Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Look at FALL in West Texas

....time to ready for the season

  and usual things for Fall....

The usual things for the month of OCTOBER....

Pumpkins and mums......

...and then the UNUSUAL things for OCTOBER...
91 degree days and THE POOL PLAY

...a grandma and her GRAHAM...

pumpkins by the pool....

Mr. Sweet and Athena, watching the fun in the pool....
in October...
in 90 degree heat...
I know I keep repeating myself here but I just can't
get over how hot it is.... 

 The granddad...DAVID enjoying his pool to the fullest.

"Let's go inside, Graham......."

xoxo, bj

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  1. BJ, WE have had some crazy high temperatures for October. So nice to have fun in that beautiful pool. Love those pumpkins. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. So wonderful to swim at this time of the year, isn't it, BJ? Your pool looks refreshing and inviting....Christine

  3. Summer came back for us too

  4. For us, too, but not THAT hot...70° for much of the week...nice Indian summer. Has your sassy little self been floating around in the pool? Looks as if Athena is doing a serious lean into Mr. Sweet.

  5. It's hotter than a firecracker here too. I sure will be so happy when it cools off - I am really tired of all this hot weather.

    Pool looks like a lot of fun and I would be setting in there all day.

    Enjoy your weekend BJ.

  6. It cooled down here today, so maybe you will get some cool air next. With the wild fire in the Beulah Valley and the smoke in our air, plus the cooler air; we even left the 9th grade football game early this afternoon. I'm a real pansy outside, plus I start to wheeze at the smallest provocation. The trees sure are beautiful right now, however. Hope this finds you two well!!! Sally

  7. Pretty pumpkins bj ... I have not found any pretty ones here. Some gourds are prettier than pumpkins. Cool front today and now it feels like Fall.

  8. OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS SWIMMING WEATHER THERE! I love the red shopping cart!

  9. I have been away too long!! No idea what your give away is but I WANT TO SIGN IN FOR IT!!!
    I have been sweating away and at long last TODAY it was cooler! At least here in the DFW area.
    I want sweater weather and a fireplace - INSIDE!!
    Still, I love your every photo - each one is a work of art!
    I notice YOU and Mr. Sweet are NOT in the pool! Well, someone has to take the photos!

  10. Ninety degree plus weather . . . OUCH . . .
    Like your fall touches though!

  11. You've got it looking very fallish in your decor so just enjoy your 91 degree days. Looks like everyone was having lots of family fun, which makes every day a great one..


  12. This morning dawned quite cool up until then we have had temperatures in the high 80's. We have had not rain for 30 days and we really need some. Your pumpkins and mums look very nice. I also have pumpkins and mums out for the month of October along with my Halloween decorations. The pool looks so inviting. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. All your lovely October! How unimaginably glorious it would be to use a pool in October!

  14. BJ,
    Cute, cute, cute post, dear friend!
    We hit just under a 100 degree mark last week here on the Prairie!
    This week has been truly 'c o o l '!
    I washed some windows while "Mr. Ed" washed the screens!
    LOVE the view from my living room windows and Patio door!
    P.S. Graham is a little doll!

  15. Oh dear Fall in the 90's! It has happened here in the past.

  16. Hope that you and yours have en enjoyable weekend, dear Lady...

  17. Hello BJ Fall looks beautiful for you in Texas. Sending my love,

  18. How lovely to have a pool in your own back yard!! Looks like it gets a lot of good use!!

    Your fall decor is very pretty!! I have a few pumpkins and recycled cornstalks (I wrapped them in plastic last year and stored them in the attic!!! They are dry, but still pretty nice! haha).

    It's warm here today....low 70s....just a glorious fall day!!


    L, Dana


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