glow of lights, I just can't let it all go:) Your home is transforming nicely from Christmas to B.J. style! I love the black and white! Your window mirror is perfect and yes Mr. Sweet loves it! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  20. Lovely, all of it. You are indeed so smart and talented, just as Mr. Sweet said. (bless you, BJ)

    I am creating a folder on my computer to save my fav of your decorating ideas. My new house (under construction now) will have a lot of white. I need the light. Your home is very inspiring to me!

  21. BJ it all looks so pretty! I love how you incorporated the greenery here and there along with your black and white color palette. Your kitchen is my favorite - and yes, the mirrored window is brilliant!

  22. Bj,
    I just love your post Christmas decor!! That mirror placed by the sink looks great. I thought it was a window at first!! And what a beautiful painting. She is very talented!!!!Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  23. Just playing catch up again. Your home just looks better as time goes on. It is looking more and more like your beautiful style! I love the painting Deeds did for you. My daughter, Victoria, has [painted several pieces of art for me and I find I love them best of all, much better than anything I can buy because they are from her and I love them and her!


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