Sunday, September 25, 2016

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater... ...

I found all these adorable pumpkins 
for $3.50 each and wanted to buy up every single one...
I thought about our Texas days of 90 degrees and thought,
"wait...if I buy them NOW, they will be rotten by Thanksgiving.."

So I googled 
and it seems to be an easy task to make them last longer...

My favorite pumpkin in the whole world...
CINDERELLA  pumpkins...

Aren't they beauties...!

 If a pumpkin is minus it's majestic stem,
I pass it by and move on in search of the strong, large stems...

...washed, dried and sprayed with bleach cleaner..
You can prolong the life of these beauties by following these
(i think i am repeating myself here..)

What fun to have such gorgeous pumpkins...
the white one looks almost ceramic, it's so pretty...
a little closer to Halloween, I will pick up a few
ORANGE ones....
the great-grands love the BRIGHTNESS of the orange ones, I think.

Once these babies dry for 10 days,
I will rub them with clear, AS wax and they are going to look like
and we'll be lining up to get
their AUTOGRAPHS.....

Our garden is still producing the BEST tomatoes..
so sweet and full of flavor.

We've been having the best, fresh salads..

I love the canned fried onion rings on mine sometimes,
instead of croutons...
have you tried them ??


  1. I haven't seen pumpkins yet in the stores here. Maybe I haven't been to the right stores! I'm hoping to get some this week! I used to spray my pumpkins with clear acrylic spray and they lasted seemingly forever!

  2. Carrie is right .............bring on ALL the pumpkins. Love this pumpkin season and you picked some unique ones! Lovely all!

  3. Bj, your pumpkins are so cute!!
    Have a nice week

  4. We call these "ugly" pumpkins yet they are really the prettiest. If you get time, go to my blog and search lace pumpkin. That was a fun project but still, I like the natural look sitting around best. You are right. Its all about the stem.

  5. Hi BJ,
    I've never thought of waxing pumpkins, but now I will. Thank you for sharing yours at Monday Social!

  6. I saw some big orange pumpkins at the grocery store yesterday for the first time. They were nice looking ones too, for a change.

  7. My mom grows tomatoes in her yard but they don't look too well

  8. The French don't really go in for pumpkins the way you do in the States so I only ever find orange ones at the market. I'd love some of those Cinderella pink ones with number tags on them, how lovely they are. Good luck preserving yours, looking forward to seeing them waxed.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  9. I love them all too...all shapes and sizes! Enjoy your week sweet lady! Save me some onion rings!

  10. Yes, the pumpkins are cute, Bj! Love that meal too and your tomatoes ♥

  11. Great pumpkins, BJ. Thanks for the tips. I saw pumpkins at Whole Foods several weeks ago and thought they'd never last until Halloween. You are lucky your garden is still going in all this heat. I'm looking forward to 88 degree days and 68 degree mornings! Happy Monday!

  12. Wow, what pretty pumpkins, bj, and I appreciate the tips on preserving their beauty. We finally have cooler temperatures here today. Hope you have a sassy week!

  13. BJ,
    pumpkins are my favorite, love them all! Your Cinderella ones are gorgeous and, you are right, they have to have a great stem! Never thought about using the onions on my salad, looks good, may have to give that a try!

  14. I actually thought these were all ceramic, what gorgeous colors! Is the wax supposed to help them last or do you just want to give them a nice sheen?

  15. Such cute pumpkins, BJ. I adore all of yours. The colors are great. Nice tips on preserving them. Our weather has finally made a turn for Autumn and I couldn't be happier. Your tomatoes are beautiful in your yummy salad. Have a great day. ♥

  16. That is interesting that you cure and rub them, I never thought about doing that. I bet most people can find a room that's well circulated and 50 degrees as well. Would love to see the finished product.

  17. Interesting - I never thought you could preserve pumpkins. You found some great ones. And love the salad...the tomatoes look perfect!

  18. I pinned this tip last year and I am absolutely doing it to our pumpkins. Going this weekend. Hope I find the ones I love.


  19. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away here in Canada so no chance of pumpkins going bad here.

    Love the colours of yours.

    God bless.

  20. Great pumpkin tips. I always worry about that here in Texas too. Your pumpkins are beauties for sure!

  21. Those pumpkins look so plump and wonderful. Great display of fresh veggies.

  22. Oh my goodness I need to drive West. I hadn't seen any until today they were $12.99! Wow.
    Planning on going to a pumpkin party at a veggie stand on Saturday. Maybe I can afford 1.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures at the party. Don't forget the party is ongoing till Oct. 30.
    Come and link all your Fall posts!

  23. My garden pumpkins are growing fat and orange. I'll pick them shortly. Your tips on preserving pumpkins are great.

  24. I just bought a bunch of the fancy pumpkins this weekend too. I love them. I like to stack them. I broke the stem off of one so it would be flatter to set another pumpkin on top and I'm pretty sure that by doing that I have probably shortened its life.. I should try to washing and spraying them with bleach... they what are you rubbing on them after 10 days?? I think Im going to get some more this weekend!
    can never have too many pumpkins.. can we?
    happy day

  25. Interesting post. I use fake pumpkins. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  26. Oh BJ, we just returned to Greece and yesterday at the village grocery I found a can of Libby's pumpkin (since you wrote about pumpkins) and it was on the shelf marked, "imported from America" and that little can of pumpkin cost 5.99 euros, about $6.50 - $7, and I thought, "Do I need or want it?" and for some reason I decided I couldn't live without it. Of course I don't have the slightest idea how to buy condensed milk so we may have ourselves a canned pumpkin cake for Thanksgiving, but all the same, I have myself some pumpkin!

  27. BJ I love your pumpkins too! Yes the Cinderella's are my favorite. My grands love the bright orange pumpkins as well. And it just seems more like Thanksgiving with orange pumpkins. Ooh...I do love those fried canned onions on salads but my man knows he loves him some croutons. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  28. Your pumpkins are gorgeous. It is all about the stem. I'll try the bleach trick. Your salad looks amazing. Thanks for linking to Monday Social.

  29. You have such pretty pumppkins. We grow our own here at the farm but haven't grown the Cinderella ones yet. Can't wait.

  30. The unusual colored pumpkins are my favorites. I also like fried onion rings. Your tomatoes look delicious. Thanks for sharing all your Fall goodness with Monday Social.


  31. Tinged with blue, those pumpkins are absolutely gorgeous!

  32. These are great and thanks for the link! I haven't bought pumpkins yet for the same reason -- too warm and I didn't want them to cave in by Halloween! You got some beauties!

  33. Thanks for letting me know about the pumpkin stem post. I am so behind in reading - we only have 1 October birthday, but 2 November and 2 December.

    And, I love your dream kitchen - that island!


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