Wednesday, November 30, 2016


and PLAID at Christmas time makes me happy.
I've noticed a lot of bloggers are loving

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a
 TARTAN plaid and PLAIN plaid is..?
  When looking at a simple plaid, you'll notice that the stripes — either in color, size, or pattern — are not the same in both directions.
With most every tartan, the pattern on the stripes running vertically is exactly duplicated on the horizontal axis too....
  Basically, this matching pattern in both directions will create a grid.
And now that we have the LESSON FOR THE DAY finished,
let me share a few plaids around Summer House.  

I use this 
DEER little pillow at Christmas but most of the time, he is out all year round....

he's perfect  to tuck in a spot for color.

 This is my tiny Plaid Santa and I'll show you his face in my post on
coming sometime before CHRISTMAS.

                                                          my snowman rug...
                                                    I'm lovin' his plaid cap

I was tickled to find plaid wrapping paper..

Plain white cake (box mix)

1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup milk
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla

Combine all ingredients EXCEPT VANILLA...
boil 6 minutes
beat with mixer until mixture loses its shine...
add Vanilla
pour over cooled cake and sprinkle with nuts.  


  1. Love it. Great post. I never really thought about the differences in plaids. I want to add some plaid this year. I love your rug. I can't seem to find my favorite Christmas rug. There must still be a box I've missed.
    The Count Down To Christmas begins tomorrow. Come over and link up!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Well I learned something today, I had no idea there was a difference in plaids! Love yours, especially that cute plaid Santa. I got my RAMSIGN today! Eeeeeee! I'll have to blog about it next week, I am up to my eyeballs in working on the Ladies Ministries Christmas dinner for this Friday and I don't have a spare moment. I'm so excited though :)

  3. BJ, You made any of that Nana Diana French toast yet? LOL I love all your wonderful plaids . The rug with the truck would make me smile. I have to get me some of those plates. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  4. Keep the pretty plaid. Just give me the goodies.

  5. LOL- At Susie's comment above me!
    That icing sounds so good-It is similar to what I put on Texas Sheet Cake...and I, of course, always leave a little in the pan--because if it is NOT on the cake the calories DO NOT count...right?
    I LOVE that rug with the truck on it. That is the second one I have seen in blogland today. I need one of those, I think. xo Diana

  6. Oh yes...I love me some plaid too, tartan if you please....heck...tartan or not, I just love plaid. I love what have done with yours. You have such a flair with decor, girl! Lovely holiday header too!

  7. Plaid gives that cozy cabin feel in winter. Im admiring the plaid sherpa throw. I have one on my Christmas list.

  8. I love plaid too, BJ, and yours are all so cute, cozy and festive! I blame my love for plaid on my parochial days, but even wore it during my career days, and now I have plaids for fall and winter in my home. Happy holidays!

  9. I love tartans, I think it might be the Scots blood I inherited from my Mother. While I wear them, I don't use them to decorate in my home very much. Thinking that perhaps a nice Christmas banner would work well.

    God bless.

  10. I love how you've mixed your plaids. They are so pretty, especially the buffalo plaid. Love it for Christmas!

  11. Saw a lot of plaid I was tempted to buy when I was out and about today. That icing looks delicious!

  12. I use a LOT of plaid in our den for Christmas. That's the room I'm decorating tomorrow.
    All your photos are so pretty! I like to linger over each one. And that fudge icing! I have GOT to make me some of that!!

  13. I am seriousey craving that cake now--sure looks good. I love my plaid shirts and wear them all Fall and winter. Do you like plaid shirts as well?

  14. Interesting fact about plaid and tartan. I just thought tartan was a bit more Irish/bagpiper friendly!

    I heard this is the season for plaid. And I know for a fact that you love red so everything you have is wonderful! Mad for plaid!

    Happy Holidays to you, dear BJ!

    Jane x

  15. I will just have to make your cake for the hubby. Love the header.

  16. SO much prettiness in this post but I LOVE that rug:) MY FAVE! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  17. I have always love plaids. I love your plaid photos. Delicious looking cake!

  18. No doubt that plaid santa is keeping warm in his thick plaid coat.

  19. Your plaid Santa grabs my heart and twists it into the shape of a big huge smile! All so pretty, BJ! And so happy -- but that Santa - the best!

  20. Your plaids look great at Christmas. I like them all. Great photos. Have a blessed and wonderful day. Madeline

  21. Oh, MY! That frosting sounds wonderful! It reminds me of the kind I use for Texas Sheet Cake. I must pin this one and make sure I try it! I love coming is always such a bright spot in my day. Thank you for all you do. You are a blessing!

  22. I love plaid too! I just bought a pair of buffalo plaid boots at Basspro!

  23. I love plaid. That icing looks amazing!

  24. I just wrapped a Christmas gift last night in beautiful plaid wrapping paper. It makes such a nice change from the usual colours and patterns of xmas wrap.

  25. I loved everything in your post but I've just had the best time looking at your pictures at the bottom of your blog.

    Crazy but I never thought a minute about exactly tartan plaid was! Where have I been?

    Pillows, rugs, Santa, plates, wrapping paper are all so cute in plaid.

  26. Hi BJ,
    Your house looks so pretty and festive, I love Plaid's! Your white cake with Fudge Frosting would not last long here, it sounds fantastic! Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

  27. I've been enjoying red plaid this season. I love your 'deer' pillow. All of your decorations are so cute. You always have so much to share.


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