Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Every year, I am so so thankful God has given Mr. Sweet and I
another sweet Thanksgiving day with our family.

We were blessed to have 13 around our table this year...

it was sooo good to have them here...
(pardon the glare from the doors and windows...we had a 1:00 luncheon
as they had other people they loved to spend evening with
and the sun was bright and pouring into the doors and windows..)

We had a smoked turkey this year that was the best I've ever eaten...

and a ham that COULD have been better...
just not as much flavor as hams we've had before.

English Pea with Peanuts Salad
Cranberry Sauce and Relish
Homemade Mac and Cheese
Cornbread Dressing and Gravy
Deviled Eggs
Hot Rolls
Pies and Cakes...
so much food....

4 beauties...

 ...handsome son, David

...cousin love

Our beautiful and sweet and talented and good cook and Mom,
daughter, Stacy

 Our newly engaged couple...
don't they look so good in love....

 Jent and Mr. Sweet, getting ready for DESSERT...

 So glad to have our sweet BROOKS with us again this Thanksgiving.
He is on his way to Lake Tahoe Ski Resort in Calif. to
take the job of snowboard instructor...
so proud of him and pray for a safe trip, a fun time and to get back
home to us at the end of ski season SAFELY.

Can you see her beautiful blue eyes..?
Even with the glarey photos, those blue eyes shine.

Hi, David and Kathy

Deeds and Bryn, pulling the  pully bone (aka Wish Bone)
to see
who gets married first...

It broke right in the middle so they will have a double wedding...

We did, indeed, have a blessed and fun THANKSGIVING.

XOXO, bj

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  1. We don£'t have it over here, but it looks like you've had a good tiime.

  2. What a lovely, lovely family and the love and warmth of the day can be felt in this post, BJ. Here's wishes for many more Thanksgivings together.

  3. Bj, your smile and the love in your eyes as you take it all in says it all. You are blessed.

  4. I knew youd have a great Thanksgiving post! Your family is beautiful? That photo of you in the jitchen alone, looks like it should be in a magazine. Everything looks perfect. you are so blessed!

  5. I love your family almost as much as I love my own. I see you have one 'cellphonegirl' in the group! lol We might have one of those ourselves.
    Your FEAST looks great and I am so happy that Brooks was able to be there. He LOOKS like a snowboarder, doesn't he? Bet he will be a great instructor.
    Now- ON TO CHRISTMAS!!!!! Love to you- xo Diana

  6. Hello, BJ you have a lovely family. Beautiful grandchildren. The thanksgiving dinner looks delicious. You are blessed. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  7. Your family is gorgeous -- and I have to say you do the best food styling photos on the Internet! Yes, the WHOLE internet! So glad it was such a lovely day.

    1. hahhaaa....the WHOLE way, Jose....

  8. What a lovely time with your sweet family!

  9. Looks like a perfectly grand day!
    You look the sweetest!

  10. I'm glad you'll had a good one

  11. How wonderful the world would be if there were more families like yours. You are truly blessed.

  12. Looks like a fun time with a lot of amazing food! I've never heard that significance given to a wish bone before, or heard it called a pully bone either! Is this a Texas thing or your family's own tradition?

  13. So beautiful to have your family around you on such a beautiful day. Bj your love for your family shines through in your post. I know you are so proud of each and everyone of them and I am so happy you had them close to hug on for Thanksgiving.

  14. Oh, what a wonderful day you must have had together! My favorite picture is the one of you behind the counter smiling out over your dear family. Your love for them just shines in your eyes! They must feel so blessed to have you in their lives! God bless you all with many, many more happy gatherings such as the one you had here. :)

  15. Yes bj, you have a lot to be thankful for. Of course, you know that ... it shows in all that you do with and for them. I baked that cranberry/pecan pie too and like you, I liked my Mississippi Pecan Pie much better (no cranberries).
    Audrey Z.

  16. Glad you and your lovely family had a great Thanksgiving. Now-on to Christmas!

  17. BJ your family is beautiful. You are a blessed one, my dear. I especially like the photo of you and your daughter. Boy does she look like her Mama. ♥

  18. Great post. Glad you had a lovely time. Are you planning on cooking some beans with that ham?
    I love ham! Have a great week.

  19. I think 1:00pm is the perfect time for Thanksgiving meals! It looks like you had a great gathering with your family!

  20. Wonderful post. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your family is beautiful. The food looks delicious. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  21. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Beautiful family, beautiful pictures.

    God bless.

  22. What a Beautiful Family !!! Glad you had a wonderful family gathering :)

  23. It seems everyone had a smoked turkey this year! You have a beautiful family!

  24. We enjoyed a smoked turkey, too, this year. It was very good and moist. So nice to see all of you together enjoying that yummy food and each other!!

  25. A double wedding...ha! Everything and everyone looks so fine! What a great day.


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