Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The day after Christmas


I found this post in draft and forgot to publish it..
so, please follow me back to December 26th
and try to remember that I'm 79 yrs old now and tend to....
forget things.... 
By this time every December,
I am sooo ready to pack away all the Christmas stuff...
get a less cluttered look again.

I worked most of today on getting our dining room back
to normal...

getting our table from the large size that seats 10 comfortably
and 12 in a pinch,

back to the  normal, every day size.
(I like it better with the large table and loved ones all around it..) 
but, they are all close by and I am thankful..

getting the card tables and chairs put away
for the next fun get together here at the

What a wonderful, delightful Christmas Eve with most of our awesome family.
We are so blessed.

I am just crazy about the sharp, clean colors featured in my
dining room...
they just make me happy.
(or maybe after getting Christmas decos out of the way, it just LOOKS sharper)

( I'm the world's worst on mixing colors and patterns... certainly not a decorator,
  I still have a few things in this large, sunny room
to pack away....

but I want to enjoy these little snow covered trees for a bit longer...
and so ......I will.

 And we will use the cute Christmas paper plates until they are all gone...
new ones for next year...

I know it's very hard to figure out just what this is that I am about to eat...
that's because it is SMOTHERED in a cheese slice...
on a large slice of APPLE PIE.
One of my favorite desserts on this planet...
I will enjoy using a few of my Christmas mugs for awhile longer, too.

Christmas comes but once a year so we should enjoy it as long as we can...

Love, bj
I have since packed the little trees away....
and only one Christmas mug not packed...
I love having my coffee or hot cocoa in it all thru January.


  1. Hi BJ, It is good to get back to our normal way of living as far as putting decorations and such away...but oh those wonderful family hugs are welcome all the time, aren't they? Looks like it was a blessed gathering there. I loved every bit of my holidays. Time to rest up now. :) Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Happy New Year, bj! I used to be the one who put all the stuff away the day after Christmas but recently have been leaving it up 'til New Years. It is always great to get everything back in order, huh? I do love your decorating style...the black and white checked works with so many colors and patterns! Love the "blues" in your new header!

  3. Darling BJ! You are the prettiest and spiffiest and feistiest 7... I know! You are just amazing. I enjoyed seeing your lovely family seated in your summer house. One request from me - I'd love a tour of your most precious crib! :) Happy New Year, sweet friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Things are sort back to normal here also. I have all the Christmas put away and now have my snowmen and snow flakes out for the month of January. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  5. I took all my decorations down the day after Christmas too! I like to start the New Year off with a clean uncluttered house.
    I laughed at the card table. I think we all have that card table to pull out at dinners.
    DO you have seating called the "kid table?" I think everyone does that too.


  6. BJ, your grasp of the ins and outs of your blog are always an inspiration to me. And I bet many more of us miss a drafted post from time to time; we just 'forget' to mention it--haha.
    The New Year always puts me in organizing mode and Christmas decorations provide the motivation. Job well done on your dining room.

  7. I'm enjoying trees for as long as I can. One by one they come down -- but some will remain a rather long time. And that's fine with me!

  8. OH! One of my favorite desserts and the best way to eat apple pie! I said I wouldn't take down Christmas until Wednesday but I had to get some of it done yesterday and it wore. me. out.

  9. Looks like fun eating/Christmas times at your house. Always fun with family!

  10. It is good to have everything all packed and put away. Looks like you had a very festive Christmas!
    Happy New Year,Bj !

  11. I love our home all decorated and I love our home undecorated too.
    I just finished today . . .
    I did things a bit different when Mister Irish hauled the large totes up to our attic like storage room.
    Sorting through my things before packing them away was my goal this year.
    A huge pile of things are set aside for giveaways/donations.
    Sure is a WHEW good feeling when things get sorted out, put away, isn't it!
    Relax now . . . you deserve it birthday girl!

  12. I am slowly starting to put the Christmas decor away too. I feel torn about it. I'm going to hang on to the Santa mugs for a few days more too, but I am also feeling the itch to declutter. If I were there, I would help you eat that pie ;-) It's my favorite too. Happy New Year!!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. I'd rather have a nice slice of apple pie with cheese than with ice cream ANY DAY!

  14. You aren't gonna believe what I'm doing today! Putting ornaments on the living room tree!
    I like your last comment. Now I don't feel so silly. The Cowboy didn't want to take everything down and I found a bunch of ornaments on sale today!
    I love the mix of red, blue and black you used. Everything was very pretty. Your very luck to have such a large family. Enjoy them!

  15. I am back to normal BJ at my home too from the Christmas festivities except for my tablescape. I want to enjoy it a tad longer. But my mind is racing to Valentines now! LOL! I have been blessed right now with sitting space for my immediate family. My grandfather built my farm house dining room table and it hold all 8 of adults comfortably and we could sit 10 easily. Then at my breakfast bar 4 of my grands sit as the baby is not big enough yet. It is wonderful to have us all in the same room for meals. Happy New Year to you my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. I don't have Christmas away yet. I DID do the master bath today but that's it;) I hope to get it done next week. I, too, LOVE apple pie but like it warm with vanilla ice cream on it;):) Happy new year!

  17. I just took the tree and other decorations down today. Tomorrow will be moving the furniture back into place as Harvey really does not like where things are situated right now.

    I am hopeful that by the end of tomorrow we will be back to normal.

    God bless.

  18. Your home is always sharp! I am glad that you will enjoy some things through January.

  19. It's always so much fun to visit you here on the blog!

  20. I think you do a lovely job of decorating, and it all looks so welcoming and lovely! I know it is such a letdown to see it all go away...our son's birthday is the day after Christmas, and, oh, my, it REALLY feels like a letdown at our house. But, God is good, and we are thankful for each new day and already looking so forward to next Christmas!

  21. I love how you decorate, bj, and your home is so cheery and bright. Yes, you are blessed to have all your family at your home to enjoy the holidays. I put away most of my Christmas decorations, but still left my trees for awhile. I love the twinkling lights and soft glow....warms my ❤️.

  22. Our best to you and yours, dear Lady... our "lung infection" is getting better (just takes time)...
    ... Hello from Marshville.... Thank you for your kind words.

  23. I'm all cleaned up here too. I sure miss those twinkle lights, but it's kind of nice to have all the "stuff" cleaned up. I always love your clean, bright colors and the warmth your rooms have. Always beautiful!

  24. I love to decorate for the holidays but boy, there really is something wonderful about putting it all away again. And this year,I got to do that on a sunny day and that made me think of spring!


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