Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Good Breakfast Idea...

I love breakfast foods more than any others....
Toast and jelly
Fruits of all kinds...
even cold cereals...especially love Frosted Mini Wheats

I was tickled to find THESE...
I've tried several...
Cinnamon Roll
Banana Bread
and so far, this BLUEBERRY MUFFIN is my favorite.

 It seems I ALways want to add ingredients to everything I cook

The instructions on the box say
add 3 Tablespoons of water
and microwave 1 minute and 10 seconds....

and they are delicious like that.
after I mix it all up very good,
I add
a bit of butter
a sprinkling of cinnamon
a half cap of vanilla

Adding these few extra things makes it like
and gives it a lot more down-home flavor.

 My girl put these in my Christmas stocking
and I LOVE them !

so fun to use

I love pretty and fun things to enjoy with my meals.
(I bought only ONE of these adorable PIONEER WOMAN cups....


love it so much, I am buying at least 3 more....
I see on Walmart site, I can buy a set of 4 for about $17.00.
I'll buy them and a single cup for a 6 count.

 I love coffee and hot tea...

and I love pretty and cute cups and mugs.

and then I will buy this cute cup rack to show my new cups off....


  1. Pecans added to any recipe makes it better! We had Duncan Hines brownies last night with Texas pecans added in. :)

  2. BJ, I'll have to try these. I just hope the calories aren't too bad! LOL! This girl has got to get some pounds off!
    Love those mugs too. I hope you are having a cozy winter.

  3. I haven't seen that breakfast food anywhere, bj. I have a hard time eating breakfast--always have---unless I eat it closer to noon. lol Love those raw sugar stirrers.

    I looked at those cups, too! Aren't they gorgeous?! I was trying to decide if I needed any more think I do now that I see yours in action!!!

    Have a wonderful day, bj. Love to you- xo Diana

  4. Individual muffin mix -- what a great idea! I'm going to look for this next time I'm at the grocery store. Hopefully it's available in Canada too, we'll see.

  5. Love that teal blue of the cup . . .
    I think Pioneer Woman should stop over for tea and biscuits . . .

  6. BJ, I love that cup muffin idea. Those would certainly be right up my alley. Quick and in one dish. I like that you add things I do that all the time to muffin mixes. I am going to check out that Pioneer set. Every thing looks so cute. Blessings and hugs, love you, xoxo, Susie

  7. I have a similar mug rack and I love it. Its full of those Shutterfly photo mugs, but I think one or two flowery ones would look nice there, as well. Your sunny breakfast table looks so cozy.

  8. Any thing with sugar in it I can not eat but I do enjoy seeing other people enjoy muffins, cakes, pies and candy. I love your mugs. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. Love those cups and who knew they made sugar on a stick:) Enjoy your day dear friend, thanks for sharing this single cup microwaveable treat:) HUGS!

  10. It's so nice to have pretty things in a store we all have! Love pretty mugs for my coffee! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  11. I love how you tweak things to make them so much better. I love pretty mugs also and have that mug holder to display mine also. Great minds right!

  12. I love a good breakfast muffin. We just had gluten free dairy free buttermilk biscuits for breakfast (and yes, we figured out how to even make a dairy free version of buttermilk ;-)
    That mug is darling. Will look so pretty displayed on a mug stand.

  13. Oh that’s a great idea for portion control! (However, I have never enjoyed the whatever in a mug recipes on Pinterest.) Those PW mugs are beautiful!

  14. We don't have those kind of single packages here in Saskatchewan. I love watching how you make the boxed treats just a bit more special.

    God bless.

  15. I love breakfast, too. Your additions to your treat sound yummy. Pretty mugs!

  16. What a good idea! I haven't seen these. Thanks for a very good tip!

  17. I love the sugar stirrers. So cute. The breakfast idea is wonderful.

  18. I love your pioneer woman mug, and your butter dish and your music note mug! I love pretty things too and mugs are among my favorites!

  19. HI bj,
    I have seen these in the store and now will try them. I would be like you and add some ingredients to spice them up some. Love your pioneer women cup. Glad you will get more. They are really pretty.
    Have a great Thursday.

  20. Looks very yummy and I like your 'add ons'! Pioneer Woman has so many pretty things -- I don't own any but I've seen them on a lot of blogs. Love the bright colors and the size of these mugs!

  21. Breakfast is my main meal. I can go without the other, but gotta eat when I get up. However, mine not as fancy as yours.

  22. I do dislike how much room mugs eat up in the cabinets because you can't stack them

  23. I have had my eye on several of Pioneer Woman's dishes...aren't they so pretty?! My son got me a condiment set for Christmas and I love it. I don't have much room for anything new, but I might have to get rid of some old things and make room. :) The muffin in a cup looks good. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. We always have bacon, eggs and biscuits with gravy on the weekends. Gotta have my bacon. Well, it is low in carbs, so that is a plus! xx Cheryl

  24. Love this post, your posts are always just so bright,colorful, and PRETTY! Those things look tasty...I'll have to try them and I love those sugar stirrers, where can I find them? Love the pretty coffee cups--did you go get more? I have several of the red trim/red handle ones and I just love them! Do you have the cake plate? I went to get it but was dissapointed in the size, so did not purchase. It looked like when you put a normal layer cake in it and put the lid would stick to the top of the cake. It's very pretty and would be good for cookies and other treats maybe? I'm talking about the pretty jadiete looking cake stand, I think it came out a year or two ago. Hope you have a lovely weekend my friend!

  25. I have that same mug! I bought one and went back and bought several more in case one got broken. So pretty! Haven't tried the single muffins but will be on the lookout for them. I LOVE your posts. Always so pretty and cheerful. Love the recipes you share, too.

  26. Sorry for being missing. Am now back and catching up. I love breakfast food but not so much in the morning. I do love my shredded wheat warmed in the microwave on a cold winter morning.
    I will need to try the single muffinn now, that looks so good.

  27. Nuts make everything better. I have yet to try these little mug cakes. There are too many to choose from and I can never make my mind up and then Im afraid I will really like them and I dont need them.
    I bought a little pioneer woman ramken at walmart to use in the microwave at the beach. I like making an egg in them or a small muffin.

  28. Pretty cups and good looking food. You're making me hungry just looking at your blog tonight. I love frosted shredded wheat too, so we bought some of the sorghum shredded wheat (grown here in Texas) at Sprouts Market, and we mix some in with the frosted ones to add more fiber and nutrition. Kind of like having your cake and eating it too!

  29. Just wanted you to know I went out and bought two of those cups. Sorry you are struggling- I am only an email away if need be. Much love to you--xo Diana

  30. Your next post had such an eye catching and honest title that I just had to stop by here whilst you were still in the land of sweetness and sugar sticks with a huge hug from Thailand. Wren x

  31. Looks good! I saw your next post and just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you ...

  32. I love Pioneer Woman pretties. Haven't tried the mug cakes and muffins yet, but I have bought several and sent to my granddaughter at college. I never heard if she liked them or not so don't know. I may have to try them. Have a great weekend!

  33. I'm with you. Breakfast over every OTHER meal.
    Breakfast for the win. All ding dong day long.

  34. No doubt about it, adding those extras makes any box mix extra good! I love Pioneer Woman's designs, they are so pretty!


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