Sunday, August 14, 2016

...a tiny little makeover...

 I have this little wooden HOMEMADE plant stand that I bought
last year at a thrift store for about $4...

It was white and I used it for a year

 here it is with a flower pot of PINK in my dining room...
and, after summer is over, I may repaint it white and move
it back indoors...
 but after gathering
for our patio beneath the pergola,
I wanted to use it out there...

First, I painted it a soft yellow ......

but didn't like it in the mix of my plants and other things out there...

SOOO...out came my glossy darker turquoise spray paint...

ahhh....that's much much better..... goes much better with the other colors out there...
(with time and heat and dryness, my potted plants aren't nearly this pretty right now)

ah, yes...turquoise and lime are at the very top of my
Favorite Color Combo

Our country is so troubled right now...
worse than in many years....
I am so worried as to where our country is going....

We must continue to pray for strength and knowledge in helping to get our country back on track.

We need to pray constantly ....
support our country...
fly our flags...
get along with people...Heaven knows there's enough hate being spewed everywhere.
I, like all of you, are heartbroken over all the killings of blacks...
of policemen, black and white..
The divide between races is now wider than it's been in YEARS...
 and it's going to take a long time
to get things right again.
I DO have faith that things can be better...

 these are in my dining room EVERYDAY...

and this little flag, stuck in a basket of faux lavender in our living room,
is a gentle reminder everyday of how much I love our country.

I think I'll make a RED, WHITE AND BLUE pie tomorrow...

well, I made more of THESE this morning so they look
RED WHITE and BLUE enuf to me...

xoxo, bj


  1. I love the pretty bright summery! And you are right! We can all reach out to one another in love and that would be a good start to our problems. Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. You are a gal after my own heart! I love all of those bright colors. Truly happy colors. Yes truly our nation is in trouble. Prayer truly is the answer.

  3. I liked your asparagus fern sitting on that newly painted plant stand.
    I haven't used the fern for a few years . . .
    You've given me some ideas . . .
    I like how some plants billow, bounce and drape . . .
    Very pretty!

  4. I love your happy patio. How could you not be happy with it being so bright and cheerful! But, girlfriend, you got me with that strawberry pie!! Oh my. It's nearly bedtime or I'd go rummaging in the cabinet to see what I could find to nibble on... but nothing would be like that pie so I will just go to bed thinking about it.

  5. BJ, I pray for our leaders and all the other leaders all over this world. Your patio looks like a wonderful place to relax and eat some of that pie. :):) We always fly our flag here. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. I really love that colour combinations and it is FABULOUS with the red of the flowers. Summer calls for bright colours!
    I too am sad when I read about what is happening in your country. We came to love, love, love the USA when we were posted in two very different parts of your country - Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. It is heart-breaking to see what is going on. I have more faith in the American people than I have in any of your politicians. I believe that the good, the spirit of fairness, the optimism and the sheer gumption of the American people will prevail.

  7. Love the little redo of the plant stand.

    Love always wins over hate.

    God bless.

  8. Great color makeover on your plant stand BJ! I like the turquoise so much better than the yellow. You are so right about the need for prayer, I just can't believe the problems our country is having right now or the direction we seem to be going.

  9. Beautiful colors:) We need to pray without ceasing! It is really bad these days and I pray for peace! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  10. Love your little project - it adds even more to your already colorful life!! Happy week ahead!

  11. Happy, happy post and the strawberry pie! I haven't had strawberry pie in years and years! Prayer is critical for our leaders and the elections. The unrest is this country continues to be stirred up by people who just want to hate. It has to change.

    I have an asparagus fern like that.

  12. I like the turquoise. Your thoughts about what going on in our country are a great encouragement to continue in prayer. Have a good week dear bj!

  13. Beautiful and tasty looking blog this nice for this rainy Monday in Texas.

  14. Love the plant stand painted turquoise. Looks great out there. Hope your pie comes out well. Loving this rain and finally a break from the heat. Enjoy!

  15. I totally agree with you that our country is so troubled right now. Prayer has to be the answer. We certainly cannot depend on our leaders in government anymore.

    Love your little fern stand and your fern looks so pretty on it. I have one of those in the ground that is huge. I may have to cut it back as it is taking over. That pie is beautiful.
    Audrey Z.

  16. I love turquoise and it looks lovely with all your pretty flowers. It's been so hot even my tropicals have had trouble!

  17. I have been praying for our country daily and every night. Your plant stand is very pretty. Your food looks delicious. have a blessed day. MadelinH

  18. I love your birdbath made out of the clay pots and catch-basins! Very creative.

  19. The lime green and turquoise are striking together, I really like the birdbath made from pots.

  20. Your turquoise and lime combo is so striking, bj. Yes, we must keep praying for our country, and have faith that things will get better.

  21. Hello bj, Your poolside colors are so cheerful. I adore what you have done.
    I am praying for our country. I also know what will be will be. At least I keep telling myself this. We love America so much and all the things that are going on it our country and world scares me so much.
    Thank you for joining Blue Monday and being so faithful even when I can't visit.
    Now I want pie. I will have to make do with fruit and whipped cream. HA!

  22. Turquoise and lime green together make your beautiful plants even more gorgeous.
    Would love a slice of the pie or a pastry or two!
    Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday, it's always lovely to see you here.

  23. Love the colors. And love your outside display.I have 2 similar stands I love. So easy to move here n there

  24. You are do gifted....I just love those color combinations on your patio! The heat has been bad all over this year hasn't it? And has taken its toll on our lovely plants! Yes, we all need to keep our country in our prayers.


  25. As you well know I am sorta "allergic" to color in my universe - but I do ♥ the RED, WHITE and BLUE!

    You are spot on - our love must conquer our fear and anxiety about this world....and prayer surely helps us get there. Try to remember that this world's fight belongs to God. Not us. Don't let it muddle your mind. Keep all your energy for love and worship. Don't be troubled with anxiety, keep focusing on what matters. ♥

    As for your colors - they match your personality- so whimsical and fun. You have consistently done that lovely plant stand some justice making it fit perfectly wherever you put it and whatever color it is wearing.

    Hugs. ♥

  26. I watch too with a troubled heart at where our country is going. Trusting in God to walk with me is the only answer I have. I love the plant stand. I have one almost exactly like it and it is by my front door holding, not a plant but a sculpture! It may be time for a change. I love what you have done. Mine is still white.

  27. As much as I'm ready for Fall your post makes me want to enjoy Summer some more.

  28. Love the color you went with for the plants stand. I can't believe the size of the Fern. I pray for our Country too. I LOVE our Country and flag and I WANT it BACK!


  29. Great post. I like it blue. Great thoughts. We all need to pray.
    I enjoyed your rust post too.
    Hope the rest of your week is Blessed.

  30. A great color combo! So creative and happy!

  31. Loving the new color and especially so since I returned from our beach trip. I keep going back to scripture BJ that if my children who are called by my name............... God's Word is simply being fulfilled there is no doubt in my mind. But oh do I pray for our country and future. And...especially our grandchildren's future. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  32. You have such a wonderful way with words, can tell you speak from the heart! I feel the same way about our country & pray daily about it.
    I also ADORE your luscious colors you've chosen. It is too dang hot to be outside painting around here but you've inspired me to get busy & spruce up some items just as soon as it cools off.

  33. Oh yeah, your tiny makeover makes all the difference! And I love this fun post, delicious treats and bright colors! Happy, happy!

    Catching up! See you again soon!


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