Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Something New ~

The Summer House has a new rug...

It is just delighting me every single time I walk thru the living room.'s white...
it's furry...
and it's the perfect size for my room.

Can you just feel walking across it with bare feet....
it feels GOOOD...

I have some of the photos intensified more than normal
to try to show the white rug a little better.
*and....the flowers are there just to make a pretty picture. 😅😄

 I am looking for a great table to use in front of the sofa...
not necessarily a coffee table, as such...

 This photo is from REDHEAD CAN DECORATE
and where I saw this rug...

she was kind enuf to tell us where she ordered it from and
I got right on it...

I am also thinking of an acrylic table but not sure yet...

they are VERY expensive and I am not sure I want one quite that bad yet...

I am just tired of my long, heavy wooden coffee table that I've used for about 12 yrs.

 The Redhead decorates OUT OF THIS WORLD and this is her new VELVET blue sofa...isn't it a should go over to her pretty blog and browse awhile...
it's better than looking thru a decorating magazine...and she's been featured many times in those awesome magazines...
 ♥ ♥ ♥ decorating (if u can call it that) is much more 
and so informal it's ridiculous.... 

but, ANYway....
I brought this little turquoise table in from our patio
and since I like it ok....
I will use it until I find just what I want .

We don't need a large table in that spot...
and I am going for a bit more openness ...
a little lighter...
this is a smaller area than in our olden house and it just calls
for different furnishings and such.

 The next thing I am wanting, after I locate a 
is a gorgeous white chair for this spot.
in the mean time,
this pretty white throw, on my black wicker chair,
with my HUGS AND KISSES pillow
tickles my fancy. 😁

 I am still loving my gray sofa I bought last year...
and I really luv the texture of the fabric...
it's a lot like a soft corduroy.

I love my white ceramic garden stool in here, too.
(it lived beneath the pergola all last summer)
I tried putting a tray on top of it to add more space for tea cups and wine glasses...
but it was way too slippery ...
hmm..."tea cups and wine glasses" 
sounds like a country song.....😛

 The rug is, of course, faux fur, and is washable
and if you like this furry thing,

Thanks for hanging thru all these photos...
I've been told that sometimes I have waaay too many pictures
and, try as I might, I just get carried away with them.

February Party
...and because I always must leave you with something to eat,

I know we've all used hot pepper jelly on a block of cream cheese,
but THIS is a new one on me..

It is so delicious, I can eat it with a spoon...
and it isn't HOT at all.


  1. First let me say your Mr. Sweet will be in my prayers bj.
    I love the white rug and yes, I love walking on a wonderful rug with bare feet. Love the look and your MC's makes a pretty vignette on the table. Beautiful look bj..............

  2. 🖼 Way too many pictures? Is that even possible? Especially yours! Well now, I do like your new white carpet and your sweet turquoise table. You make it work. You are all in my prayers. An overnight stay at the hospital...ain't life grand as you always say.

  3. Coffee tables are better when they have a little personality. I like the turquoise one you are using.

    Mr. Sweet will be in my thoughts and prayers. You too because I know it's scary hard.

  4. That rug looks like it would be so soft! Good choice!

  5. I love your style. Also, I really dig the little table that you have there. The clear one is neat too, but I like yours better.

  6. A white rug -- oooooo, you're brave! Thanks for the update on Mr Sweet.

  7. Love your fluffy white rug! I'll keep praying for you and Mr. Sweet and now his biopsy. Hugs!

  8. I like that phrase - teacups and wine glasses!
    Prayers for Mr. Sweet!!! Out loud, by name and on purpose!

  9. Oh that would be so cozy under your feet. Love how it looks too!! Loved your tour over at Stacey's.

  10. Love it! It works perfectly with your furniture. I have a fluffy one in the guest room with some gray crisscrosses and I could walk barefoot over it all day! ;-D

    Jane x

  11. I love your style bj! Everything is always so fresh and inviting! That pepper jelly looks so good, Hot Pepper Peach, Yum! I have grand-pets so white anything does not happen in my home, except the trim on the woodwork! Prayers and positive thoughts are with you and Mr. Sweet during this scary time...a hug or two also!

