Monday, November 14, 2016

Peeks of A Sweet Friend's New Home

My friend, DANA, is one of the best decorators I've ever known.

They just completed the building of their new home and she
hosted October Bunco ....
so we were all delighted to have our first chance of seeing her work.
OOO  MY ! ! !
I got only a few photos...
no time for more but hoping to get some shots the next time I am there.

my photos aren't very good..
either the lighting...
bad camera setting...
or, I suppose it COULD be,
a poor photographer.
♥ ♥ ♥ 
and, now, don't cha know,
I am looking hi and lo for a
"Then sings my soul" sign.  
 *heavy sigh 

 When I saw this little adorable bench in her entry,
I started hyperventilating....!
Black and white Buffalo Check does that to me.

Another sweet floor arrangement in her dining room.
She is planning on hanging a large collection of 
vintage mirrors and silver trays above these vintage church pews.
I spy a stack of her trays on the pew....
I can't find a wall large enuf that's not already covered in stuff
to do this...bummer

 I felt my heart skip a few beats when I saw the above..
fell head over heels in LOVE FOREVER MORE....
Note: that adorable Bee Miel in the upper left corner...
a tea towel she had mounted and framed and hung on a small silver bowl.
Now, of COURSE, I am cruising TEA TOWEL sites to come up with
something this cute.... 

A sweet corner of her living room....

 These built-in beds were about the cutest things I've ever seen in my whole life.

 They are sooo adorable...
and don't you know her grands LOVE them. 
I love the built-in stairs to the uppers...
no ladders to worry about and besides,
the stairs look fantastic...
Her house is so full of charm and personality,
it's just busting at the seams...
It seems you have grown accustomed to my leaving you with a bite to eat.... surely was goood.....



  1. Your friends home is stunning and I can see why you almost fainted, I would have.

    Cherry pie looks amazing and I sure wish I had some right this minute.

    Have a terrific week BJ


  2. What a lovely home, BJ. Is she your sister? Reminds me of you! Have a nice afternoon. ♥

  3. That "BAKERY" sign though!!!!! oh my goodness. I like the beds. How clever and spacious.
    I'm a sucker for tea towels. I like to find vintage ones but I have recently purchased some new ones from local stores.

  4. Those built in beds are adorable. I just know any child will get a good nights sleep in one of them.

    God bless.

  5. Oh goodness. What a great post. I am glad your really didn't swoon. That pie almost made me!
    I love your mosaic. Picmonkey won't work on my silly computer anymore. What a bummer!
    Thanks for linking at The Fabulous Fall Party!
    Enjoy your week.

  6. What a fantastic house and YOUR pictures look great-quit apologizing for them! I would LOVE to take pictures that good! Love the bunk beds and the pews and the framed tea towel...oh, heck---I love it all. What a fun place to be able to spend a night with friends.
    Oh - that - pie! It looks like it was good- darn you! xo Diana

  7. Lovely and fun home . . .
    That black/white buffalo check settee is so YOU!
    Loved your post . . .
    IDEAS many!

  8. wow! love everything about your friends new home... but especially the kids room! I wish I had that for my grandpies!
    thanks for sharing.

  9. What a beautiful house! This reminds me of my house-hunting days with my parents when I was about 8 (when we moved from Oregon to Iowa). We had so much fun touring houses! Thanks for sharing the beautiful slice of pie as well! The "Billy Boy" lyrics made me smile! :)

  10. Very very sweet and happy home. Thanks for the share.

  11. what a beautiful house, I love it too!! Such pretty decor!!

  12. bj, From your first photo I started singing "Then Sings My Soul" (I have the best version of Elvis singing it on my playlist) as I read your post and admired all those gorgeous rooms and now I'm humming Billy Boy and wishing I had cherry pie! Your friend's house is beautiful and the bunks with the stairs are pure genius. Kids would love them! Thanks for the tour! Linda

  13. Those adorable bunks have me in a tizzy. Love them!

  14. What a beautiful home! And you guys have the best time. Oh, my! I love the bunks and the dinner looks to die for!

  15. How wonderful for your friend! I notice that she loves black and white with red just like you. Will she let you take more pictures? :)

  16. BJ, Yours friend 's house it adorable. Lots of great decorating ides. I love the built in beds too. I laughed about you and that plaid covered bench. :):) Your bake a cherry pie collage sure made me think of my mother...No that woman could not bake a pie that I ever knew. LOL...She told us a story of her youth, where men and boys would bid on a pie at the church/school auction...then they would eat that pie with the girl or lady who baked it. Mommy told some boy that she made a certain pie and when it was auctioned that boy bid for it and got was the teacher's pie. That young man had to eat that pie with his teacher...while mommy was laughing. Well that's the pie story from my mother. :):) You know we all like to see what you have been cooking. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  17. Those bunk beds with the "no more monkeys" sign! What a delightful home your friend has. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  18. A real bakery in a home would be pretty awesome

    The closest thing I got is a bag of muffin mix and a half-gallon of milk

    1. hahhaaa....Adam always brings giggles ....

  19. What a lovely home! The bunk beds are great too! Have a great day!!

  20. Such a beautiful home. Happy Tuesday, BJ♥

  21. A beautiful home. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Hello bj, We were traveling all day yesterday to arrive home from FL late last night. We came home to a full day of obligations, thus my late comments to my Blue Monday friends.

    This post of your friends new home is so much fun to see. I too love to decorate and she definitely has a lot of decorating talent. I loved everything you shared. I too loved the beds but would not like making them. lol.

    Have a wonderful week.
    Love, Jeanne

  23. Thanks bj ... sure enjoyed this home tour ... I can see why you liked it so much ... your style of decorating and so beautiful. Love the large farmhouse table with the pumpkins.

  24. Way too cute! Some people simply have a knack for superb decorating!!!

  25. What a great house - love the pic of you in the mirror snapping a pic with your phone.

  26. She's so talented! That's definitely a house built for company. When we first moved, we had a lot of visitors, but we rarely have anyone even stop by. We're having company for Christmas, so I'll put effort into decorating for that. I LOVE those bunk beds. SO cute!

  27. I sure loved the sight seeing journey into your friend's new home. It made my heart skip a beat, too! I am aching to redo, rejuvenate, declutter, and just fill my home with what I love ONLY... and people I adore always. I loved seeing you in the mirror as you took the picture. I imagine you are the life of any party. I adore you so!

  28. You and your friend are decorating sisters. In fact, I was almost tricked into thinking I was seeing your home. Love the beds for her darling.

  29. It's darling. I love that brick wall.


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