Saturday, December 31, 2016

My 79th Birthday

New Year's Eve
my 79th birthday....
 My birthday morning started with plenty of sunshine
and fluffy buttermilk pancakes with Plum Jelly.
 I was served coffee in my cute little mug...
 showing off two new items around our Summer House...

a pair of the cutest wire and wooden baskets...

 I am using those cute baskets to show off a few of my
 HOME COMPANION vintage magazines...
that was my favorite mag in the whole world and I
felt really sad when they quit publishing it.

 and next is that ADORABLE tea kettle you see on the table..
My best friend gave it to me for my birthday and I am
really proud of it...

 It's from Pioneer Woman's line.
I am loving the bright colors so so much.

 We all went to eat Birthday Lunch at Rosa's....
one of my very favorite places to eat.

 Drew and Jessamy here from Oregon
and I am sooo happy they were here to share my birthday.

Here's Jessamy, Deeds, Lacey Jean and Bailey
at the long table....

 Our handsome and sweet son, David
and daughter in luv, Kathy...

Mr. Sweet, looking good in black...

 The cutest little sleep shirt.... perfect is THIS sleep shirt full of 
for a New Year's Eve birthday girl...!

 I love it...
we are going to a New Year's Eve party tonight
and I really want to wear it with leggings and boots
but since it's a SLEEP SHIRT,
I'll just wear it to bed tonight....

 ...hugs for Bailey...
and you can barely see Ethan, Lacey's love, there on the left.


Starbucks and Amazon
gift cards...

and a bottle of my favorite BLACKBERRY wine....

Thank you, family, for giving me a birthday I will never forget.
I love you all so much...
Love, bj

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  1. Happy Birthday BJ! Hope 2017 is a year filled with laughter and blessings!

  2. What a wonderful birthday. Sorry I missed sending you a card. Sometimes my memory fails me. It is such a special time when all the family gets together and has such a fun time. I used to drink Mogen David wine, but gave it up for eggnog. Love that stuff. Without the strong stuff. Braumns is the best to me. Glad you had a wonderful day with family. May you be blessed with many more.

  3. Happy Birthday, BJ! Your family sure where there to help you celebrate-nothing better than that.
    I would wear the night shirt anyway...Who's going to know?

  4. Happy Birthday bj . . .
    No one will know . . . wear the nightshirt with leggings . . .
    You'll be the star of the New Year party!

  5. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful celebration you had.

  6. What a wonderful celebration.

    God bless.

  7. Oh you are the cutest thing! No wonder Mr. Sweet chose you and that you two have such a good-looking family. I love all the photos and I really like the photo of your son and his lovely wife. Someone was doing a really good job with the camera. Hope that you will have had a wonderful New Year's Eve party. (I think you'd look fabulous wearing that nightshirt. Who would have to know? Besides everyone in the family.) Happy Birthday, BJ!

  8. You look fabulous celebrating your birthday, BJ! I agree with everyone--who would know if you wear that cute sleep shirt to your party! It's your birthday--Have a great time celebrating! ♥

  9. What a wonderful good looking family you have. Great photos of your birthday. You are blessed in many ways. Once again Happy birthday and a wonderful new year that is ahead. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  10. Happy Birthday BJ!! You look great and what a lovely family you have glad you enjoyed your day. Jean

  11. Happy Birthday!
    ------(I'm followin' right along behind you.)
    What a wonderful celebration. Your family is so sweet.
    Happy New Year to you all.

  12. Happy Birthday and may 2017 be filled with much happiness and love! BTW, when telling your age, I'd suggest you say 79-going-on-21 as with your energy and enthusiasm, that birthday age doesn't give an accurate picture of you!! Hugs, Jackie

  13. Looks like a FABULOUS birthday party, as befits you! Love that champagne nightshirt especially -- so appropriate!

  14. It looks like a totally fabulous celebration -- which of course, it was! Here's to a fun-filled, creative and joyful year! Let the birthday celebrations continue for a long while!

    And I loved Home Companion, too!

  15. Hi BJ ... so happy that you had a wonderful birthday celebration with your family. Love your shirt. I hope you "dressed" it up with leggings and boots and wore it to your party. The design would be perfect for the party. I think some of the sleep-wear items are so cute and suitable for day-time wear. I have two tops that I really enjoy wearing and no one knows the difference. Have a great year .... I know you will.
    Audrey Z.

