Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cranberry Time.....

I LUV cranberries any way they are served !!

The Cranberry Sauce is what I  look forward to at our
Thanksgiving meal....and I made homemade cranberry sauce this year.
I like whole berry cranberry sauce
or the canned round kind.

I like cranberries in my chicken salad...
and I love them sprinkled in my salads...
and in my cereal....
and in homemade sweet breads...
one of my favorite cookie recipes has a handful of cranberries in the dough.

A sweet blogging friend made
and I could hardly wait to make it, too.
Her name is LISA and you should go over .....
her blog is adorable, just like her.


Lisa said her recipe made only one tiny jar
and knowing, without a doubt, that I was going to LUV this,
I doubled the recipe and got TWO tiny jars.

The great thing is that it's such an easy and quick recipe,
you can have fresh CRANBERRY JAM before you can
turn around twice.

Stacy gave me this adorable butter dish
and I sure like it.

It's in the PIONEER WOMAN line and as cute as all her other items....

and CRANBERRY JAM is hard to beat.


Cranberry Jam
1 cup of Cranberries
1 cup of Sugar
1/8 cup water
Tiny drop of vanilla (optional)
(I was worried this was not enough liquid but just wait.. It will be enough)

~Boil and stir all together until the cranberries start popping and soften. 
~Use an emerssion blender and blend until smooth and replace back on the stove. 
~cook on medium heat and stir until the jam makes a sticky coating on back of the spoon. 
~Pour into small mason jar. 



  1. Looks delish - and that butter dish!! Adorbs

  2. I saw that recipe over on Lisa's blog. I just LOVE that girl! She's got spunk and is cute to boot!

    That looks delicious and I am glad you made some. I love cranberries, too. Did you know that Wisconsin produces the largest share of cranberries in the USA? There are huge cranberries bogs just west of us with the Ocean Spray signs posted on the farms.

    Have a wonderful weekend, bj. It is well below zero F here this morning- ugn! xo Diana

  3. When I worked produce, it was almost impossible to find fresh cranberries there outside of the holiday months

  4. That sounds a lot like my cranberry sauce recipe except that I also add oranges, maraschino cherries, apple and nuts to it. This would be SO good on this morning's toast!

    1. Oh my Lawd! That does sound good. I need to try that next time.

  5. Awe thanks for the shout out Bj! Im blushing over here. Im glad you liked it. I have a jar stored away for summer. Like Adam said, Its hard to find fresh cranberries after the holidays. But they say the frozen ones work just as well. Have a great weekend.

  6. Beautiful and yummy:) Funny, I only eat cranberries on Thanksgiving! Gotta change that:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  7. I always loved cranberry relish from Fresh mkt...I miss it! Love your pretty things in the photos. You take the best pics my friend. Have a good weekend!

  8. Thanks for that recipe! I love me some cranberries, too, and need to go get some for an easy homemade treat. (: I also love that butter dish - to Wal-Mart I go to find one!! happy weekend!!

  9. I love cranberry anything. Thanks for the recipe. I looked for fresh cranberries this year and never found any! Maybe I was just late?!!

  10. This sounds good and so easy! I think I will have to make some. Thank you.

  11. We share one love, cranberries. I love them anyway they are fixed. I do not cook them just for me, but keep two or three cans on hand. Nothing beats the old fashion homemade kind. You being a wonderful cook, I would have loved sharing some with you. Trust you are doing okay.

  12. Looks yummy!! I put dried cranberries in my oatmeal cookies instead of raisins!

  13. I love cranberries so this jam looks amazing. Thanks for the recipe. Cute cute butter dish!

  14. Sounds like a easy recipe. Thanks for sharing it with us. That butter dish is just adorable. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  15. Excellent for those leftover cranberries! Love your cranberry photo shoot! Preeetttyyy!

  16. I share your love of cranberries. Dried cranberries are a staple in my kitchen, often making their way into green salads with orange segments or diced apple.

    Beautiful blog post, BJ!

  17. Yum yum. looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing BJ


  18. Your post is so pretty and I love that butter dish. Love all of Pioneer Woman's dishes. I'm not supposed to eat sugar, but this recipe sure sounds quick and easy and good!

  19. I'm going to see if there's still fresh cranberries at the grocery stores! It looks so good!!! I know how much you love a good biscuit and some sweetness on top of it!!

  20. I love cranberry anyway too BJ. Have you tried the limited edition Thomas's Cranberry english muffins. Yum yum yum.
    Thank for sharing the recipe.

  21. A friend of mine makes the best cranberry dish . . .
    I will send you the recipe during the day . . .
    (snuggled down with my iPad right now and not near my recipe books . . .)
    I may try that cranberry jam for my mister Irish guy!

    Love, love the little butter dish . . .
    Your daughter is a sweet one, loves her momma, I can tell!

  22. Sounds delicious and I love that butter dish.

    My favorite is Ocean Spray Cranberry jelly on a turkey sandwich. Yum!

  23. Oh the color is so wonderful and the scones look perfect to enjoy with the jam!

  24. My, my, my what a lovely post. Cranberries are so very good for you, too. My Steve has stage 3 kidney disease and since finding this out I have been making him drink a tall glass of cranberry juice every morning, that and adding more broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and kidney beans to his diet. He went in to see his doctor Friday and came out with a glowing report. His kidney function had improved quite a bit and the doctor was very happy. Big surprise, I always thought that kidney beans were named that because of their color and shape . . . wrong, they actually filterer out the kidneys and have been used by naturalist for hundreds of years:)
    Now I'm off to visit Lisa'a blog.
    Have a great week and do come visit,
    Connie :)

  25. Hi bj! I've been making Christmas Jam (cranberry and strawberry) for over 40 years. It's my fave! Hope all is well with you...xx

  26. I was just holding the pioneer woman butter dish in the store yesterday....but it was a different one, lots more red in it. I have fallen in love with this one you have, hope our store gets it AND SOON! lol I bought one of the beautiful glass cannisters (with the clear handle thing on top) and also the pretty coffeepot back at Christmas. I love alot of her stuff.

  27. Looks great, lot of cranberries.

  28. You and Nana Diana have answered my wishes today! I found Gingerbread recipe on her blog and something to do with my cranberries (that I didn't make cranberry sauce with) on your blog. Will be pinning and cooking these up. Thanks.

  29. Oh those biscuits with that jam look SO good!

  30. BJ, I love that butter dish too. :):) The little jars of jam are just so adorable in those cute lidded jars. I love seeing those biscuits too. Miss seeing all the tasty breakfasts you make to show us and get us all hungry for biscuits. LOL. Blessings to you, Stay warm. Love, xoxo, Susie

  31. You and me BOTH sister! I LOVE love LOVE cranberry anything. Who knew you could whip up cranberry jam in such a short time!? I should probably have a Pinterest board JUST for cranberries hahaha! Your butter dish is beautiful - what a sweet gift. I really love how the dish part is the floral design and the solid colored lid . . . very unique! Thanks for stopping over to visit my blog - I'm now following yours by email!

  32. Sounds yummy! You know, I have just recently discovered that cranberries actually taste good. :) I now have them in salads and have made a yummy fruity salad at Christmas with them. Love the Pioneer Woman kitchen is so pretty. I am going to buy her casserole dish and pie plate soon...I've been looking. Have a great Sunday!

  33. That cranberry jam looks so delicious, and oh so easy to make! Just perfect with a biscuit, or two! Hugs to you my friend :)

  34. Cranberry Jam with a homemade biscuit. I have to make this.

  35. I'm big into cranberries too.
    I love when they go on super sale.
    Our one dog, Bug, also love them.


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