Sunday, December 10, 2017

Fully loaded....

 When I sleep until 10:30 a.m.
I wake up pretty hungry.

I've don't sleep that late very often 
but one of my new meds makes me really sleepy.
This particular night, I had 10 hours of sleep.

 ...PLUS I had worked pretty hard for the last few days,
bringing Christmas tubs from the storage room
and decorating enuf that my house looks festive for

 I LUV these little fruit cups...
the oranges are my favorite.

Have you noticed how much better your hot drink tastes when it's served in a
meee, too.

I wasn't sure how the cranberries would taste in a pancake..
O boy...I was wishing I had doubled that handful....
those pancakes took on a whole new taste high. 
SOOO...if YOU like cranberries...add a bunch !! 

I am about ready to 
build my
maybe tomorrow. 



  1. Oh that pancake looks scrumptious! I love cranberries and add them to things often, but never pancakes. I love that you make your home look so festive and yes, drinks are always better served in a Christmas mug!!

  2. Nice work BJ, now I am starving.

    The house looks wonderful and have fun making your hot chocolate and hot coffee bar.

    God bless.

  3. It looks might good on this Sunday morn! I need to dig out a Christmas mug today! Holiday hugs!

  4. oooo, that does look and sound very good!! You take the best photos and when I think of you I think color!! Beautiful colors,,

  5. Lovin’ your Christmasy touches and color . . .
    And likin’ that you are gettin’ a few extra hours of sleep too!
    Wow . . . that sleepin’ until ten thirty!

  6. Oh honey, you make my stomach growl😊 Love your pretties and so will everyone who comes thru your door🎄 Have a blessed day and don't work too hard! Hugs

  7. Decorating for christmas sure zaps out a lot of energy, I don't know how some of the people who go overboard especially with outside lights do it.

  8. Would you send me one of your pills? I would think and I had died if I got eight hours of sleep. I do not sleep well and have so many dreams. I do not like taking medicines tho, so guess I am getting enough to keep moving. Take care my friend and enjoy your great goodies.

  9. Well those pancakes are over the top for sure. I'm smacking my lips. 10 hours! Fabulous. Hope your Sunday is peaceful and nice.

  10. Well don't those pancakes look amazing! I sleep a long time when I'm extra tired. I do feel better when I get the rest I need. Oh and yes, coffee does taste better from a cute Christmas mug! Hugs!

  11. It is looking beautiful at your house. For heaven's sake! That pancake looks fantastic. My son has moved over for at least the winter, and I love the company. (We decided to save on heating bill and internet, electricity, etc.) He would love that pancake. I have made Fridays ... French Toast Fridays made with egg and flavored CREAMER! Oh my goodness!

  12. BJ, You are a great don't mind experimenting with a recipe either. It sure looked like a nice breakfast. Your red through out look so festive. You are right BJ, there are mugs and cups that make us feel special. Blessings to you, love, xoxo, Susie

  13. Looking very festive at your home bj. Yes, a Christmas mug make my coffee and chocolate taste even better! I'm about finishes, at least until I think of something I forgot. Have a great week.

  14. My favorite breakfast treat is a waffle, but your pancakes look delicious!

    And I must comment about your lovely holiday header - very, very nice.

    Have a lovely week.

  15. I have not made pancakes in FOREVER ... those look so good that I may even try them someday. I do love cranberry chutney ... may just have to see if that will work in pancakes. Everything looks so beautiful. Love the cross in your header. I know GOD is good ... we have been blessed this year. Mr. Z. is doing a little better and for that, we are so thankful.

  16. It looks YUMMY at your place!!!!

  17. What a cheery post! Loved every word. I think you earned such a good night’s rest. You’ve been a wonderful elf and a precious Keeper of Christmas.

  18. Your pancakes always look good. I agree drinking my favorite coffee or hot chocolate from a nice mug makes it taste better


  19. Your pancakes look delicious. Love you mug. I really enjoyed this post. Have a blessed day . Madeline

  20. Looks so festive, but you're making me hungry! :D

  21. LOVED your header. bj.

    I am sorry that your meds make you tired. I am on some new stuff that makes me dizzy and nauseated. I take it in the middle of the night so that I can sleep through some of the side effects of it. That means getting up about 4am and eating something with the pills. UGH!!!!

    Who would have thought to put cranberries in there? What a good idea nd I would try that! xo Diana

  22. Pancakes sound yummy and I do miss my Christmas mugs that are now packed away in some far distant storage unit (as are my Christmas decorations) I do have two poinsettias here and some red candles. Can't find 'Christmas trees' or boughs so guess I'll improvise and cut some olive branches for décor. . .they do symbolize peace and this is certainly the time for 'peace on the earth'. .

  23. I can almost smell your pancakes through the screen! Congrats on the sleep- it's rare I get that many hours, but I have been able to fall asleep better lately. Just wake up too easily. Have a blessed day!

  24. What a festive banner you have! And I have to say the "just beclaus" sign made my heart beat a little faster with loads of joy! What a beautiful post! Your photos always get to me.

  25. Well, here it's almost 11 pm and you have made me hungry! Shame on you. Lol

    Maybe will to have pancakes on the morning.

    Your blog always looks so pretty.

  26. I hope you are used to your new meds. sorry to hear they were making you tired. Your décor is so nice. and I do believe that drinks taste better in Christmas mugs! I tell my family that a lot! when I see them grabbing a regular mug I have been know to grab it right out of their hands and replace it with a cute Christmas mug....Momma didn't lug all these out of totes, un wrap them from all that bubble wrap, re wash, dry them and set them up in hutch for nothing ya know! LOVE your gingerbread mug!!!

  27. I agree a pretty mug makes anything taste better. Your breakfast looks so yummy and festive! Merry Christmas, B. J.


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