Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SummerTime Bed ~

People that's been friends with me on blogging
know that I LOVE changing out my bedding from
winter to summer and visa-versa...

 My wintertime bedding is always RED..
RED is warm...
and goes so well with .....black and white checks...:>)

and my spring and summer bedding
has a flavor of TURQUOISE and LIME...
I dearly love those colors together...

white and cream go very well with turquoise..
well...I can't even THINK of a color that turquoise wouldn't look beautiful with...

 When the weather begins to get REALLY hot,
I LOVE taking the bedspread off and just using sheets...

 The other day, I was in BIG LOTS, a favorite cheap store of mine...
and here was a

 all for $29.00

so comfy....and being that cheap  inexpensive,
they may fall apart when I wash them the first time...

but for now, they are hassle-free...
(oh, I have a light weight quilt close by for cooler nights)
This look isn't nearly as pretty to look at...
just liking the EASE of it all...
 but when company is coming and I want things to look really nice...

I bring out the "good" stuff.... hahhaa....
well...it may not be GOOD stuff...
but it looks a little dressier for company.

I am enjoying just the sheets and not so many decorator pillows
to move at night...
I just keep the new comforter at the foot of the bed.

make YOUR summer as easy as you can
and you will enjoy it so much more....

                                           I have to leave you with a bit of food...
                                                                              it's just my style.

 I have this recipe taped to the inside of one of my cabinet doors....
(my mama used to do that all the time..guess that's where I got it from)

1 48 oz bottle of oil
1 cup flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/8 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper
1 lg. egg
2/3 cup milk
2 Tbl. butter, melted
1 cup fresh corn kernels
(about 2 ears)
I've used canned whole kernel corn many times..
Mix all together and drop by small teaspoon fulls into medium hot oil.
Cook until nice and golden in color...
drain on paper plate lined with paper towels.

I nearly always add more cayenne...

we like a little bite to it but not hot.

altho the original recipe doesn't call for it,

I love shredded Extra Sharp Cheddar...
and a few green onion tops if I have them....
  it's one of those recipes that you can add whatever you like..
jalapeno peppers or chopped green chili peppers are delicious in these.

and, yes, I know fried ANYthing isn't good for our health...

we don't do it often...
and we sure do like fried...


and speaking of honey,
these are delicious with a little honey poured over the tops.....ummmmm.


  1. BJ, I love that your strip the beds down to sheets...that's summertime to me. I like the colors you chose. Yummy, always something good to eat at your house. LOL . Blessings for a fun day. xoxo, Susie

  2. I have always loved your decor,Bj. Love all the colors. Enjoying feasting my eyes on it all but now you have me drooling for that food...and oh honey....cheese on anything is GOOD!

  3. I like your color schemes..turquoise is a favorite of mine, and so is red. I have never eaten homemade corn fritters, just at restaurants. Yours look delish. Have a blessed day!

  4. Oh, Yes, BLUE!! Pales and turquoises and the slumbery grays---restful and perfect for a good night's sleep, even before you turn out the lights. Simply lovely.

    I "circulate" our linens from Winter to Summer, as well---but I guess backward---the Winter spread is a wonderful thick white matelasse, and the Summer one a pale mossy green in the same fabric, only thinner---almost like one of those "thermal" blankets, but more decorative.

    And how did you know that I grabbed the corn kernels and extra-sharp Kraft Sunday night for fritters, instead of making cornbread. We'd all had a snacky-type lunch---loads of food but all finger-lickin' stuff---and Chris has been craving purple-hulls. So along about eight o'clock, we had a pot of peas with a lot of leftover ham cut in, a bowl of slightly-sweet tangy slaw, and fritters. Perfect Sunday Supper in the South. (I DID, however, use half a box of Martha White cornbread mix along with the cup of flour, because Chris loves to "nibble all around the edges," plus it had to be cornbread, because PEAS).

    Hot here, but I won't complain to a Texan---lost that right when I left Mississippi.

    love and,

  5. Love the bedding, either choice. And your Corn Fritters are now on my desktop waiting to be made. I love summer, not for the heat but for all the food choices.

  6. I love your new bedding for summer! I'm in love with those colors...actually those are the colors in our master bedroom too. It's so peaceful and cooling.

    The corn fritters sound amazing! We make squash fritters pretty much the same way.

  7. Love the new sheets. I forget about going to Big Lots -- must check them out again. I use to make corn fritters all the time, but have slowed down on the fried stuff, too. It's a tasty treat straight out of the 50s!!! Sally

  8. Such lovely bedding! And I really like the wood and wrought iron headboard too.

  9. Oh man!I love corn fritter so much! We don't have them often, but next time I'm putting cheese int hem too, I have never tried that! Your summer bedding looks so pretty, very cool and crisp. You know I love that red, black and white to though. It's fun to change things up!

  10. Oh my yes! Corn Fritters with honey, or with maple syrup. Ever try them with maple syrup??? You won't go back to honey, "betha'"!!!! ,-)

    I remember way back, when there was a restaurant, which had Corn Fritters with Maple Syrup, as their speciality. Yes, I mean it spelled that way.... SPESH-e-alll-i-ty!!! :-) Your got them, with whatever else you ordered. Or we always ordered them.. Anyway, it was a great treat, to go there. Nice memory.

