Monday, August 20, 2018

This is just PEACHY....

 Stacy brought this beautiful peach to me
and, boy, was it delicious. I took 15 pictures of that gorgeous peach !!! 

I cut it up into a bowl to have with my breakfast...
just look how juicy .....
and it was so sweet...
I'd like to have a bushel if they were all this sweet and juicy. ♥ ♥ ♥

The peeling was very thin and so tender...

so into a pretty pot to boil gently...
added a bit of sugar and a bit of water and just let it all cook down.

and made the most delicious syrup/preserves, EVER.
and this is just with the peelings of ONE GORGEOUS PEACH...
a tiny bit of sugar...
a little water....
That's all...and it is FULL of flavor.

and, did you know that you can buy these little bitty tiny

I have missed them in the freezer section all this time.
They are just perfect for breakfast or anytime....

 I usually eat 6 or 8 of these tiny cakes which would equal
2 normal sized pancakes..

and, boy, these were sooo good with that peachy stuff right on top
and the delicious syrup floating around that plate.....
and, isn't the color just luscious...

Yes, indeed....
♥ ♥ ♥
Life IS Delicious.

Love to all,


  1. Oh this looks so good! And your can have 8 pancakes that way. Haha.
    I love to cut peaches in half, take out the seed and put a dab of butter and brown sugar in the pit and microwave them for a minute. (Grill is best but microwave works too) then top with Ice cream. Delicious.

  2. Oh you both made my mouth water with your descriptions!

  3. Oh YUM! I am a Georgia Peach and I love this! You always make me hungry:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS

  4. This is called using everything! What will you do with the pit? 🍑 Beautiful pictures, BJ. Now I want a peach!

  5. Looks yummy. Great tip on using the peel to make a syrup. Will be trying that as soon as I find the right peach.

  6. I had a fresh peach with my of my favs! Hugs!

  7. Now that's a pretty peach, you amaze with me with your ingenuity! Have a blessed week.

  8. YUM - I had no idea you could make jam out of the peels - that's exactly like something my mother would do! She was raised during the depression and she lives fairly frugally. I just made a fresh peach pie last night and oh my goodness, it hit the spot with some vanilla ice cream! Next time I will save the peels!

  9. Looks delicious. Fresh juicy peaches are the best!

  10. You never cease to amaze me with your ideas. Wish I lived closer to lick the bowl. I do not cook much anymore but sure enjoy leftovers from others when I get them. Glad you are doing better.

  11. I've never had tiny pancakes

  12. Everything looks delicious. The peaches here in the stores are hard so I have not had any this year. I remember the peaches back home in California juicy and sweet. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  13. Love love love a good and juicy peach. Everything you have here looks so yummy. Have a wonderful start to the new week.

  14. Oh I do love me a good old fresh ripe peach BJ. Your pictures are so pretty and making me want a peach! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. BJ...please send me an invitation to come to make the most beautiful food!

  16. Oh my goodness!!!!
    You know how to eat a peach!
    Beautiful photos as well.
    Have a cozy Monday!

  17. Boy bj, this sure looks yummy. Funny, I love fruit but I am not a peach, plum or watermelon fan. Everything else I love

    I didn't realize that's all it takes to make a syrup. Can this be done with all berries, etc ?

    Enjoy the rest of your day


  18. Leave it to you to take a nice juicy peach to a whole new level!!! YUM!!!

  19. There's a plate of fresh ripe peaches sitting on the counter in my kitchen. I cut them up and eat them with my morning yogurt. I've never thought of using the peels to make a syrup - what a thrifty and unique idea. The sauce looks delicious on those pancakes.

  20. Loving your peach news and the cooked part too . . .
    Love your spirit bj . . ,
    I sense some zest and mojo in you . . .
    And think, there is my bj . . .

  21. Peaches and pancakes . . . tell me, what is better than that?
    Have a sweet week.
    Connie :)

  22. I need to look for some good peaches - best ones are usually from South Carolina. Love what you made with your one special peach - and the pancakes look so yummy.

  23. oooohhhhh! I LOVE peaches! Haven't had too many this year. I should remedy that! And the preserves/syrup from the peels?! Genius!!

  24. Ohhh, BJ that looks so good. I used to make peach jelly from the peels of peaches that I canned.

    God bless.

  25. love this pretty post! I love those little pancakes. Back in my childhood, they were called "silver dollar pancakes", we'd order them in pancake houses while on summer vacations. Back then it was called "international house of pancakes", not IHOP, ha ha ha LOL!

  26. That looks very good and very easy. Hmmm. I have a bag of peaches which I have been eating indiscriminately because they are so sweet. Maybe...

  27. Hi BJ I am so happy that you like my Rose Cinnamon Rolls and are going to bake some yourself. You wouldn't be disappoint.
    They are easy to make and so pretty . . . Yummy Too :)
    Let me know what you think, after your try them :)
    Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)


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