Monday, June 27, 2016

Summertime Bits & Bobs

I've had a few projects going 
which is the reason for my recent  blog break....
it was good to take a deep breath and get a few things done...

One of the main things I wanted to get done was to re-pot several of my plants....

This fern I bought last year (for $4.00) has grown to
GIANT SIZE in our dining room and it needed a new pot....

I bought a large PLASTIC planter because it's so much lighter than a ceramic one...
not to mention those huge ceramic  pots cost a million dollars. looks good in it's new pot...
and I bet it will grow bigger with the extra room.

 ...this pretty little fella hung out with me for several minutes
as I had the sprinkler going to water the flowers....he would wait until there
was a tiny puddle and then get himself a drink...

I need to find a cute but little bird bath.....

 ...i found this project on PINTEREST (where else.?)
and fell in luv.....
can't wait to get my pots and spray paints and make one...
don't you love the lime green platter....?........meee, too.

I had these two plants to put in new pots...
I'm not sure what the largest plant is but it grows like CRAZY...

This is it, started from the mother plant,
the first of May...

 and, I've just started another...
I just break off a little stem and put it in water...
as it roots and grows, I plant it in a pot...
it seems to tolerate  shade more than the hot sun...
I can't even google it as I have NO idea what it might be...

I wanted just a bit of color here with the green and added my FAUX sunflower beside it...

it all looks pretty beside the back doors....
Selfie Reflection ... hahaaa
We had a breakfast Sunday morning that we can only eat a couple times a year...
Fried Spicy Owens Country Sausage...( O..HONEY )
Biscuits WITH butter.....AND....homemade creamed Gravy
(gravy made in the pan you fried the sausage in makes THE BEST gravy in the world)
in the interest of HEALTH, tho....we added GRAPES..(.hahhaa)

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  1. BJ, you have been a busy lady! Your fern is so looks really healthy. And that little bird bath is the cutest thing ever. I can't wait to see the one you make!

  2. What splendiferous Garden Beauties you have there! All that gorgeous green, and all that hard work.

    And your selfie! Wow. You even have rays of light around you, like an angel in a church window or Batman in a battle---your choice, of course.


  3. They have come a long way with plastic pots and some are beautiful as you found out for your fern. We found a wire cart left behind at the lake one day. Now I know what I will be using it for---'carting' gardening needs.

  4. All those potted plants are gorgeous, BJ, especially your fern! As for that breakfast, we all gotta have comfort food sometimes and that is pure comfort!

  5. Your plants are looking great!! Love the bird bath, how cute!

  6. You just never know what you will see behind closed doors. Your plants look great.

  7. Glad you were on holiday, to get stuff done. And you did!

    Love those random "selfies." Could have a whole blog or IG, with them. Hey, they probably do have an IG #Random Selfies!!!! (Mmm, never really figured out the #'s but... that's OK)

    And I certainly love that you added grapes, in the Interest Of Health! -giggggggles-

    Stay cool hugs,

  8. That breakfast is like our pan-fried chicken, gravy and mashed potatoes dinner. We only have that a couple of times a year; but, boy, does it taste good! Is it hot in Texas? We're frying here in Colorado and need a good rain. It may sprinkle for 10 minutes, but that doesn't help the water bill. Take care, Sally

  9. Wow BJ your 4 buck fern grew beautifully huge! Cute Robin Red breast. Happy gardening, transplanting and crafting.

  10. Your ferns look fantastic! I bought three at the first of Spring. One is just growing and is so lush and green and the other two look so sad! I don't know what has made the difference. The one which is growing gets more sun than the others but I thought they were suppose to be in the shade. Oh well?????

    Your breakfast looks so good. YUM!!


  11. I have a fern that needs repotting, too. Yours looks healthier than mine. Speaking of healthy, that breakfast covers a lot of food groups, so of course it's healthy!

  12. I like the idea of a fern in a huge pot... on rollers!! I have a fern in the front yard that is getting too much sun now that we've cut down the Pine tree. I just might steal your idea!

  13. Holy moly, that's a big fern! You really do have a green thumb.

    1. And I answered your question over at my blog. Thanks for asking! I like you too, you know.

  14. Oh you made me laugh out loud with your grapes! I am certain they balanced out that biscuit gravy! Love the bird bath idea. I can use it in my garden as well!

  15. That plant may be a sweet potato vine. I had one last year and just bought another one today. Mine doesn't look the same - yours has the fringed edges which I LOVE - but it acts the same.
    Beautiful fern!!! GREAT food and always a smile and a chuckle when I visit! Thank you!!

  16. BJ,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! That was one big fern but so pretty! Love the bird bath idea!!


  17. Bj,
    how may projects and your breakfast looks delicious!
    Have a nice day

  18. Sausage and gravy.............raised on it!! yum

  19. You have been busy. That fern looks so full and healthy. I am going to the kitchen now to get my humble bowl of granola but thinking I'd love your sausage and gravy!

  20. Your plants look great love the huge fern. Your breakfast looks delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. Your fern looks so,happy in its new pot, bj. Hmmmm I'm wondering if that plant you have is some variety of coleus?
    I can just hear you laughing about those healthy grapes on your plate!!! Loved your selfie!

  22. Wow BJ that may be the largest fern I have ever seen. I'm a big fan of purple and green. That's one of several things I adore about lavender


  23. Wow...that fern looks beautiful in it's new home! And that breakfast...MAN, that looks tasty! And you are right about the gravy made in the same pan as the sausage...mmm hmmmm :)

  24. Magnificent fern, BJ -- and I adore that wonderful tower of colorful pots! You have been busy. Now, have you considered opening a B&B because I'd go far for that breakfast!

  25. Your plants are looking good and so are you! Great selfie!

  26. Getting projects done is just the best. You have a green thumb my friend.

    God bless.

  27. Wonderful, wonderful plants! We re-potted 2 of our asparagus ferns earlier in the year and they struggled for about 2 weeks and then pow! They came back in full force.
    Your green thumb and zest for gardening and life is contagious!
    Thanks for sharing this with us at the garden party,

  28. BJ you do indeed have a green thumb. Love your beautiful fern. I too like that cute little bird bath idea. I need to get busy and creative and make one! I have 8 beautiful ferns on my front porch that are thriving this year. (thanks to my man) But I have had an asparagus fern for a long time that has lived. I've re-potted it twince but it really needs to re-potted again! Enjoyed this! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  29. Sausage and biscuits huh? I'm jealous!!! Your fern is beautiful!

  30. What a wonderful yard BJ. That birdbath made from pots is amazing! Your post was like a lovely rose. Thank you for joining the garden party.


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