  16. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to you, B.J.!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday dear Lady !!! (and happy New Year)... wishing you the best in 2017.... Thank you for all of your kind words... Bless you.

  18. Happy Birthday to the most grooviest prettiest chickie on BloggerLand. Thank you for being wonderful, your support and advice are always welcome. Cheers to you !!!!!!!

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday, BJ!! It looks like you had a great celebration. Your grandkidlets are all so beautiful & it is easy to see you are well loved.

    I'm enjoying your Momma's coconut custard today...thanks again for the recipe!

  20. BJ, what a wonderful birthday! Life is good, and yours looked grand. 79 is the new 59! Happy Birthday, Happy New Year!
    Rita C at Panoply

  21. BJ, what a wonderful birthday! Life is good, and yours looked grand. 79 is the new 59! Happy Birthday, Happy New Year!
    Rita C at Panoply

  22. Hahahaha! I guess you could say I am giving you the ULTIMATE birthday gift on my blog today!
    I cannot BELIEVE you are 79! You are the youngest 79 year old I know! I have adored you from the first time I found your blog and did not believe you when you told me how old you were. God bless you on this birthday and I hope you have many, many, many more. Happy New Year to you and Mr. Sweet and your whole family- xo Diana

  23. How fun. Happy Birthday sweet friend. Love seeing you with your family. Your just light up the room with how proud and in love you are of your family. Wishing you a great start to 2017 and a very Happy Birthday.

  24. Happy, Happy Birthday, dear BJ! You are a precious soul and such a blessing to us all! May God grant you many, many more birthdays with your beloved Mr. Sweet and family!

  25. Looks like you enjoyed your birthday, Happy Birthday again

  26. Haha. Just came from Diana's blog. Happy Birthday, BJ!

  27. So glad you were celebrated in style. Everyone looks great. Now I'm craving some good Mexican food!!

  28. Looks like a special birthday party for a special lady! Happy Birthday, bj...who doesn't look a bit like 79!
    (yes, I'm still's been a busy few months so my blogging/visiting slacked off a bit.)

  29. What a love BJ...Happy Birthday Darling girl!

  30. Just found you BJ.....glad I did... YOU are an inspiration for all of us.


  31. What a wonderful day with family!! Happy Birthday BJ.

  32. It looks like the perfect birthday celebration for a wonderful lady.♥

  33. Thanks for linking. I love the header photo. You are so creative.
    Have a wonderful week.

  34. So much fun when you celebrate with family. It looks like you had a wonderful day celebrating and you don't look like you are 79 years old. Have a wonderful fun filled week and I really like your tea pot. Take care. Hugs and prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

  35. Can't think of a better way to celebrate a birthday than surrounded by your beautiful family, BJ. Glad you ushered in the year in style!
    Happy Birthday!

  36. Happy Birthday sweet lady! I love your sleep shirt and think it just might be fine with leggings and boots! Cute tea pot too. Wonderful that you have such a great family to party with on your birthday! Happy New year...and looking forward to more posts and keeping in touch. Sheila

  37. Happy Birthday BJ!! Your dinner party at Rosa's looks like it was so much fun and I love the gifts you received.
    I'm so jealous that you still have Home Companion magazines at your cottage. I do get a Mary Englebreit calendar each and every year. Do you? :)

  38. It looks like you had a very good birthday celebration! I wish you all the very in the coming year My Friend!!
    I smiled at your Home Companion collection as I have one too and add to it whenever I can!

  39. It looks like you had a very good birthday celebration! I wish you all the very in the coming year My Friend!!
    I smiled at your Home Companion collection as I have one too and add to it whenever I can!

  40. What a wonderful birthday you had, bj, surrounded in love by your beautiful family and enjoying your favorite Mexican food. I hope you have a fabulous year! xxoo

  41. Happy, happy birthday! You look mahvelous and it looks like you had a fabulous celebration with your family!!

  42. Belated happy birthday wishes bj. Hope 3017 is your best year ever! (hugs) rhondi

  43. I missed your birthday, sweet friend. It looks like you had quite a celebration. I've been caring for my dear mother who is nearing the end of her journey so I haven't been able to keep up with my blog friends. Belated happy birthday wishes to you!

  44. Happy Belated Birthday! Here's to many more!

  45. Oh my god! I love parties like this and I love pancakes! It was pleasure going through this post. I will also look for one of the Los Angeles venues like this for my birthday celebration. I am so amazed to see this post. I loved it!


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