Sunday, October 9, 2016

Yearly Fair

We've been going to the 
since before our children were born...
more than 50 years.

We always loved going to the midway when our kids were little and wanted to ride every single thing out there....
and play at every single booth that took their money and smiled....

 Then, for several years after they were half grown and wanted to go with friends,
Mr. Sweet and I just went for FOOD...

Well, and we liked going thru all the barns and booths and seeing

When the grands started wanting to go, we hit the midway again...
then THEY grew up and went with friends....

we are back to FOOD...
FABULOUS weight-gaining FOOD..

 This is the first food truck we hit...
for a CORN DOG....

oh, they are the BEST I've ever eaten...

 I love this
SHORT  $3.00
LONG  $4.00
instead of SMALL and LARGE...
everything is fun at a fair.

We went before noon...
not too many folks out and about and free entrance and parking before 12 noon.

Mr. Sweet with a mouth full of Corn Dog... HA...

A bag full of APRICOT....
the church has this food truck every year and the pies
are sooo good.

We didn't go thru many buildings this year...
people don't enter their talents in fairs much anymore...
and I am sure some of the same things have been there for years and years.

We did look at the sea lions ....

These were fun to watch...

Maybe next year, we'll go ride the Farris wheel....


  1. I know mine never had sea lions, that's really neat

  2. AWWWW! I love the Fair, too. We always went to the Mid-South Fair in Memphis (September, HOTTT), and it was a great madhouse of Midway and Rides and the scents of all those frying things, punctuated by burnt sugar from every fourth booth. I don't remember too much of the animal exhibits back then, for it was mostly when I was a teenager, and the sight-stroll of all the cheap chains and embroidered-with-your-name-while-you-wait hats (and once I went home with a dollar "chameleon" safety-pinned to my shirt by a string---he lived for a couple of years in a tiny aquarium with rocks and all the bugs he could eat.

    And now, we take a quick glimpse through the barns and stalls, marveling as much at the young folks camped out there in that fan-and-fume-filled area for weeks with their prize animals as we do at the baby piglets like the prediction of little pink sausages, or the golden-fleeced sheep and the perfection of PERCHERONS with their glossy manes and Roman-helmet hair.

    But I'm a Quilts-and Pickles girl, and take a couple of hours to myself after we make our way over to the big lawn by the Home Arts building with our dinners for a break in the shade. Just those stitches and great jars of wonderful things canned in Summer kitchens, the intricate doilies and quilts and exquisite stitchery on scarves and mats and whatever will they think of next---I marvel at those, and think that maybe now, this minute, a talented sempstress, with her house all in order and something good simmering on an immaculate stove, has sat down with her new project for Christmas, serenely stitching away on something so fine that my fingers would hesitate to touch, let alone attempt to make. See---that's what keeps me from trying---I can't get my surroundings into enough order to concentrate on the grand picture I'd want to create.

    Do they borrow those sea lions from SeaWorld or the Zoo?

    Bless your Young Heart for sharing all these wonderful doings!


  3. We don't have corn dogs over here.

  4. BJ, You and the Mr. are looking good. :):) I like when it's not too crowded. Everyone surely knows that church ladies make the best foods. LOL. I like to buy their cookbooks too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Im jealous! I cant get the husband to go to the fair. He feels like its a waste of money and time. He just doesnt like them. However, I love seing exhibits and the food! If he took me, id be so excited but it will be gone from town here in a couple days so its not likely. I guess we will stick to winerys and farms for fall. Hahaha.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun bj ... we have not been to a Fair in ages. No thanks you on the Farris wheel, but bet your would enjoy it.
    Audrey Z.

  7. WE had a good time at our fair, too. You two know how to have fun for sure. I like that, short or long. So...did y'all get the short or the long?

  8. So glad that you and Mr Sweet had a great time at the fair. Sounds like they had some good eats.

    Have a terrific week.

  9. This looks like fun and I always love the food! YUM! Interesting about the sea lions!

  10. Fairs are fun but I haven't been to one in years. All that walking with my bad joints.....
    The State Fair is HUGE and I guess I won't go again until the grandkids go!
    The apricot pies??? Just how far IS this fair from Dallas??

  11. I went to a county fair with a friend a few years ago. Fun time. We always went to the fairs when I was a child. Glad you and Mr. Sweet keep up the tradition.

  12. Never too much on corny dogs, but I could eat a fried pie every hour. Love them, especially homemade ones.

  13. Oh I enjoyed going to the fair with you and I can just taste the corn dogs. Love a good fair and a corn dog, followed up by a funnel cake. However, I would pass up the funnel cake for some good fried pies like my mama used to make. Yummy. The Texas State Fair is going on in Dallas right now, but my DH just can't do the walking.

  14. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Sounds like a lot of fun and many good memories. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Fairs are so fun and one will coming up here soon!! Corn dogs are the best!!! And the pies-need I say more. You two look like you had a very fun day together.

  16. It looks like fun. Did you find any fried Oreos? We had those once and they were delicious. My husband loves Corny Dogs.

  17. Good morning bj, The fair sounds wonderful. We love corn dogs too. Haven't had one in ages. Sigh. Our County Fair still has all the old fashioned entries for all kinds of things. RE: My garden club flower show. All the animals and lots of blue ribbons. The food id a big draw as well. No rides though. Small town fun that we all enjoy. The State Fair is much like the one on your post though. Love ypur photos and you and Mr. Sweet look great.

    Have a happy week.

  18. Oh BJ, this looks like such fun! I haven't been to a fair in the longest time and now I want to go to one today! Lots of merriment -- and pretty good sounding treats, too!

  19. Oh I love a fair! That bag full of Apricot hand pies sounds so darn good. I love fair food, but I try not to indulge. We used to do the 4-H fair with our girls when we home schooled. It is a county fair and they entered food, hand made paper, paintings, and all sorts of projects every year. I still have a box full of the ribbons they won in every color. They were so proud and so were Earl and I.


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