Thursday, August 31, 2017

Little Quirky Houses

I saw this adorable bag over on my FaceBook page
and it reminded me of the time, several years ago,
I went with a bunch of girlfriends to a place called

Do you have one in your town..?
I had so much fun.

You choose a piece of pottery,
choose a pattern...
choose your paints...
and create a MASTERPIECE. 

....only trouble is....
 the only thing that kept this little dish from being super ugly
are the black dots all around... 

I just fell in love with the quirky little houses...

and they surely weren't the EASIEST  
things I could have chosen...

they were HARD to paint...

...but, we had the BEST time..
and I want to do it again, sometime.

Every time I see this little plate,
I remember the fun time we had together..
and that's A GOOD THING.

they do remind me of ea other.

I may just go back over to FB and see where to order this cutie bag.


  1. I can't paint either. I have heard that it is easier to paint on china as you can easily wipe it off.

  2. So cute! Ummm I think they stole your design.
    I have never been to a pottery place like this but it would be something id love to do.
    Id also like to try a pottery wheel!

  3. Good Morning Sweetpea!

    I see we have another taste in commmon---those charming little wonky houses with the impossible roofs and catty-wampus windows and doors. Wouldn't you like to know the lives and moments of all the wee beings who create and live in such sweet little dwellings?

    I'm invited to our ten-year-old GRAND'S Pottery party next weekend, and now I know exactly what I'll choose to paint. (that being a relative and somewhat misleading term---I daub and squiggle and blot, making more mess than a three-year-old with a whole arsenal of finger-paint). I'll think of you when I'm giving it a try.


  4. I bought a shirt in Charleston with those cute little houses on it:) Love your pretty creation AND that purse! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  5. You ARE talented my friend! I hope you get this cute bag. Kisses to you...and hugs, Diane

  6. Very cute! These remind me of the jelly bean homes in Newfoundland.

  7. Love your purse and the plate is so darned adorable! I love painting crazy cute houses too!

  8. Despite your protest, I think the houses are adorable. Think how cute it would be to do a teacup or mug to match with pieces that would go with the houses. The colors are so unique too! I think you could do a whole line of cute based on those houses.

  9. Your plate is so cute you did a good job of painting. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. I love the purse AND the plate. I love the houses you painted BJ!I have always had such a soft spot for anything with a little cottage on it. It's one of my favorite designs:)

  11. Go over and treat yourself to that sweet bag. It will give you such joy. Love your little painted plate and love that when you see it you get good feelings and wonderful memories.

  12. I like the handbag & I like your painted dish. - Sending you warm hugs and happy smiles.

  13. I think you need that "cute little bag". The plate is really cute and you did a very good job. Take care.
    Audrey Z.

  14. Well, that cute little plate looks good to me. I can't either BJ. One time some of us ladies at church done the painting on Canvas was for a while was pretty popular. May still be. Anyway, I thought I was doing fairly good.When I got home that night I was eager to show my husband my little painting I had done and he looked at it and smiled and then he said, "Baby, that would really look good in the grandbabies play room". He tried so hard to be nice. Well, that was a couple of years ago and it's still in the grands play room. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. I love houses, so both this purse and the dish you made are adorable! You did a great job on the dish!

  16. And think of all the great 'thrift' store finds that could ride home in it. (paid for of course---haha).

  17. On that kind of surface, I could imagine having a hard time painting it

  18. I always loved that cute plate that you painted, bj, and thought you did a great job on it. I hope that you find the purse to order, because it's a happy little bag.

  19. I have to disagree with you, sweet friend...I think the plate is just adorable! I think you did a GREAT job!!! I can't paint a lick, but I so admire those who can. God bless you...praying for you. :)

  20. BJ, you need that cute purse. I agree with the folks above--your plate is adorable and you can paint! ♥

  21. I can't paint either and I love your plate! Too cute. Hope your labor day weekend is filled with good food and some fun!

  22. Love the little plate - its really cute.

    Hope your having a wonderful day and a terrific weekend.

    Lots of hugs,


  23. Really cute bag . . .
    I'd say, "Order It!"

  24. Love the little houses on the bag and the plate. Lots of little houses appearing on quilts and things these days. Are we all longing for home?

  25. Howdy there my sweet friend, and that sure is a cute pocketbook---did you buy one?? I like the pretty plate too---I have no artistic bones in my body....can't draw or paint and they would surely throw ME OUT OF any crafty place such as that, or anything remotely to do with ceramics or painting or such---I would have that stuff flying all over the ceiling and the walls and the windows--SPLAT! SPLAT! would be one big gyspy-MESS........HA HA HA lol So I think you did great, and your plate sure turned out pretty and I love the little houses on it.

  26. I think that your plate is super charming, I love it! It has character and as an artist myself, I think that perfection is overrated. :) I say if it makes you smile, go paint again!

  27. What a darling plate and I so love the memories it holds. We don't have one of those places here but when I lived on the coast a life time ago, there was a little ceramic shop where we could paint our stuff. Hoe you have gotten that bag, you need that bag!!

  28. Cute bag. You china painting is adorable. It looks better than the piece I did. China painting is difficult. Thanks for sharing. I'm praying for our dear friends on the coast.

  29. Lovely purse, wouldn't mind having it myself. Post where it can be ordered if you can find out. You did good painting the little houses. You have been in my prayers. Take Care

  30. Love those little houses and so admire those with the talent to create them (I am not one of those talented types). Hugs to you!! J.

  31. I love the dish.. it is so cute!!

    Please visit:

  32. I love those little houses! And of course...the memories are the best part. :-)


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