  12. Your place looks so cozy and pretty! The touch of turquoise in there is nice! And I love all sorts of sweet spicy toppings on cream cheese, too. HEB has a raspberry chipotle sauce that's great on it! Still thinking of you and Mr. Sweet and sending good vibes to West Texas...

  13. I could feel my bare toes in the rug even before you asked, oooh. Having a hard time imagining you with an acrylic table but with your penchant for decorating something eye catching would be sure to emerge.
    Continued prayers for Mr. Sweet; the medical staff, and your whole family.

  14. I bet it does feel good on the feet

    I hope the news turns out good, I'm sure the next few days will be scary ones

  15. Love the rug. Everything looks great. Prayers are continuing for your husband and you. Have a blessed day. madeline

  16. It all looks so cozy. Funny, Im in search of a white rug for my Daughters new apartment. Not sure why they want a white one but now I see how sweet one will look. She didnt ask for a fur one but I love yours!!!! She also wants one at a dime store price. I told her good luck with that. I guess we will be hitting the flea market this weekend.

  17. Love your "new fur" . . .
    Bet it feels yummy on the toes!
    And the smaller table and color . . . perfect!
    Brings springtime right indoors!

  18. Love the new rug and the throw on the sofa has gorgeous color. Enjoy the softness on your feet.


  19. Love, love, love your new white fur rug, bj, and the pops of turquoise add such a cheery note. I just think it's fun that you love decorating so much to make your summer cottage so cozy and cute. I guess the new term is that you practice hygge! Prayers are being said for Mr. Sweet and you! ❤️

    1. Kitty, I had to go look up "practice hygee" to know what you were talking about! Thanks for mentioning it!

  20. BJ, you send me out shopping for new foods more than anyone else on the net!! just added that peachy stuff to my grocery list.

    You might look into finding some of those clear round nubbies that stick on one side of a glass tabletop. They work great to keep things from scooting. Look in the area of Walmart where they have the sliders for chair feet.

    Continued prayers for good news tomorrow. {{{HUGS}}} to you both!

  21. Have you ever heard of museum putty? You can find it in craft stores. It would allow you to adhere a tray or whatever to your garden seat and it is totally removable. It is like a putty. I love your fluffy rug, it is so soft and pretty!

  22. First bj wishing a smooth procedure for Mr. Sweet tomorrow. You will be in my prayers. Hope that all goes well. Love your sweet new fur rug. I just put one in my guest bathroom and it is so soft. Yours looks really pretty.

  23. Hi bj ... love your fuzzy white rug. I am sure you will find just the perfect table. The one you have there looks really nice.

    Will be praying for you and Mr. Sweet that God will embrace you both during this stressful period and everything will be okay.
    Big hugs,
    Audrey Z.

  24. Love it, it's like a fluffy white cloud and I just want to lay on it!! prayers for mr sweet.

  25. Prayers for Mr. Sweet....a friend just had something similar and his was good news. I hope the same for you. LOVE the rug! I have to find somewhere in my Victorian home to put it....maybe the parlor!

  26. Mr Sweet will be in my prayers.

    Love the rug and it looks terrific in the living room. You will find the right table in front of your couch and it will be perfect. The blue one looks good too.

    Hugs, and hang in there.


  27. Hope all goes well with the biopsy. Prayers still being said.

    Love your white rug, but it would never stay clean in this house, washable or not.

    God bless.

  28. Prayers for Mr. Sweet and you BJ.
    I do love your decorating style. Your turquoise table looks great on your new rug. Take care or yourself. ♥

  29. Bless your dear hearts. I know it is SO hard to have something like this hanging over your heads and having to wait so long to get the answers you need. I do trust Jesus that there is NO malignancy in his body, and he will be healed, in Jesus' name. I am praying for you both.

  30. You and Bill are in my prayers!

    And I like your photos. All of them. :-)

  31. It looks lovely. Beautiful and airy. And I do love all that blue. Prayers continue to come your way.

  32. I'm a barefoot girl, so you KNOW I wish I was wiggling my toes in that rug! So pretty! I also happen to love pepper jelly on cream cheese, it's one of our family favorites that shows up at all the family parties. That peach bourbon pepper jelly looks amazing. I'm keeping Bill in my prayers BJ. Love you and think of you and Bill every day. XO


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