Monday, November 20, 2017

....getting ready

The first thing I do the week of Thanksgiving
is to gather my favorite recipes for the day.

Then I go grocery shopping.
We always have a 
a delicious HAM.
We splurge on our ham and get a really good one.
 The next thing I do is get our tables all ready for
I am so so blessed that most of our large family all live right here.
They come to our house for
eating and laughing and loving.

 The transformation from EVERYDAY LIFE
begins with removing my much-loved black and white check tablecloth.

 This is always  a good time to give our large dining table
a good revitalizing PLEDGE dressing.

This table has 4 HEAVY leaves that extend it.
Of course, Mr. Sweet always helped me add them  to our table
and we were such a good team that it wasn't a hard job at all.
When I got ready to add them this day.....
UGG.....I realized pretty quick that
no way could I pull that table apart to give me room for
4 leaves...
What's an olden and pretty dang weak broad to do ???

Why, I just got  out my can of WD 40
sprayed those metal runners a light coat
and WALLA...
I was able to get all 4 of those beautiful, heavy leaves in there.
YAY...and I didn't have to ask anyone  for help...! this time,  the PLEDGE has soaked into the wood enuf to add the

 ...then came my
Williams-Sonoma French Table Cloth

I know a lot of folks don't use tablecloths...
but they are one of my favorite things in the whole world.

At this point, I am not sure
of a centerpiece...

I love my French Pot
and I love this
amazing FAUX sunflower...

...just not sure as yet.

I might buy fresh flowers if I can have a very low arrangement...
I hate trying to look over or around a tall centerpiece....

...getting out serving plates...

and since we are blessed to have such a sweet large family,
we add CARD  TABLES...
sometimes 2...
sometimes only 1...

...this is a much smaller cloth and just perfect
to dress up a humble little card table....
French Country Yellow and Blue...

...and authentic....
(notice how they spell COTTON)

I would LUV to say I bought it on a trip to PARIS...
but, ALAS,
I bought it off EBAY several years ago. 

Dining room,
very colorful..
very informal...
just the way I like it.

Guess I'd better get started on some of those
side dishes that can be made ahead of time...
just the way I like it. 

and here is one I can't  WAIT to try !


Recipe HERE 



  1. That is a gorgeous tablecloth! You did great getting those table leaves in by yourself. The leaves for my table feel like they weigh a ton, very hard to handle. My daughter is hosting Thanksgiving at her home this year. She's baking her first apple pie and my son in law will be making the turkey. I'm bringing the mashed potatoes and some cranberry orange sauce/relish.

  2. Both of the tablecloths are so pretty, BJ. I'm impressed that you thought of the WD40 to move those table sections. What a gathering you will have. I know that you will be missing your beloved especially during the holidays. Hugs to you.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Your preparations look great and as for that French table cloth - I've looked at them in France and after I pick myself up off the ground after flipping over the price tag I have passed on them. eBay is a much better way to go. In Greece a group of ex pats will gather at one of the expats home's and there we will dine on a traditional turkey (or maybe chicken) dinner with all the trimmings. Enjoy your day with your lovely family ~ xxxx J.

  4. You have such a beautiful dining room! It's so warm and cozy. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving, and that all your memories of Mr. Sweet are fun!

  5. Looks like my question is answered . . .
    Family will be with you at your house . . .
    Wonderful . . . and listen to you, adding those table leaves all by yourself!
    Mister Sweet must be smiling . . .
    Love the two table cloths . . .
    And the warm colors of your serving pieces . . .
    The corn dish looks yummy . . . let us know!
    Happy Thanksgiving bj . . . take in all the love and hold it close . . .

  6. Oh dear, I LOVE your transformation to Thanksgiving! Beautiful! Enjoy the "getting ready" process leading up to that day! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  7. I hope it is a wonderful one for your family

  8. I love both of those tablecloths BJ! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  9. BJ! You are an absolute DOLL! I love tablecloths too! You have created a beautiful setting all on your own...BRAVO! I know your Mister Sweet is within your heart and smiling on his family and his bride! Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you love!

