Friday, August 12, 2016

Rust CAN be Fun....

Way back in the year 2011
 these two ladies had

I'm bringing back this post because it was one of the most fun posts
I've ever done...
I would LOVE doing something like this again......
BOTH of these ladies have been published in the finest magazines...
How the heck can I even THINK I can copy them in any way....!!??!!
I just go for it 'cause it's been a LOT OF FUN.
I know I can't come close to either of their unique styles...

One of the things you will nearly always find in DONNA'S style is....
The lady is crazy for rust.
olden tools..
old wood of any kind...

...and then she puts them together in the most
wonderful cuteness...
The above is a recent CENTERPIECE she made for her dining table...
awesome, hu!!

Most of the time, THIS is the way my mantel looked back then...
I need to FUNK IT UP...
much MUCH more fun that way....

The very FIRST thing I needed....?
and OOO,
I HAD RUST...! ! ! 

I won this old metal sign off EBAY several years ago.($4.00..and the ONLY bidder)
OMGosh..when I got it, it had SO much rust,
 I didn't know what to do with it...
AND since I'm not much of a fan of rust,
under the bed it went for a couple of years...
until FUNKY came into my life.

an old "something" used to float concrete, I think...
an olden, RUSTY chain I added to my vintage Ball jar.

Now, I'm pretty much LOVIN' this look...
WHY would an OLD woman like an OLD chain in an OLD jar ?

Oh, yeah...this is a TROWEL....with a cute wooden handle...covered with concrete specks..
*heavy sigh

OK...NOT lookin' good here...
keep workin' it....
Who knew that it was so hard to arrange FUNKY JUNK?

a few candles in a piece of old, RUSTED pipe...
a few olden wooden clothes pins in another green jar.

I got most of my funky junk out of MR. SWEET'S workshop..
I am totally in love with this little tiny children's shoe form...
the heel is broken off but...
I don't care.

an olden, RUSTED spur that Mr. Sweet dug up years and years ago....

I've used lots of different things here today that I would have NEVER
dreamed I would like in my decorating.
But....I DO...
I DO like a lot of it...
a little rust is interesting to me...
a LOT of rust is....well.....A LOT.

Very old love letters
that belonged to a great aunt...
RED for

ok...I've decided I like a little mixture of things...
I think that's what makes a grouping look really cool.
Textures, colors, scale...

It's been fun trying to copy two styles...
A blending of MISS MUSTARD'S STYLE...
I think I'll call this one

Lots of love, hugs and kisses, bj

and I MUST brag a bit .. 
click on the above link and see how she bragged on
this olden lady that still think most 
needs repainting....LOL


  1. I did like your finished mantlepiece but like you I think rust is well...rust. This is a fun post :)


  2. Great memories. Love all your rusty stuff.

  3. Lots of black n white with a touch of aqua even in your 'rusty' days. Always fun to review the archives.

  4. I think you're getting the hang of it! Love the box of dominoes too....what a treasure to keep! Hugs!

  5. That sign is the coolest! I always love your style so I'm not surprised she did too !

  6. Great projects! I love what you did (and the sign is fab!)

  7. Love the look you captured. Rust, interesting objects, all combined for a wonderful mantel display. I think you hit the nail on the head!! Great job!

  8. Okay, now you've topped yourself: I can't believe how cute you have made old rusty things look and I was imaging Joel's face if I started putting old rusty things on the mantle. . .I just don't quite have 'the touch' you do!! Beautiful post ~

  9. I remember this challenge. What fun!!! Of course, you were in the top 5 -- you're talented that way. Sally

  10. Wonderful post lots of rust and olden things. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. I really like your style! What energy! Thanks for stopping by at our place. Hugs. Monika

  12. BJ that was such a fun post. I also love both of these ladies for their uniqueness and their style. I have to admit with so much rust it looks like Donna is winning this challenge. So much fun!!

  13. To me rust is rust and does need to be repainted. Mind you, you do rust very well.

    God bless.

  14. I like your funky rusty junk style . . .
    Love the old love letters too!

  15. Hi bj, I am totally loving your spirit with the rust. The final look is way cuter than I thought it would be. Kudos to you and your 5th place win. No surprise to me. You are one clever sister friend and I too love this whole rust thing.

    Love you much,

  16. I'm not a rust fan, there's actually a pole near my old house at a defunct shopping center with rust so bad I want to go out and paint over it.

    And I'm surprised that Michael Phelps is still winning medals. Age has not stopped him.

    And if you're ever stuck on a deserted island all you need to escape is

    A saddle

    Michael Phelps

    and a stick with a gold medal hanging from it.

  17. BJ,
    What a great post and I can see why you had so much fun playing with the mantel!! Great job!!
    Thanks so much for dropping by

  18. I love your style, bj, with rust or without! You always have the right touch!

  19. BJ,
    What fun to go back to see the fun of your Copy Cat Rust post, dear friend!
    I loved seeing the trowel!
    One summer my Dad lay down a vast amount of concrete.
    My job every evening was to wash his trowel!
    A blast from the past. . .Dad's trowel and your cute post!

  20. You really nailed this challenge bj !!!
    I like that you added your Dad's white dominoes and the old love letters.
    Audrey Z.

  21. It was fun to walk through this with you, deciding which pieces go where, and your mantel looked great but I must confess I'm not a big fan of rust. :)

  22. Great rusty post. Love the sign above your mantel. Have a fantastic Sunday!

  23. You are incredible, BJ!! I just love every stinkin way you decorate....but that rusty stuff is especially right up (or is it down?) my alley!! I've been a rusty funky lover for years!!!! If it's old and rusty and's got my attention!! I can not believe you only paid $4 for that sign! What a steal!!!

    Have you had a great PSaturday weekend? It's been a pretty hot one in a nice shower on Fri. morning.....we needed that!!

    Keep up the rusty've got the knack for it!!

    L, Dana

  24. That looks so cool! I love the old letters, I am so fascinated by old letters. Are those old fashioned water dippers hanging there? Thats how we got cold water when I was a child....from the well....and the water was ICE COLD AND CLEAR. We shared dippers......that sounds so yuck and un-clean these days! hahaha LOL


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