Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I Believe In Fairies

I love them so much, I collect them.

I only have THREE...
but I hear around town that if you have THREE of something,
then you do, indeed, have a collection.

These two are my oldest ones...
 (HE is the first one I bought and my favorite.)

Little SUGAR PLUM with those tall pointy ears
always looks like he has a fabulous secret...

 I think all Mark Roberts Fairies have these adorable 
long long cute.

There's the little green CHRISTMAS FAIRY
looking all cute and smug on my little buffet table.

His green FAIRY SHOES are long and pointed, too.

 THIS cutie pie is my newest....
he isn't actually a CHRISTMAS fairy...
he is a TOMATO FAIRY ORNAMENT....(with long little feet)

His RED and GREEN coloring makes him perfect to hang during this special season.

When he told me he didn't want to hang on my CHRISTMAS TREE because he wouldn't shine as much...

I said, "Well, little cute fairy"
 (because I listen to MY fairies) 
how about hanging here and making this plain lamp look a lot more special.?"

He was HAPPY...... 

 I know I just blogged about CHERRY HAND PIES...
but looking back, I remembered THESE little pies
made with BISCUITS  from a few years back.
Remember these ?
I've blogged about them many, MANY times...
Canned biscuits (I use the big GRANDS) rolled as thin as you can...
Can of TART cherries...NOT cherry pie filling.
Add sugar to taste to the cherries (I like mine REAL sweet :), a little flour, if they need thickening, a little Vanilla...and a bit of butter...and heat.
Fill biscuits, fold over, crimp closed with a fork.
Melted butter over the tops....., a sprinkling of Cinnamon and a bit more sugar.
Bake in 350 oven for ABOUT 15 minutes..
ALL OVENS VARY so keep checking yours.
I just these...hope you do, too.

....just wonderin',
do YOU believe in FAIRIES ??
I hope so..... 

Special thanks to DIANA that's CEO of 


  1. Your little fairy collection is wonderful! And yes, I do believe in fairies.

  2. They are so cute!! There's a store here in our town that sells those and I always admire them. They are a little bit sassy!! :)

  3. your fairies are beautiful and they are something I have never seen before, they are lovely and I love that you enjoy them so much, its fun!! You made my mouth water describing your hand pies lol,, I'm hungry for one now and thanks to you I know how to make them!! Thank you for that! Yum!

  4. I have a couple of fairies but collect more angels. My tree is full of angels and not a few Santa's.

    God bless.

  5. How darling and how festive BJ...LOVE the whimsy and the merry colors! Christmas blessings and hugs from me to you!

  6. Always listen to fairies -- that's my philosophy too, lol!

  7. Oh my goodness, the fairys are adorable. Those would be fun to collect. Funny story: There was a wierd looking little something flying around my house which I would normally freak out and kill instantly but this looked like a little fairy for some reason so we let it fly around the house as it stayed near the windows. It was about an inch long with two wings. Sorta looked like a tiny dragon fly. I had fun telling everyone not to kill it. It was my fairy. He was gone by the next day. Lol.

  8. I have 5 Mark Robert Fairies and love them! Mine climb up a elf ladder leaning on my Christmas tree. Your fairies are adorable!

  9. To be honest, I was never in to them, I think its a difference between men and women. I remember some fairy themed cartoon movie back when I was kid, I remember hating that movie.

  10. Your fairies are adorable! I listen to my elfs so you should listen to your fairies! Hugs!

  11. I've never seen these little guys before . . . they are adorable :)

  12. Those are very whimsical and darling. Love the feet and the mischievous looks on their faces!

  13. How adorable! Hoping you have a wonderful holiday!

  14. I just love your fairies, they are adorable. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. These fairies are too cute. My friend and her niece love them too. I'm going to send this to enjoy. Great green goblets too.


  16. I have only one fairy and her fairy swan, now I have forgotten who made them, your tomato one id really cute also
    I may just have to try your cherry biscuit thingie looks and sounds really tasty

  17. BJ I love your fairies. My mom collects Roberts and loves her fairies too. How sweet of Diana to send you the tomato fairy. So sweet.
    Love the one on your table with his green pointy and sparkle boots. Adorable.

  18. Love the fairies! Love those tart cherries too. Forget that pie filling. Don't know about where you are, but up here in Illinois tart cherries in a can are hard to find sometimes, and are up to $4.00 a can. So it costs over $8.00 to make a cherry pie, but they are so good!

  19. What adorable little guys they are, bj...and they certainly do add a touch of Christmas wherever they are placed! Those cherry biscuits look SO good!

  20. awww they are so cute; I can see why you love them. :)

    I found it funny that you mention the hand pies as yesterday I was thinking
    of what we used to call fried fruit pies. I've never made them, but our
    mom did. I can see yours would be delicious also!

  21. Fairies are fascinating. Yours are very whimsical. I like the pointy shoes. Those hand pies sound yum.

  22. I love all your fairies! Sadly, I don’t collect them and I seldom ever see any. I must not be looking in the right places....

  23. oh yes!--I love fairies and am teaching our little granddaughter all about them, she gets a big kick out of it! It all looks so pretty and I DO LOVE THOSE PRETTY GREEN GLASSES! I've never seen any fairies like yours, they are unique!

  24. These are delightful and have that magical, Christmas quality about them!

  25. Your fairies are magical ... I am sure they keep you entertained. Love the Tomato one. I have never seen them before. Glad you are enjoying decorating for Christmas. So much fun. I am doing a little, but far less than what I normally do. Wishing you a happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z.

  26. I love the fairies and I wouldn't have known the tomato fairy wasn't for Christmas, he looks so perfect for the season :)

  27. Of course you believe in fairies! Are elves the same thing? Elves I believe in. Don’t tell your fairies that I don’t believe in them because I wouldn’t want to hurt any feelings. I have crescent roll in a can...wonder if it would be the same thing...

  28. I was at Finding Neverland last night -- and we ALL clapped and brought Tinkerbell back to life! I love elves and fairies and I especially love your trio. They're beautiful!

  29. I love the adorable little fairies with their cute, long footsies! I believe in in they are always hiding something from me and I have to search and search until I find it. lol!

  30. BJ, I love your Christmas fairies. The tomato fairy is cute and colored just right for Christmas. Three is a collection...but 98 cats might be over the top into crazy cat lady land. LOL. Your table looks very festive for a gathering. Blessings and love to you, xoxo, Susie

  31. I love his green legs and how he hangs. As for cherry hand-pies, there's never enough. I love 'em. So tasty. Great idea to put them over country biscuits.


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