Friday, January 6, 2017

Marvin's Room...

...the movie

This movie came out in 1996 and I can't even begin to imagine how I missed it...

every star in it is one of my favorites...

It's one that will have you giggling one minute and squalling the next..

I loved it and if you see it, I hope you like it, too.

Meryl Streep is, by far, my favorite actor of all time..💗
did you see her in
 Bridges of Madison County..??

We don't have snow here...(1/5)
and, to my knowledge, none in the forecast..
* uh ooooo...
(1/6)'s 14 degrees  this morning
and a light snow is falling...brrrr 

I'll show SNOW PICS in my next post... 

 I don't really mind snow IF I don't have to get out in it.
I've turned into such a SISSY GIRL in my olden age..
♥ ♥ ♥

 I think fresh, firm bright red tomatoes are just plain pretty.

 ...and they made us the nicest green salad...

 and Mr. Sweet cooked ribs on the grill...

Onions and peppers sauteed in a bit of butter until a little caramelized...
add the sweet steamed corn...
ummmm UM


  1. Oh yum. RIBS!!!! I have not had good ribs in a long time! Your making me hungry as I sit here eating yogurt! eeesh..

  2. Waiting on the snow here and I don't think I've seen that movie so I'll put it on my list! Stay Warm!

  3. Enjoy the snow! It's best to look at it from inside a warm, comfy house while eating pie.

  4. thank you for showing corn and tomatoes and color and not white! And for the movie recommendation!

  5. It's snowing here, too, bj! You won't believe this, but I watched Marvin's Room just the other night. I had never seen it, either! Leonardo was such a good actor even back then, wasn't he? Of course, Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton were great, too.
    Your meal looks mighty tasty! I'm making soup to stay warm and cozy. xo

  6. I was wondering how cold it is there. It's frigid here. And we had snow around noon. It's gone now.
    You grilled! The lunch looks so good. We bought ground beef on sale super cheap to make chili. The Cowboy has it simmering. We went to our resale and 3 new Santa's and 4 snowmen and some paper for the Christmas journal giveaway. It was 90 off. I spent a whole $3.00 for all that! I love bargains. I wish I had bought all the paper but couldn't tell exactly what it was. Ohhhh dawng. I just noticed the Cowboy is logged in. I hate it when he does that. If I log in I'll loose all this important if I just told you! The January party is going great. Come over and link your posts!

  7. Be careful in the snow...good idea to stay cozy inside. That meal looks amazing! The colors are gorgeous.

  8. I also am hibernating in all of this cold weather and snow and ice. Your food pics look like they should be in a magazine. Gorgeous and yummy looking.


  9. I loved Marvin's Room and have it on CD. It is in my stack of old movies to watch again this winter. I have watched The Way We Were, The Dollmaker, The Great Gatsby & Harvey (one of my very favorites).
    The food looks wonderful, bj. You take such GREAT food pictures!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend- stay warm!! xo Diana

  10. I love all of these actors too...but I've never seen this movie! I'll have to look for it. Hope you don't have such bad weather as they are predicting. Stay warm and safe. Hugs, Diane

  11. I don't recall seeing that movie???? Your dinner looks delish!

  12. My brother in Dallas sent some photos along of a bit of snow there. That fresh salad is calling to me. It looks so good!

  13. You just have the BEST photos!!! I don't know how you do it but your food pics look beter than most magazine photos!
    Grilling in the snow! Why, of COURSE!!!!

  14. Oh dear, ribs? I can't believe you had those without me:) We had snow in the forecast but not much here, it all went North of us! Enjoy your day dear B.J. BIG HUGS!

  15. We got a little bit of snow here last night. The sun is shinning this morning so the snow with melt fast, it is awfully cold here though. Your food looks great. Have a blessed day and stay warm. Madeline

  16. Finally, some cold weather in be followed by summer weather in a matter of days. Staying in is a 'Good Thing' especially when your table features a beautiful salad and delicious ribs. Stunning photos of that yummy looking food, BJ. Thanks for stopping by my Rag Rug Post for Pink Saturday. Happy New Year!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  17. Now that looks so good! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  18. Food looks good. Super fun plate. Love Streep.

  19. Trying to diet That looks so good.

  20. I never thought of mixing onions and peppers and corn together like looks yummy!

  21. Hi from the state of Idaho. Stopping by form Sue. I have a friend who collect blue willow plates and notice that on top part of your blog you have some tea cups.
    Nice looking tomatoes.
    If you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee

  22. Bj, nothing is really finished in the basement as of yet. We are still waiting for the furnace guys to come and finish off the venting to the addition (both basement and the bedrooms upstairs). Once that is done we will have the electricians in to finish off the electrical stuff and Harvey can finally get at his finishing work (which he is really looking forward to).


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xo bj