Thursday, September 8, 2016

A wreath is a wreath is a wreath.....

The first thing I want to do every year about this time
is to make a new Autumn wreath.

 This is my all-time favorite Autumn wreath...
it is simply a lovely fall swag wired onto a grapevine wreath.
I made this wreath about 8 yrs ago and bought
the lovely swag at Hobby Lobby at 50% off...
it's hanging here at our olden house several yrs ago 

and it's hanging on the front door, by the pool,
of the Summer House this year. (well, for the time being, at least)

This is one I put together last year...
with no where to store so many wreaths,
I take them apart ea yr.
then, the next, I buy something new to add to them...

I see the most beautiful wreaths for sale in all the stores
and you almost have to take out a BANK LOAN to buy one.

I love the natural fauxs best...

and Hobby Lobby puts all their stems on sale 
about this time every year for 50% off....
I am off and running.

 I love ...eucalyptus so much...and it always smells so good.

the stems on these are like REAL limbs...
looks like a CABLE running thru them.... always, my HERO came to the rescue with his strong hands..
those are the hands I love....
"thank you for helping me, Mr. Sweet"

I love these colors of Fall....

so natural...


I am looking forward to leaves changing on the trees here but it will be awhile, yet..

THIS is what my new wreath ended up looking like...


I found THIS beauty...
and how to do it...

so now I am starting all over and go with
only using fall items....

I think I can use some darker hydrangeas ...
a little more eucalyptus...
a cool bow...
and a super large C
my front door is WHITE  and GLASS
so not sure what color to do the C in...
YOU can go over and see how easy she does PRETTY
and make yourself a pretty new Fall Wreath ......

 after you finish YOUR wreath
and take a photo of it so I can see it,
you can make some COOKIES....

 I've not made these.....YET
but I sure am going to try to make them sometime this very week...


if you make them before I do,
be sure to let us know how good they are.

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  1. I'll sit with you and enjoy your cookies when they're done...warm from the oven, and enjoy watching you two make a new wreath. I love 'em all bj!!

    I'm gonna make a wreath soon for Halloween of course, and probably ship it to our daughter, Irene.

    Yes, I know what you mean about a bank loan for the already made wreaths, but oh, we can get great ideas from them!!!!

  2. BJ, your favorite wreath is MY favorite wreath! As soon as I saw it I said, Wow! That is the most beautiful wreath I've ever seen!

  3. The wreaths you showed are just beautiful. The cookie looks so good. Have a blessed day.. Madeline

  4. You've put me in a wreath mood . . .
    I like that "greenie" with the hydrangea . . .
    Gotta love a project . . .
    I have a strong hand guy around here to "snip" for me too . . .

  5. I'm heading to Hobby Lobby this weekend! I always tear my grapevine wreath apart and add new seasons to it also. That's the fun of it. Making your own. I could never afford the ready made wreaths in the stores.
    I LOVE Biscotti. Ive made many flavors but Here is my recipe for Pumpkin spice biscotti. Enjoy.

  6. I really need to make a new fall wreath, perhaps after all the renovations are done.

    Your wreaths are always so pretty.

    God bless.

  7. BJ, I love this post. It's pretty and sweet all rolled into one. Your blog looks so pretty!

    Happy Thoughts of Home friend.

  8. I'm thinking of doing a Christmas wreath this year but I'm still on the fence about it. It will certainly be artifical, less hassle for me.

  9. I'm always into wreathing (vs. writhing) and these are simply spectacular! I'm not ready for fall but storing away lovely ideas like a squirrel does nuts!

  10. BJ, You are very good at making your wreaths over. I like the new one. Did I ever tell you I love biscottis?? My daughter makes them for me at Christmas. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  11. All your wreaths are pretty and always so nice to have a fresh wreath. I really love your favorite one as I like the loose natural look of it. Have fun making your new wreath ... I know it will be so pretty.
    Audrey Z.

  12. I LOOOVE your wreath that you did with a garland. Just yesterday I was in a beautiful gift shop. The 2 women who work there do all their florals. One or more of the wreaths were garlands wired onto the grapevine wreaths!!!! I have several very pretty garlands so am going to try this myself. As a floral designer this is "cheating" to me but I am RETIRED so.......LOL! Have a beautiful day, BJ.

  13. I always love your wreaths and here you are always protesting that you aren't creative! Pshaw! They always look so pretty. I sure can't see shelling out the big bucks for some of the wreaths I see. I would have to use the same one for years to feel like I got my moneys worth and I like change too much! A couple years ago I found a cute basket for the front door and now I just change out the foliage and flowers for the season. It's fun and easy and I can still be pretty creative so it looks different. I'm going to try that biscotti recipe. I LOVE biscotti and that sounds like a winner :)

  14. Nothing says welcome like a beautiful wreath on the door, BJ. Your Autumn wreaths through the years surely are pretty. I like that you change them up every year. The monogram wreath is clever. I look forward to your reveal when you finish yours. ♥

  15. Happy Fall BJ. Email me some of those biscotti will you? They look scrumptious.

  16. love all the wreaths but the initial one is my favorite! Hung ours a few days ago and now I'm thinking if the Fall one is up........yippeeeeee!! the Christmas one can't be far behind!!

  17. Pretty wreaths. I haven't made one in a long time, but may get in the mood with those beautiful examples!

  18. I love a nice wreath but alas, I have no talent to make them.

  19. I haven't had a fall wreath up for years. I do have a barbwire wreath hanging on the front of my brick house. It hangs there year round then at Christmas I do put poinsettias on it.
    You have a wonderful talent for keeping your house right in style. I eat to many sweets so can't look at your cookies LOL

  20. All your wreaths are beautiful, bj. I love that you get inspired to try new ones. I just fill up my basket on my front door with seasonal faux flowers, which solves my problem of storing wreaths, but now I have to store the faux flowers and stems!! LOL!!

  21. Beautiful wreaths and great inspiration! I agree Hobby Lobby is the best for faux flowers! Have a great day, Lynn

  22. Beautiful wreaths and so much inspiration too!
    Have a lovely weekend, Titti

  23. Such pretty wreaths! Biscotti. Yum. Sheila

  24. BJ,
    Your wreaths are gorgeous, dear friend!
    Thank you for sharing all the beautiful Autumn florals!
    It's raining and we're having cooler temperatures on the Prairie. . .
    makes me want to fix some hot cocoa! (wink!)

  25. Making wreaths and biscotti....two of my most favorite things! This is the second post to mention Hobby Lobby so I must get is 40 minutes away from me and that's a good thing! Your wreaths are lovely and I have to try the biscotti. I have a whole board on Pinterest for them so I will be saving the recipe for Christmas time when I make lots of biscotti.

  26. Oh, what beautiful wreaths. I think I need to make a fall wreath for our house.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  27. I haven't begun making what I have planned for my front door for fall. Have an idea, now I hope it works. Love biscotti, huge fan. Hoping you'll share a fluffy pumpkin or fall pancake, hint.



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