Wednesday, June 8, 2016

...when it quits raining...

oops...I meant to post THIS before sharing my new swing
but the post got buried in DRAFTS and I just found it... 
This post was before my big, red swing arrived... 
I will work some more on the 
backyard setting space beneath my new pergola....and I just love it...

You know how, when you get something new, 
you just want to stand and look at it all day long..?
Well, that's what I am doing during all the sweet rains
 we are having out here in West Texas.

and, then....
it stopped raining ....
Mr. Sweet headed out to his 3-day-a-week workout
so I decided to have breakfast beneath the pergola....

now, THAT is a
big tortilla....

and I love tortillas...
corn or flour...

egg omelet (and, yep...I like my egg cooked HARD)
buttered flour tortilla
putting it all on my pretty thrifted tray
and heading to the pergola...

 ...the cup says TEA
but it's really Dunkin Donuts COFFEE

 I love my little bright red cart that I bought in Canton, Tx several years ago...
It's served a lot of purposes from transporting groceries from the car to the kitchen
to holding these gorgeous flowers.

 With all the glorious rains,
our grass is
and getting thicker by the minute, it seems

There's so many things I want to do with the pergola...
since it's on concrete, I can't plant a vine or anything else
to climb ....
I plant something like ENGLISH IVY in a really large pot and train it upwards
as it grows...

My darling blogging friend at PONDSIDE  wrote:

"Hi BJ.  I think that English Ivy would do very well.  If you used a very big pot you could grow a climbing rose, like a Cecil Brunner or New Dawn or a climbing hydrangea.  I think English Ivy would be best and then each year pick a flowering vine to plant alongside it - a Scarlet Runner bean or some sort of morning glory or silver lace vine - a climbing nasturtium would work too.  I love your pergola!"


  1. Oh, you're just making that whole lawn into a haven---better than any resort or hotel. What a lovely thing, sometimes---a solitary breakfast, just you and a tray and the birdies and sun.

    Tell me you made that hot pepper jelly---haven't made any in several years, and I'm craving some now. I do, however, keep the big wire-top jar of "Hotsy Totsies" filled (bread and butter pickles with a little extra sugar, a lot of mustard seeds, and about 1/3 as many jalapeno slices, layered in the jar---mmm mmm).

    I'm headed out right now with my second cup, to take in all the morning air of our just-brightened up for the Summer back yard. More pruning and prinking in the far back arbor today, but the patio's ready for Summer. We had dinner out there last night, and it was simply lovely---about 70 and all the trees sighing in the breeze.

    Looking forward to all your finishings and happy times in that new pergola.


  2. Again, you inspire me to get to the garden store and buy some new pots and plants and go to work on my yard. . .maybe I'll just wait for your next post and have another cup of coffee. . . ;-) Hugs, Jackie

  3. I just know you're loving your new pergola, bj, and having breakfast out there must be a beautiful way to welcome your day. I can't wait to see what you decide to plant in a big pot to trail up the post. I just planted a jasmine in a big pot to grow up a trellis. My youngest son has trained some to grow up his garage in a pretty pattern. We are enjoying the sun after all of our rain, aren't we?

  4. Yummy...

    Oh I would vote for a big pot of wisteria!!! Because I love the look of it, hanging from anything high. And though it can get out of control, if planted in a big pot, it would seem it could be controlled. Oh I love the look of it. But maybe it's too cold for it, up North. Where we are.

    Yes, I am rambling! But I have been drooling over wisteria, in English gardens, of IG! :-)

    You will get many great suggestions! Enjoy picking your choice.

    Happy Summer hugs,

  5. I have one of those transportation carts too that I use for bringing groceries in from the car. Worth its weight in gold!

  6. What a lovely spot to enjoy morning tea!

  7. I love the idea of English Ivy. If you plant something with will attract bees. I can't relax with bees buzzing! heehee! Now I'm hungry for EGGS! Hugs, Diane

  8. What a beautiful place to have breakfast!

  9. BJ, You cooked up a good meal. I love that you can enjoy it outdoors. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  10. Of course you may use pictures, quotes, links, etc., any time!! What a lovely compliment that is.

    I'm adding a little PS to the Summer post to post your own memories---Texas heat brings out a lot of the same memories as Mississippi heat.


  11. I often think about taking my breakfast out to the deck, and then I remember all the wasps that like to visit when they smell food.... Not going to happen until the neighbour across the street gets rid of the wasp nest in his yard.

    God bless.

  12. Lovely and inviting under your pergola. I bought one of those carts several years ago for flea marketing and found it was more of burden than a blessing. Especially when I spied something buried at the back of a display. Now is serves as a great airy hamper in the laundry area of the basement. And then, the RG found one someone left behind at the state park. They are quite handy for lots of things.

  13. The breakfast looks delicious. the Ivy is good idea to plant. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. bj your photo's always inspire. I want to get in the kitchen and prepare that exact same foodies, go outside and sit in the swing in the shade, and just enjoy the sounds of summer.

  15. Gorgeous place to just sit and dream.


  16. bj, love your outdoor space, the pergola is perfect! I have a similar set-up with my pergola and I planted confederate jasmine in two big planters, it took a couple of years but it has now climbed to the top. It's hot here like TX so I think it would be fine. In the spring it blooms a wonderful scent and for summer I plant a pop of color with the jasmine, last year it was purple petunias this year a scarlet verbena. I think you have just the right place to enjoy all those wonderful recipes you prepare………...

  17. Gorgeous pergola and swing perfect to sit and relax there. And something extremely delicious to eat there too :)
    Have a great week, bj!
    Helen xox

  18. Love it all bj! The setting, the food, the ideas from dear Pondside! Hope you are having a dryer week!

  19. I'm so very glad the rain has stopped and you can step out into your beautiful space and savor every sweet bite of that lovely looking food!

  20. The cart does seem to be a good idea. I do like my green bags, easier to carry them in than a million of those cheap plastic ones.

  21. I would love to join you for breakfast under your pergola! Love that red cart. A Cecile Brunner rose would be gorgeous growing on your pergola. My dear, little mother has one that is breath-taking. It grows all over an arbor just outside her kitchen window. Can't wait to see more of your outside space.


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