Friday, May 11, 2018

Hot...Dry.... Windy here....

and, I know I am rushing things on my 
Pergola Patio..

Little tender plants and flowers don't hold up very well 
in a hot dry wind.

When I say is not a BREEZE !!
20...30...40 miles per hour, many times.

Some of my friends might remember a couple of things
that the wind got us in a bit of trouble a couple of summers ago...

It took a lot of work to get these back on land...
those cushions soaked with water were HEAVY....

 That wind took umbrella, table and all...
I had moved the plants to water them and, boy, I surely was
glad all those pots of soil and flowers didn't take the plunge !!

Dave and Mr. Sweet saved the day and brought it all ashore !
Athena The Beauty watched every move the guys made and
wondering, I'm sure, what the heck !!

ANYway, our winds are blowing most every day...

 but I love my potting bench so much,
I just can't wait to get things going there.

A sweet grandgirl, Andrea, painted this sign for me and

I found this English Planter at HOME DEPOT
and thought it might look good on that pretty fence...

...lots of pretty plants that I hope will grow and fill this planter FULL
of flowers...

3 pots of LAVENDER that I'll plant in another pot.

I need to clean my red potting bench
and will do that when the hot dry winds give me a chance... 

also will buy a pretty fern to go in the iron piece
that Mr. Sweet gave me one year for Christmas.
This fern was in 2016...
it is now in my house and has grown into a GIANT.

I know it isn't officially SUMMER
but we are having high 90's and even 101 is in the forecast
in the next few days
so to me.....IT'S SUMMER

at least I feel like I am getting a running start on making
my tiny outdoor space luscious and bright and pretty.

Love to all,


  1. This outdoor space is just beautiful BJ....wishing you a lovely and very happy Mother's Day!

  2. Patience is my “struggle” as well . . .
    We are warmer but had frost warnings last night . . .
    So, that meant, bring things back inside that I have already purchased,
    and cover those “babies” who have popped from the ground that I don’t want to get frost bite!

    Wind, dry, gusts . . . would be another “patience” maker . . .
    Love your little potting bench . . .
    I am a fern lover to add in with flower mixes as well . . .
    I purchased two yesterday and now they are resting in the garage . . .

    Soon. Soon . . .
    Thinking of you bj!

  3. hahaha At first I read, “potty Place” and started laughing! Wow that was some strong winds to blow the whole dog gone table and umbrella in the pool. Again, your outdoor area is beautiful!

  4. You've chosen such gorgeous flowers -- so colourful, bright and cheery!

  5. It's been windy here in the afternoons but not as bad as ya'll. I love all your new plants that
    pot will loo so pretty I can't wait to see it. I have been wanting window boxes for my bedroom and
    kitchen windows. You inspire. Have fun planting!

  6. I can't believe how hot and dry there it is already. I do remember all that pool-side episode and Bill and Dave to the rescue! LOL God bless him- I am sure you look back and smile tenderly at some of those things your captured in photos.
    Your "basket/box" is going to look fantastic on that fence. Can't wait to see it. We can't plant anything outside here until the first of June for fear of freeze or frost. Crazy, huh? xo Diana

  7. 101! Yikes. Stay cool bj. Your have some lovely things to spruce up the outdoor space to enjoy. Hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day weekend.

  8. I so remember the episode of the table and umbrella in the pool. Hope the wind dies down so you can get out and enjoy that pool and all your pretty flowers. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Mother's Day. Madeline

  9. Well I'll trade you our cold, wet, 40 degree winds for your hot, dry ones lol!!! It was 80 yesterday and 40's today. Sheeeesh! Oh my goodness... that whole table in the pool! Almost looked like a prank!! Your potting table is adorable but then red IS my favorite color! You're off to a great start!

  10. I remember you posting about that

  11. You are so right! The Texas heat is here and it will stay for a long long time! I’m glad you enjoy the summers so much. I’m not nearly as big a fan as you are but I do like it some. Just not August! Plus Summer is the last season before fall arrives!
    Looking forward to how you fix up all those flowers and pretty up that already pretty fence!

  12. I love your potting place sign. Made with love so pretty. Wow about the patio furniture landing in the pool!!! Yikes. I am sure that was a big project for Mr. Sweet and your son to fish out the furniture. Love the pretty fence too. Have fun getting all your pretty flowers going.

  13. It's cool, cloudy and very windy here. Hopefully things change pretty quick as I want to pretty up my yard and deck as well.

    You do a wonderful job of "prettifying" your summer spot. Hope the winds don't do another number on you this year.

    God bless.

  14. so nice that you have a wonderful summer to look forward to and with all of your gardening plans it should also be a pretty one.

    I really dislike wind, it can be so damaging. A few years ago we had a wind that took the roof off of my gazebo, destroyed a arbor and ripped down several fences - it left me with a lasting impression...and lots of repairs. LOL

  15. I had n idea that you got so much wind! I know that can really dry the soil of your pots, as well as blow everything over. Good luck. It's cold and rainy here this weekend. :((

  16. I absolutely love your potting table! Such a beautiful yard, you are very talented!

  17. Look at the pretty flowers!!--I love seeing them all! It was pretty hot here today too! We have most of our flowers and tomatoes planted and all my seeds are coming up, YAY!! I surely DO REMEMBER when that big wind came and blew your furniture into the pool!! I couldn't beleive the picture of the whole table and umbrella down at the bottom of the pool!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend my friend!

  18. Happy Summer BJ. I hope it will be filled with lots of sunshine and smiles and no more 'let's batten down the hatches' winds!
    Wren x

  19. It sure feels like Summer her in Georgia, sizzler today! I remember when the lounge and umbrella blew in the pool! Hope that doesn't happen again. I WANT your potting place, just in case it goes missing:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  20. Your flowers are beautiful and I love your fence!

  21. And I thought our wind was bad!
    April brought us really bad winds - too cold to go out and too difficult to walk in.
    I love your little planter. I have a similar one so I think I need to get a liner for it.
    And, I am in love with your hand sign. I collect hands and I have seen that sign several times. I really need it.

    Happy Mother's Day

  22. Oh, your garden will be wonderful! Love the lavender. Bummer about the table in the pool. I suppose it could have been worse and looks like no damage done besides a very wet umbrella but still -- hard to fish it out. Glad you had moved those plants!

    Cool (45) and raining here today. I wish we could just split the difference with our temps and both be temperate!

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