Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fun Time

 Some of my friends know that 
with my friends 
is one of my life's HUGE pleasures.

This month is my time to host 11 of my girlfriends
for a delicious meal,
and 3 or so hours of fast-paced dice throwing..

 My island was decorated in BLACK and WHITE....(imagine THAT..)
with touches of Red and Hot Pink.
♥ ♥ ♥
these ladies were MUCH more interested in the FOOD
than the decorations.... hahhaa...gotta love it. 

I am totally amazed that I didn't get photos of the food...
just too busy making sure everything was FINISHED
 before the ladies arrived, I guess.... 

I made a large crock pot full of 

Listen, friends...
if you want to make a delicious pot of Potato Soup without WORK,
this is the one. 

The photo isn't mine..
(remember...I forgot to take food photos)
THIS great photo belongs HERE.
This lady made the same soup and remembered to take photos... 
she is a rock star.


Paula Deen's Crockpot Potato Soup
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6  
I doubled the recipe for 12 and had very little left..
  • 1 30oz bag of frozen southern style hash-brown DICED potatoes 
  • (NOT the hash brown strings..HAS TO BE DICED)
  • ⅓ cup chopped onion
  • ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 2 cans of chicken broth (14.5 oz each)
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • (I am not really crazy for Cream of Chicken Soup altho I use it a lot.
  • I don't care for Cream of Mushroom AT ALL.... I can't really think of another creamy soup to use here other than 
  • Cream of Potato, which I will try the next time.
  • 1 package Cream Cheese (softened)
  • shredded cheese (optional)
  1. Combine all the ingredients except for the cream cheese and shredded cheese.
  2. Mix well and cook on low 6-8 hours.
  3. Add the cream cheese and continue to cook for 30 minutes.
  4. Stir well until soup is smooth.
  5. Spoon into bowls and add shredded cheese to the top if desired.
  6. Serve and enjoy!
I served 
bacon pieces
chopped green onions
shredded cheese
and sour cream
to go on top of the hot bowl of soup...
sooo delicious.
Along with the Potato Soup,
I served CHICKEN SALAD....

...much like THIS SALAD but without the fruit, cranberries and walnuts...
The Bunco Salad had grapes and pecans...
and we ate every single, solitary bite.
We had a cheese ball...
snowflake Ritz Crackers...
a relish tray...
so many good things to eat.

It doesn't take me too long to transform my dining room into a
FUN BUNCO PLACE for my sweet friends.
I am blessed to have a very large dining room...

We move our large table to one end and remove all the leaves....
thus becoming round and perfect for 4 players...

 Then, there's plenty of room for 2 card tables....

We love all being in one room..
sometimes, when rooms aren't large enuf to accommodate all 3 tables,
one or two tables are in adjoining rooms..
This, is also fine...

This photo of our room was in April when I host our 2nd Bunco group.
 Such great friends...I love every one of them so much.
Such great times together...


  1. What a wonderful gathering of good friends. I too would be more interested in the food than the decorations. You are a good host!

  2. I love to play bunco. And, that potato soup sounds so good. I definately will have to try it.

  3. I knew it! I knew you and Paula Dean would work great together! Haha.
    I love visiting your blog. Everything looks so nice.
    What great friends to get together like this. Everyone looks like they are having a ball.

  4. Well, a) you have more fun than anyone. b) your house looks terrific -- love the tablecloths and c) every time I come here I get hungry! That soup sounds amazing!

  5. You do tend to have some good times often. We all should aspire to your energy.

  6. Looks a fun group in the festive atmosphere you created. My grandmother always put celery in her potato soup and cream of celery soup is my standby.

  7. Food sound wonderful and yummy and the girls look like such fun. I am sure a good time was had by all. I am going to try that potato soup - thanks for the recipe.

    Enjpy you week.


  8. Oh my! No wonder your friends were so interested in the food! I am making Kathy's chicken noodle soup today, but tomorrow might just be potato soup day.

  9. BJ, this all looks wonderful! Potato soup is my husband's favorite. I need to try your's and Paula's! I made a big pot of chicken soup with homemade stock this weekend as we are having some chilly weather. Have a wonderful evening. ♥

  10. Wow. It all looks so great. And fun. Would you believe I've never played Bunco!
    The Fabulous Linky party is live. Come over and link this week.
    Enjoy your week! XXOO

  11. I have never played Bunco. Your menu sounds great and everything looks great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. How about Cream of Celery? The years we lived in a neighborhood where Bunco was queen were such fun years for me with my neighbors. wasn't Bunco it was darn... my brain can't come up with the other game like this with 12 players but the important thing was the food and prizes and fun! I'm going to try this soup with fresh potatoes (cuz I have a sack of them) Hope you are having a good Sunday!

  13. Bunco is so much fun. Looks like you have a fun group!

  14. You know I love Bunco! It's always fun to me to see your gatherings. :)

  15. Fun ... food and friends ... what could be better. Glad you are having fun with Bunco. Everything looks so pretty and nice to have all three tables in one room.
    Audrey Z.

  16. What fun bj. I miss my bunco days. The food and fun looked great. Glad you had such a good time.

  17. Oh What fun, bj. I only ever played Bunco once years ago. I would love to try it again. I think it more about the companionship and the FOOD than the game itself. I never care if I win or lose at all. lol That SOUP!!!!!!!!!!! Well, darlin' I am saving that recipe. Hash browns! Seriously!!!! OH MY!!! Gonna try that! xo Diana

  18. ps- Oh- Meant to say- your room looks really cute all set up and the girls look like FUN!

  19. Your place looks great and so does the food. I have never played bunco but hear it is a lot of fun.
    Joy @ Books and Life

  20. I used to be in a Bunco group - it was great fun. That soup looks great, clever idea to use frozen diced potato!
    I know I'm like the No 10 bus, don't see one for ages and then two come around at once! You've seen me twice today, just to make up for going AWOL, there is a good reason. We're a tad caught up in our move from Australia! When you've got through Thanksgiving you can catch back on where we're going in the earlier posts!
    Have a happy day
    Wren x


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