  10. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Your table cloth is very pretty. I will have my daughter help me get my table leaf in when she comes today. I already have all my items that will be served will bake my pies, pumpkin and pecan tomorrow. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. It's gorgeous, BJ. You give me blue and yellow and I'm in heaven and I adore the table cloth. I know this TG will be a lot different this year and I am grateful you are surrounded by loving family and many glorious memories. Thankful indeed for all those.

  12. Beautiful. I love the tablecloth.

    BJ, glad your family is there to surround you with their love.

    God bless.

  13. God bless you and comfort you this first Thanksgiving without your dear Mr. Sweet. Praying for you. Everything looks just beautiful! May your time with your family be extra-special!

  14. Good for you for pulling out the WD40 and gettin her done! I do love tablecloths, too. Praying right now for your joy and peace and thankfulness this Thanksgiving. What a blessing to have family all close by to gather together. Hugs...

  15. Oh yes BJ where there's a will (& WD40!) there's a way! Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by your family :)
    Wren x

  16. You and I have much in common--I absolutely adore tablecloths as well! Oh my goodness your Thanksgiving tablecloth is so so so pretty, I love it! I love old fashioned lace tablecloths and also anything vintage..I wish I had all my Ma-Maw's old tablecloths, I remember them on the big old heavy dark wood art deco era table, that thing was so big and so heavy...and seemed even bigger to me, as a little girl, ha ha LOL

  17. It all looks so prettaaay! Glad you conquered the tabel leaf. I bet Mr. Sweet was laughing from above.
    The center piece looks nice and brings out the reds in the table cloth. Im like you though, I do not like my view across the table to be blocked.
    Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of memories and laughs.

  18. you do everything so beautiful,, especially I think of you when I think of color,, its your " thing " for sure! I have missed you, I am back blogging and have so much catching up to do,, take my friend,, warm wishes from snowy Canada

  19. I have always loved that tablecloth, I love to use my tablecloths for holidays and special occasions! I know your table will be beautiful and filled with loved ones. Kudos to you for wrangling those table leaves yourself! Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family! I think we have the same table - mine also has 4 hidden leaves and it is perfect when we have a crowd!

  21. Who doesn’t love a pretty tablecloth?! Some of the things I learn blogging. Okay, Wonder Woman, you really are a smart cookie. Now my sister, thinking herself Wonder Woman, muckled onto my dining room table and snapped a leg in half. Her husband fixed it for me today so now it’s lying on its back with its feet in the air. You should see me trying to cook today without my big table. It has not been fun.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family. There will be sweet memories and perhaps a tear, but there will also be gratitude and joy. Love to all...

  22. Blessing, to you and your family this Thanksgiving. Your table is beautiful as always. So much love in your home, it just spills out over the computer.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  23. Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing! ♥️♥️♥️

  24. Oh BJ, I know this is tough, but remember, you are so blessed with a loving family and us (all your invisible friends)...and yes, I LOVE table cloths too.

    Celebrate with gratitude. I can't wait to hear about it.


  25. bj, Why put on a "fake" face for family and friends. Being blessed and thankful doesn't mean we aren't missing a VIP in our lives.
    I love your beautiful things; love the colors.
    Hope you've had time to rest since the big day. Our son and his family had us come and stay here til Monday. I brought things, she made things, her mom, also. No fancy dishes or centerpieces...but all together around the table with an extra leaf in it.
    Your family is lovely, bj, and so are you!

  26. I love tablecloths too! You have some beautiful ones for sure! You are in my prayers this holiday season.

  27. You go Girl1 So Proud of you! lovely table cloth.

  28. Pretty table cloth's! My first time here, and so sorry you're a widow now. Glad you have a happy, loving family surrounding you.

    I didn't have Thanksgiving here, but used the same "pledge" for my table yesterday. And, to add; I don't remember how I found you. :)



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