    Oh and I see a book by Dear, Dear, Dear Doris Roberts, on your bedside table, which I have never seen before!!! Oh will have to look for that. Thank you!!!!


  11. I love those colors for summer. We have one of those stores close by...I may have to pop in this week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. Great find. I don't think because their prices are inexpensive the stuff is garbage. Like Home Goods. Their prices are amazing but the items are still good

    Love the colors

    My mom used to make us something she called corn fritters but they looked more like corn cakes

    Whatever they were they were so good


  13. Love both looks for the bedding. What fun to change it up! I've never made corn fritters! Don't tell anyone. Looks like I need to give them a try!

  14. It looks great and I'll tell you what else looks great...those corn fritters! I never had had one before the year my grandmother asked me somewhat accusatorily, "Don't you ever make corn fritters?!" Nope, I hadn't, but I made it a point to make some for her. Haven't had them since.

  15. I love turquoise, too! And those linens sound like a real bargain. Corn fritters with honey...you had me at corn. HEB has sweet corn for CHEAP right now and I am stocking up! Those fritters sound heavenly!

  16. I love your cool colors of summer!

  17. I didn't even read the whole post. This is just creepy. I've been sayin were sisters! Guess what I bought at Big Lots yesterday! Too weird! I'll go back and read your post but I'm hungry and need to cook dinner. Wait till you see I'm doin' with that bedding! Have a good Thursday sis.

  18. The corn fritters look just amazing!! I can almost taste them, hot and fried and heavenly! LOL the new bed set is so pretty and I cant hardly believe you got all that for 29????? seriously??? We have that store here,,,,maybe i will go check that out. Thanks for the tip! PS.....I love turquoise and lime green too.

  19. I love your new sheets and your summer look in your bedroom. Perfect. My Mom used to tape recipes and phone lists in the cabinets too. The fritters look great.Try to stay cool this week. Hope you're getting to use that pretty pool!

  20. Oh BJ I can hardly wait to open your posts because I know you will inspire me with some new decorating ideas and get my taste buds tingling for something you've cooked up! Love your color changes.

  21. If you like big lots, check to see if you have an Ollie's around. Kind of similar but a lot of more variety and plenty of factory closeouts. Much better bargains as Big Lots often has stuff you can always find. Ollies has stuff that once it's gone, it's gone.

  22. Your bedding is so perfect for summer!!!
    Happy summer, Bj

  23. Loving your bed linens and the colors are so summery. Corn Fritters! YUM!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  24. I love changing out my bedding for the seasons too. Those corn fritters look amazing! Delicious.

  25. What a great deal on the bedding, BJ! Perfect for summer! Big Lots has such great deals! The turquoise color is so soothing!

  26. What a steal on that bedding!!! Love the colours you chose for your summer bed.

    God bless.

  27. You got a good deal on the bedding. Love the soothing colors you chose for summer. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  28. Beautiful bedding!! Love both looks.. Whoo these corn fritters look yummy :)

  29. I like both your summer AND winter looks and especially like that they are so different, one from another. I do that too and have a set just for the holidays.........it's one of my indulgences!

  30. I love both of your looks. I change mine out also. Winter is just always so heavy and when spring arrives, I want a lighter look. Your corn fritters look fantastic! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  31. I love how light and pretty your bed looks, BJ. We go lighter in blankets and color as well. Love those pretty aqua colors.

    Corn Fritters! Yum. I have to try your recipe.

    Hope you're having a great summer!


  32. June 23rd

    Enjoy your Break, Dear!

    Gentle hugs,

  33. I've never made corn fritters, they look delish. Your color combos for sheets and bedding are pretty.

  34. I went to Big Lots yesterday and saw all kinds of pretty linens. Didn't buy anything...yet! Hugs!

  35. I love, love your winter bedding! Of course, I adore black & white...add the red and I'm a happy girl! :) Your summer look is beautiful too...light and comfy. I love the bed tray! I've always wanted one but have never found one that I like and can afford.

    The corn fritters are delish I'm sure!

  36. Love your comfy looking pillow, checks, winter, summer, bedding . . .
    Winter looks totally wonderful . . .
    The aquas, the new sheet look, the softness for a more summery, light look . . . more wonderful!
    You are the decorator/tweaker best bj . . .

  37. I ADORE that you change your bedding with the seasons. Enjoy your break!

  38. I love that you change your bedding for the seasons... My Mom used to do that. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my garden! I chuckled when you asked about a sprinkling system! I am the sprinkling system!! LOL!! I actually water the garden by hand with 2 sprinkling cans, alternating filling them up from the Kitchen sink. We tried to extend the outside faucet when the patio was made into the Den but the pipes froze in the wall and flooded the room so I had the outside faucet disconnected for fear of that happening again. So I am the sprinkling system!!
    My former blog, Debbie-Dabble was hacked through my Face Book Debbie-Dabble Page. I created a new blog, Debbie-Dabble Blog and I invite you to please follow me on my new blog.



  39. What a great idea - why have I never thought of doing that?! I am a bit of a bedding floozie, some people are into shoes, I come back from the shops with new sheets!! Enjoy your blogging break.
    Wren x


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