Saturday, June 4, 2016

...these boots are made for walking

but look how cute they are with FLOWERS in them...

sooo cute for our outdoor space, don't you think..?




on the steps....

under a tree....

 what could be cuter than black and white polka dot....

and THESE just make my heart sing....
aren't they adorable...and wouldn't they be precious
sitting in a great spot in a garden....
in a nesting of potted plants beneath a......pergola....?

Well, seeing all those cuties on the web
sent me straight to our nearest ♪☺ Goodwill
to check out their stock of RAIN BOOTS...
and just maybe a pretty bunch of faux flowers to plant in those boots for now... 

 I mean......there they were...sitting right up there on the top shelf...



and...they had 2 bunches of

fifty cents each....

and look at the cute buckle on the 
dapper boots...

gotta love it.  
 these are going to be so cute out with my potted plants...
 ...a little later...when I learn just how to do it,
I'd love to plant REAL flowers in them....

but for now, this mixture of all the kinds of flowers I would LUV to have growing
will  suit  me  just  fine....

and would you take a look at these adorable boots...
works of art, for sure....very Frenchy...
and filled with REAL LIVE PLANTS...
you must go over and see more of these cute boots


  1. Lucky you finding such cute boots! I planted a pair with annuals this year but I didn't find any for such a deal!

  2. Ding-dang-it!!!!! How precious!!!!!

    (enjoying a soft rain kind of a day, which you would love, my Dear!!!)

  3. Oh yes, I am copying this:) Have a beautiful day dear B.J. HUGS!

  4. You are ab-so-lute-ly AMAZING! Again, you've brightened my morning!!! xxx J.

  5. Cutest boots ever! Oh, and I love them with the flowers!

  6. BJ, you crafty girl...I just love those boots. It's like they were there at the store waiting for you.LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. I see this all the time, and each time I say I am going to do this, I still haven't!! Yours look amazing, goodwill was a smart place to find the boots, they are expensive in the stores. Happy Sunday!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing this cute idea with us. I really like the ones you bought at Goodwill. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. These are so so so cute!!
    Have a nice Sunday

  10. Very cute, BJ ......and thrifty too. A great combination!

  11. Oh, so cute. You have now sent me back to the thrift shop to see what else I can find. It's all your fault!

  12. Just the bestest ideas, you have them.

  13. Those boots were meant for you, bj! I was just at GW on Friday and didn't even think to look at boots. Waaa!!!

  14. Too cute bj! Love those boots and the flowers. Great photos…….
    Hava a great week.

  15. Only you, BJ, would find black and white herringbone boots; at a bargain price no less. They look great with the flowers.

  16. Super duper sweet. Gotta love cute rain boots with flowers. Adorable.

  17. BJ, those flowers look beautiful in that great pair of rain boots. I love to shop at our local thrift shops and have looked for boots to use as a planters but I have yet to find any. The price was great too at $3.00!

  18. Cute idea bj and the boots were just waiting for you ...

  19. Great creative use of available material!
    Hope that you and yours had a great weekend.

  20. Hi BJ, I have not been to your blog in a few years, I was very sick and lost my blogging voice..I am trying to get it back because I missed my blog friends so much..I just love the flowers in the boots, so cute! Anyway, nice to be back!


  21. How cute! They would probably blow away here. Well....maybe you could put rocks in the boots first! heehee! Hugs!

  22. I do not think there is anything you cannot take and make pretty things out of it. No doubt your creative mind never shuts down.

  23. I would wear any of those cute boots...or put flowers in them too. Sheila

  24. Hi bj, We are home as of yesterday. I am going to busy catching up with my Blue Monday friends. We had a wonderful time but it was lovely sleeping in my own bed last night.

    I am in love with your three dollar boots with the flowers. Fake flowers works perfectly. I mean it. I have a pair of garden boots and I use them a lot. Now I have to think about putting flowers in them. I want some boots like yours now. Big smile here. They are all so pretty and the perfect accent for any garden. A fun post for sure.

    Happy gardening and belated happy Blue Monday. I do have the slightest memory of visiting you though. HA! Old age yikes!!!

    Love, Jeanne

  25. Jes, they're made for walking, but also for flowers and plants, don't they ???
    That's truly an amzing idea, thank you for sharing it with us, lovely bj !

    Hope your week is off to a good start I wish you most wonderful days to come, sending hugs and more hugs to you

    Xx Dany


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