Saturday, July 16, 2016

Her name was Myrtle......

but they called her MYRT....
and I called her AUNT MYRT...

There's never been a more fun, loving, giving woman than my Aunt Myrt..
she was my daddy's youngest sister.

She and Uncle Lawrence didn't have children 
so they sort of adopted all their nieces and nephews.
They lived in Dallas and my daddy lived with them for awhile.

I went to see my dad in Dallas every summer since Mom and Dad divorced.

 Aunt Myrt had the BEST sleeping porch and that's where my daddy slept...
I've wanted a sleeping porch ever since.

This porch, while a little larger, is very much like Aunt Myrt's.
Hers didn't have a ceiling fan but I remember a huge fan out there...and we really needed it in the summertime in Dallas...

Aunt Myrt was tiny....MAYbe 5 ft....and about 105 lbs.
and she loved fishing...
we always went fishing when I was visiting....
and we always went to White Rock Lake .
I sure loved my Myrtle....
and speaking of Myrtle....

The Crepe Myrtles have been OUTSTANDING this year with their blooms....

and, on cooler days, I LOVE to sit out here and do the all-important 
BLOG work....

Aren't they just stunning...
 ...this is why I love my laptop so much...
I can just move around all I want, as long as I stay in WiFi range...
and since I am the ONLY person on the planet that doesn't have a SMART PHONE,
 I depend on my laptop to stay connected with the world...

not only are the blossoms beautiful,
 look what gorgeous shadows they make.

 the flowers are so thick on some of the limbs, branches

the weight pulls some of them almost to the concrete.

Not only is this the perfect spot to use my computer...

it's such a special space to connect with my Heavenly thank HIM for all my blessings...and to ask that HE keep our family safe...
and many other prayers.
So thankful that our son, DAVID, had an excellent result on his PSA test..NO CANCER.

 ...what a beautiful sight...
luscious color with God's green Earth and HIS magnificent sky.
For God so loved the world.......

Shadow Shot Sun

My daughter, Stacy, has the cutest little niece and she was
visiting a zoo and her mama took this adorable video...

I thought you might get a kick out of it, too. xoxo


  1. BJ,
    Oh, the memories of sleeping on the screen porch as a child!
    Life doesn't get any better, does it, dear friend?
    Love your photos of the Crepe Myrtles!
    Praising God for your son, David's results, too!
    In all ways. . .God is good. . .all the time!

  2. Sweet memories, how they linger... I have them too:) Your Crepe Myrtles are gorgeous! I love the reflection in your laptop screen, perfect way to spend the day among God's beautiful creations! Praise God for NO cancer! Have a blessed weekend dear B.J. HUGS!

  3. First of all bj, I do not have a smart phone either. So you are not the only one. I do so love the photos of the Crepe Myrtle. I have one but has not bloomed yet. I don't know why. It has great green leafage on it but no blooms. I think sleeping on a screened porch would be great. I am thanking God for your son's good rest results. Enjoy life, dear sista.

  4. One of the most popular summer spots in South Carolina is called Myrtle Beach

  5. Your crepe myrtle bushes are just beautiful. When I was a youngster we lived in a house that had a wrap around porch and at one end my mother had a bed and I remember sleeping out there in the summer. Your blog brought back that old memory. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  6. I don't have a Smart Phone either, bj, so there's at least TWO of us in the world, LOL! I stayed in a rural B & B once in Saskatchewan where the bedroom was in a sleeping porch. It was September and cold as hell and I practically caught pneumonia. Glad to hear that David's test was clear!

  7. What a splemdiferous sight to wake up to!! All that Beautiful, and those memories of such a wonderful Aunt. The title caught my eye especially, on the sidebar, because my dear Mammaw, of whom I speak often, was also named Myrtle, and I don't believe I ever heard a soul call her MYRT. She was a roundish, happy woman, who lived for her family and her garden, and also, in her words, lived "by the clock and the calendar and the time for the mail to be up."

    She also enhanced my love for crape myrtles, especially the watermelon ones, and she always spelled it "CRAPE" in her letters to me and to Burpee and Park, for she took her correspondence with plant and seed companies seriously as she took those from faraway sisters and me. And so that's the way i spell it in my heart, every time.

    Yours are absolutely stunning---all that good Texas earth and sun, and I think they must just love living with you, in that lovely place you've created.

    Hope you're staying cool! Electrician coming soon to make our A/C do its thing.


  8. Those blossoms are absolutely positively gorgeous!! I believe I too would be sitting right out in the midst of them, wow!
    Praise the Lord for your sons results.
    Enjoy the beauty where God has you~~

  9. Those blossoms are absolutely positively gorgeous!! I believe I too would be sitting right out in the midst of them, wow!
    Praise the Lord for your sons results.
    Enjoy the beauty where God has you~~

  10. We all need an Aunt Myrt. Love how you tied two of your blessings together; Aunt Myrt and your quiet spot among the flowers. Good news for David and your family. God is Good.

