Friday, July 7, 2017


 We have his hospital bed in our living room,
in the exact spot where his chair was.
He is as comfortable as we can make him...
and, again,
how thankful we are to our gracious Father in Heaven
that Bill has suffered NO PAIN whatsoever.

We THINK it won't be too long until he will get to start
his new life with all his loved ones that are waiting 
by THE GATE, to welcome him HOME.

When I whisper SWEET NOTHINGS in his ear,
"I love you, Bill",
he always cries...
but when I say,
"At my olden age, I will follow you soon, so wait by THE GATE for me",
he smiles a weak but sincere smile.....
I KNOW he knows what I am saying.

The most awesome SUPPORT GROUP on this planet.

Thank you for continued prayers for our children....