Monday, August 1, 2016


When I was growing up,
it seems there were lots of colors that
"just didn't go together..."
 SAY WHAT..????

"they" said BROWN and BLACK should NEVER be used together...


excuse me...

but I think

couldn't get much better than this...


 I think this rug is sooo classy...

and "they" said


 ...and let me say right here...
if pink and red made me look THIS good,
I'd be wearing it EVERY DAY.....

 and THEN...
tried to tell us that
was a NO-NO...

...don't know about you,
but I LUV IT...

...I don't think I've ever seen a happier place.

and, of course, the ole 

I just love this little boy room...

Oh,'s a known fact that I love
blue and green together...

 the colors live informally in my kitchen....

my mama used to say she could "eat a cow chip if it had whipped cream on it..."

I can't think of even ONE color combo that I don't like...



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  1. Like you, I think that just about any colour combination can be beautiful. Do your remember that old rhyme....Blue and green should not be seen outside of a washing machine'.
    I love blue and green and red and purple and especially love coral and aqua!

  2. great post! I loved seeing all the color combinations you posted! such fun!
    have a great week

  3. Fun post! I love black/brown together especially in the fall. I adore red/pink together and think that's a great combo for a girly outfit!! :)

  4. What do 'THEY' know, pfft. I love the many hues of blue and green together.

  5. Oh BJ....what delightful this post is! Black and brown paired together is just "chic!" I have an adorable pair of little heels that are pink and red..just love them! But your turquoise and lime green is my all time favorite! What a fun way to begin the morning!

  6. What a fun post! I remember the blue and green no no! lol But you are SO right! Contrasting colors is FUN! Hugs, Diane

  7. Lovely color combos. My fave is blue and green too. The way younger people decorate, they just mix and match all kinds of colors in the same room. I love it! Hope you are not baking in the heat-stay cool!

  8. I remember the colors you mentioned were a no no when I was growing up. Now days they no longer are. Have a blessed day and a wonderful month of August. Are the months flying by for you like they are for me? Madeline

  9. Oh dear, if I lived by color rules I would be in big trouble! I especially love blues and greens (they remind me of water and sky!) but the orange/red/pink gets me too! Oh, heck! I love 'em all!

  10. I remember those days. Funny how times have changed and fashion and décor rules have been thrown out the window!

  11. I was taught all those silly rules too, along with "no white after Labour Day."

  12. Nature puts all of those colors together, so why can't we?

    Have a great week!


  13. Great post, growing up I believed there were no color combinations that didn't look gorgeous and as someone who spends their days in blissful creation I still feel the same. I've always loved Brown's, taupes, creams, whites and blacks together ... Heck one needs only to look at a Leopard to know they go perfectly beautifully together. BJ I love seeing the vibrancy and fun you put together in your very inviting home.

  14. They used to say a lot of things. I think black and brown make great companions. I love the outfit you've chosen, and that rug is to die for!

  15. I too think you can just about put any color together, especially if "YOU" like it. Love the blue and green dress,the one with the tiny bow around the waistline. I want it!! I've never listen to "They" anyway!

  16. And apparently every color is the new black according to "fashion"

  17. I love blue and green together and the other colors you showed also. I'm glad we don't listen to "their rules" anymore. The red and purple flowers you showed together were so pretty. To me, in the flower bed, every color goes. More colors together make me happy. Sometimes I have so many different colors blooming out there that it makes me positively giddy. And I like that.

  18. I remember those days too. The weird thing with the black and brown is they are both neutrals. If the colors are together in nature who are we to disagree.


  19. I love all the colors that don't go together. Great post.

    Have a great week BJ

  20. I like certain color combinations the best and still would never say certain ones can't go together. I love pink and green, purple and green, and blue and green. Most any color with green...

  21. Replies
    1. iPad is skitzy today...

      You are brave and a colorful gal! I am glad that you told me about brown and black. I love blues and greens...very calming.

  22. Color me a rainbow !!!!! You have a colorful heart my dear :) My favorite pairings are Pink/green, Orange is the new black, green/navy....then there are stripes with flowers, polka dots with Plaid but I will leave that to you for another post

  23. Colours are mentioned to shine. Remember when they used to say no white after Labour Day.

    God bless.

  24. Meant not mentioned. Dang tablet ad auto correct.

  25. I think I have finally reached the place where any color mixes work for me.
    Fun post bj . . .

  26. Really, what do "they" know? I love all your images especially the red and purple. This year I have planted up pots of red geraniums and purple petunias and I'm lovin' them so much.
    Thanks for joining me for my first MM as host hope to see you again soon.

  27. Love these pictures! Thanks for inspiring me to change up my decor in my house:) Have a blessed day dear B.J. BIG HUGS!

  28. My favorites are blue and green together...especially the forest colors. Not sure I could rock a pink/purple outfit...but if those were my fav colors, I would sure as heck try!

  29. You can't help but laugh because what was IN last year is the big NO this year and vise versa. I've always been that kind of gal....(A REBEL AT HEART) that done what I wanted too with colors! LOL! I think whatever floats your boat is what you do. I had a friend (she's gone to be the Lord now) that was a fiery red head. Beautiful red head at that. She would bounce around in her pink outfit and mix match jewelry and ALWAYS looked stunning. I enjoyed this post a lot my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  30. Beautiful collection. I'd almost forgotten about all those how-to-dress 'rules' -- how funny the way we all grew up. But oh my gosh, I hope you don't wear white after labor day (LOl) and of course always wear your white gloves and a hat when you go out of the neighborhood ;>)

  31. You crack me up, bj. I remember the exact same thing...especially about pink & red. Now, when I was a young girl back in the 60's, I remember my older sis (who I always considered to be a fashion plate) decorated her room in blues and greens...AND...the first home that we bought had blue/green shag carpet in the living room AND blue/green fern designed wallpaper! Cute post!

  32. Well said BJ. I personally like blue and green together myself. Of course, brown and brown are my favorites when it comes to chocolate ;-)

  33. I love color....and almost anything goes!! Especially complimentary colors together!!

  34. I love colors too. That's one reason why I don't do black and white photography. But my favorite of your combos is blue and green. We have a lot of it around here. Go Seahawks!! :)

  35. Dearest bj; Wow, I'm really amazed by your collection of color coordination♪ Thank you SO much for educating me; I love pink and try remember it doesn't go with orange, Dear friend*
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  36. bj, I love your color commentary and yes I had to pick myself up after that gorgeous black and brown hehehe...there may have been some drooling...and I love color everywhere! Mother Nature isn't fussy and I take my advice from her! Linda

  37. I don't really work with conventional colour rules! Loved reading this post ♥

  38. A fun post BJ - and who was it that said those colours didn't go well together - men? lol I have to admit as a strawberry blonde I looked ghastly in pink growing up but now that the red has receded some I love to wear a pastel shade of this colour.
    As a gardener I love the two regal colours of red and purple together.


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