  11. Hi BJ,
    Ever since I strolled the streets of Charlotte and saw all the wonderful sleeping porches I have wanted one too. Your crepe myrtles are gorgeous. My mom has those in Florida and I love when hers bloom too. Such gorgeous color to them.

  12. These are something to look at BJ, simply stunning. Up against the green grass they explode with their color. We don't have sleeping porches here but I think they are so cool, they seem like they must be fun.


  13. My husband's house had a sleeping porch. They didn't have air conditioning. I don't know how they did it. That porch is adorable.
    Thankful your son got a good report.

  14. Our three trees are "huge"... (and full of brown recluse spiders, as well)the two larger ones are the color of yours... the other is more "lavender", a pleasant weekend to you and yours , dear Lady
    Hello from Marshville...
    (Temps much cooler today here)...

  15. Your Crepe myrtle plants are stunning and the color, WOW. I am so happy to hear that your son got a good check-up. We always had sleeping porches in VA and they were fun. Now I need air LOL

    Don't feel bad I don't have a smart phone either. Not in the budget, just a plain old cell phone.

    Enjoy your weekend on your beautiful patio.


  16. Your Crepe Myrtles are beautiful. I think they enjoyed all the nice rain. Love that color too. Ours look pretty good too, but not like yours. Glad you have that beautiful, inspiring place to sit and blog. I would love a screened-in sleeping porch. Glad to hear the good news with David. Take care.
    Audrey Z.

  17. Stunning crepe myrtles. They display so beautifully.

  18. Beautiful post BJ. I slept on a sleeping porch one enchanted evening many moons ago down South with a tin roof overhead with a gentle rain all night long. A magical experience 💖 Your crepe myrtle is stunning. xoxo, Vera

  19. Such a beautiful home !!! Happy to hear your son is healed :)

  20. BJ, I'm in awe of the crepe myrtle trees here in TX. No matter how hot and dry it is, they bloom their heads off all summer long. What a refreshing burst of color they provide along the roadways and in neighborhoods.
    As far a sleeping porch, they were very common here in Austin as well. Many can be seen across the front or the back of two story homes. Even some of the sorority houses on campus had them when I was in school in the 60s.

  21. Wonderful memories of your Aunt Myrtle. How nice to enjoy those beautiful Crepe Myrtles and think of your dear aunt. Cute video! PTL for those test results!

  22. What a fun trip down your memory lane...which has many similarities to mine! My Dad called his MILove "Myrt".
    Our summer vacations to Geneva On The Lake included sleeping out on a screened in porch, too. Big, soft chintz covered wicker furniture...such wonderful memories! Thanks for a glimpse into yours. BJ.

    p.s. Love the new look of your blog!

  23. Oh, that sleeping porch is pretty! Your Aunt Myrtle sounds like a very close family friend we had named, Mabel. Our grandmas were in Ireland, so she filled that roll for us. Your crepe myrtles look great. Mine got off to a slow start this year because they mildewed with all the rain we had in the spring. At my last house (where I had picked the plants) we had a mildew resistant type of crepe myrtle. I guess the ones that were planted here are not.

  24. Sweet memory...

    I never had a sleeping porch, but my husband did, in one of the houses, in which he grew up. And when he would (often) visit his maternal grandparents, he and his "Pop" would sleep out on their sleeping porch.

  25. Ahhhh... smart phone.....

    We had to get new ones, and they can take pics. But I have never learned how to. Or how to then, do anything with them, after I took them. So I still use my little old camera. And download them, to my Mac Iphoto thing. And go from there. :-)))

    And we can't text with our phones either. So I guess we still aren't with-smart-phones either. LOL.

    But of course, I don't want to learn to text! Did someone say "Olden"?????

  26. Beautiful place with such lovely flowers.

  27. Oh, a sleeping porch sounds wonderful. Such good memories for you. No crepe myrtle in Michigan, but I have seen it in the South. Yours is beautiful!! Wonderful news about your son. Blessings, Deborah

  28. The thought of a night sleeping on a porch = fantastic!

  29. Those crepe Myrtle are beautiful! Do they have a pretty scent? What a joy to be able to sit in a lovely garden isn't it? Your aunt sounds like a really special lady who made a sweet impact on your life. I have an Aunt who gave me many happy memories. Family is so important.

  30. I am a bit behind on some of my comments ~ Your photography is gorgeous ~ love the color of the myrtle and the fence behind it ~ Beautiful!

    Wishing you a happy weekend ~ ^_^

  31. I loved this post for two wonderful reasons -- your Aunt Myrtle sounds like a wonderful woman and your memories so very special. AND, I've never seen a crepe myrtle and always wondered what they were like -- which, I see, is FABULOUS!


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