Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cookies and Scales

Before I get on with this post,
let me tell you it's about those dang 
you most likely are getting sick and tired of hearing about.....

Last week when the twins had their wisdom teeth CUT taken out,
I made some of these very soft cookies for them....
they almost melt in your mouth...

I've made these cookies for more years than I can remember...

and I've served them up so many ways..
and SO many

That olden beautiful crock was given to me in 1965 by my sweet and

"She was the one that always put a dab of Vanilla behind each ear when cooking with
 Vanilla Flavoring..."

Well, I made them again last night ....
and we had ANOTHER photo shoot.

(remember....with me, it's not ALWAYS about the food...
it's more how it makes a great PHOTO)
 I love using my vintage WELCH scales in my photo shoots....
 I bought these about 8 or 9 years ago at a garage sale,
just down the street from our olden house...

sooo, the $2 was a great price..
gotta love it...
 I've always loved scales of all kinds...
so I was glad to find these for such a great price.

This is the BEST candle from Gander Mountain..
on sale for $13 and it smells JUST like fresh, sweet APPLES....
this pic of it isn't TOTALLY random...
I used it in my photo shoot.....:)
and now, can't find a picture one with the candle in it...
go figure....
When I was a bit under the weather last week,
my sweet friend, MARTHA, brought me these adorable little roses...
so of course, they had to be in the pictures here.
 "THANK YOU AGAIN, MARTHA....I so hope I can keep them alive."

...here's those little scales again...

 For you Kerig users,
if you like a dessert coffee every now and then...
TRY  THIS  ONE...yummy

This post ended up being all over the place
but it was fun going back and looking at some of the
photos and adding them here.

That's what blogging is all about to me..
having fun with it...



  1. I bet the twins and their poor sore mouths appreciated those soft cookies!

  2. BJ, blogging should be all about fun. '-) Love seeing your scales, and the cookies look yummy! I made chocolate chip this week.

  3. BJ, I love all the photos..and who would not want a batch of those cookies. YUM.. I also like the your pretty patio pictures in the header. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. We have an old mail scale in storage right now. I am going to have to put it out where people can see it. Love the photo's and please send a batch of those cookies up here.

    God bless.

  5. Poor granddaughters! You are a sweetheart to think of something soft and yummy for them. You do have fun blogging and you take the.best. food. photos. Sometimes, when I am trying to diet, it makes my resolve weaken. Ha! I could not blog if I had to be as cheery as you are! Good thing we each do our own thing; otherwise, Blogdom would be a pretty dull place. No one does what you do as well as you!

  6. I just adore all your posts !!!!So colorful & tasty !!!! Love the crock , I was born & raised in the Steel City , Good ol Pittsburgh, Pa !!!! That is definitely a collectors piece to have !

  7. You are a good grandma. Very nice photos and we love peanut butter cookies at our house.

  8. BJ you sure have tipped the scale in favor of those peanut butter cookies for me. Your photos are fantastic and fun in this post.

  9. Your cookies look amazing in each and every picture! I'm really jealous about that scale. :)

    I always love seeing your food pictures.

  10. That scale is so great. I think your recipe is awesome...sorry, can I confess I don't like peanut butter in cookies, cakes or ice cream? Just me. I love it alone in a sandwich but otherwise, no. Call me weird! Still love your post.


  11. Yummy looking Peanut Butter Cookies . . .
    I may have to make some of those puffed up PB gems . . .

  12. Oh those look so yummy! And that coffee sounds to die for. I will definitely look for that when I get lower on my pods in storage!... Nobody can do a photo shoot any better n you!

  13. I love peanut butter cookies AND that scale!

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  15. bj, you could have had a career in advertising. Your selection of props and creative arrangement in your photos are the best!

  16. I love those scales! I also am enamored with them and have wayyyy to many! The cookies look delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love the photos of the cookies on one side of the scale and peanuts on the other. I hope you're feeling better this week!

  18. Awe the photos are adorable BJ and I do love those scales! I want some now! LOL! Really would love to have one of those peanut butter cookies with my coffee this morning but guess I will settle for this dang old granola bar! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. bj, How could we ever get sick of thinking about peanut butter cookies? They look delicious and I wish I had one with my breakfast right now! Keep going with your blog just the way it is--I love posts that are all over the place and full of fun! Linda

  20. I am so amazed at the numbers of people these days with peanut allergies. It is sad to think they will never enjoy a PBJ slathered with homemade jam or sink their teeth into a big ol' PB cookie. And these do look like I could sink my teeth into a couple dozen of them!

  21. Oh those cookies do look amazing and so do your great photos of them! I love to photograph food too...what is that all about? I am forever taking pics of what I made and put it on facebook before I eat it ...lol! Those are some really cool scales and what a great bargain! I love getting something really cheap and the looking it up on ebay :)

  22. Wow that was fabulous. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing! It's raining and cooler! Yea.

  23. Such interesting photos and your cookies look so good. Love that scale too.
    Audrey Z.

  24. These cookies look divine, nice and plump. Love the scale


  25. Such creative displays, BJ! You always do a lovely job of sharing your spaces...and your treats too! Now I'm hungry for a cookie. LOL

  26. BJ,
    LOVE your posts about food!
    Those scales were one $WEET Deal!
    They remind me of the local grocer where they weighed the freshly ground hamburger and fresh chickens!
    Hope the Grands are feeling better. . .I'm sure G'Ma's peanut butter cookies were a huge hit!

  27. you love playing and photographing your food almost as much as you love making it and eating it. :)

  28. Your peanut butter cookies are making me crazy! I may have to bake! And I love the scales. Beautiful!


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