Thursday, August 25, 2016

A really HOT day....

We've been having days in the 80's...
so pleasant and cool 
compared to the high 90's and 3 digit temps we've had this summer.

I decided to give all our outdoor cushions another spray
to help keep all the cushions and pillows from fading..

It was hotter out there that I realized...
97 degrees is HOT...

I nearly got TOO hot but finished up
and came in to fix a cool lunch.

We have this fantastic bagel place here...

...they have every single kind of bagel you can think of...
and some you would NEVER think of...

one of my favorites is

...see those blueberries ...all thru the bagel...
and THAT is plenty good...


they offer all kinds of SHMEARS
to go on your bagel...
and I chose the BLUEBERRY SHMEAR...
(it's like a whipped Cream Cheese...sweetened with berries)

so while I was in town the day before,
I brought some of these goodies home with me....

perfect for a light lunch on a really hot day....

loving fruit for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just snacks,
and no fresh fruits,
I opened a can of PEACHES...
in natural juice....

Who says you have to use cute little measuring cups
for measuring ONLY....??

...little green apples...
a little sugar...
butter to taste...

microwave for about a minute or so....
and I love 'em to death

I tried with all my might to make the photo of the apples
appealing but, alas...
they just weren't all that pretty....
but sure was tasty.


  1. Bagles and smear and those sweet little cups! Love it all. Hope things cool down. We are in a very hot pattern for the good old Pacific Northwest!

  2. Never heard of the sun protection for fabric but sounds like a great idea. You always make me hungry!

  3. Hi BJ us too with a very hot Summer. Tomorrow in Philly 93. I have been on a blueberry craze for about a year. Fresh organic daily as a meal. Your bagel looks tasty, we buy the "everything" ones.

  4. Now you've made me hungry for canned peaches. Just put them on my shopping list for Saturday.

  5. I don't know, BJ, they look good to me. I think I have an apple or two in the fridge and so should make myself an apple cheese danish for breakfast. Yup, I'm going to do it!

  6. I love bagels! Never heard of "Shmear" but im pretty sure id like it. Those apples look good too.

  7. Yum! I'm looking at this before breakfast -- but not for long!

  8. I love bagels and haven't had one lately! Looks yummy! Hugs!

  9. That's a great idea for apples! I usually have some that are past their prime and this would mke them a good go-with for a meal. (: Stay cool!

  10. Your lunch looks so nice ♥

  11. Your cool lunch looks delicious. Stay cool. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  12. BJ, I didn't know there even WAS such a thing as Ray Block!! Thanks for telling us...I hate when my front porch pillows get faded so fast.
    Is that ham salad spread on your bagel??? Looks yummy!!
    We've had 90º days, too & that is unusual for Ohio. I'm looking forward to FALL already.

  13. Ray Bloc? How have I not heard of that??? I have so much fading of my cushions, pillows and umbrella.

    Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet friend. Your bagel with the blueberry shmear looks so tasty. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I too have never heard of Ray Bloc. You should get a commission.

  15. Nothing better than Einsteins Bagels and smear! I have never heard of Ray Bloc either and will have to try that.

  16. It was great to hear from you, BJ. I've been looking at your blog and it looks great.

    Also congratulations on your 56 th anniversary! Great pics of you.
    We just celebrated our 45th! We took a terrible selfie.

    Also enjoyed all the pictures of your family.
    Didn't know about Ray Bloc. Love your colorful pillows.
    Your breakfast looks very nice. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. I'm hungry now! :) There's an Einstein's not far from me. Yes, this heat is miserable! The few days we had temps in the 80's and rain was an invitation to fall, my favorite season. Be sure and stay hydrated when you're outside doing chores...or inside too!

    Enjoy your weekend ~

  18. BJ, I haven't heard of Ray Bloc. The food looks amazing and is making me hungry! Have a great weekend, Pam @ Everyday Living

  19. We don't have one in my city but the one city nearby us does. Never tried them though

  20. Love Einstein's Bagels...So glad I found your blog.. Happy Weekend!

  21. Oooh bagels! We've been eating them a lot this summer too!

  22. BJ,
    Never heard of shmear, until now!
    I'll look for it!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead, dear friend!

  23. Your bagel looks so delicious! I don't eat bagels anymore after I looked at the fat content!! I know, I am missing out! Those apples sound so good...I will make those and not figure out the fat.

  24. BJ, I love bagels with cream cheeses spreads. I would go nuts in that shop. :):) You sounds like me working out and not really sure it's too hot...till it is. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  25. So yummy! I absolutely love bagels! Now you have given us some more tasty ideas!
    Happy weekend, bj....hope the temperatures are just right now where you are.
    Helen xox

  26. Hi BJ. this afternoon I'm visiting all the bloggers that linked at my Fabulous Fall Party last year. This year's party will be at my new blog beginning Sept 1. I hope you'll come over and join the party again! Come see me here:
    Let's celebrate Fall together!

  27. It's still got here, bj, and I went to three soccer games today...whew!! That bagel looks delish, especially with the blueberry cream cheese!
    Thanks for the info on the Ray Bloc! I never knew about that product. Happy weekend to you!

  28. Oops...I meant "hot", not "got"! I pushed publish while I saw that mistake...ha ha!

  29. It's hot here in Baltimore. I've been dragging all week long. Everything looks so good, and I love those little measuring cups. My favorite bagel is the pink ribbon bagel that Panera bread sells during October... so good with honey walnut cream cheese!
    Have a great week.
    ps.. just noticed your republican sticker ~ love it!!!

  30. Started off very Humid as temps rose... storm "broke"the oppressive Air....
    Great looking Deserts, dear Lady

  31. As long as we have "tasty" we have a SOLD . . .
    The apples didn't really look that bad . . .
    A Bagel is a treat for mevery once in awhile . . .
    Not the sweet as much as an Asiago . . . really YUM!

  32. The bagel looks so good. I've never had Einstein bagels yet but I've heard they're good. Those measuring cups are too cute!


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